1+1=3, my aim is to make that true developing for an old engine :-P

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TheDane Dec 17 2013, 3:33am replied:

peek-a-boo ..... yup :-)

+1 vote   game: Unreal Tournament
TheDane Jan 20 2013, 6:01am says:

hmm .. I've retired, but ok .. thinking of bringing the two mods up to date so to speak ... and perhaps add the rest of my projects too? .... maybe I get some time some day hehe

+1 vote   mod: UT Survival
TheDane Jan 16 2011, 3:15am says:

Well ... code doesn't take up that much space realy. Though there is a bunch of new graphics and stuff it compressed quite good. Uncompressed it's about 10 megs.

+1 vote   download: Universal Soldiers RC1
TheDane Jan 13 2011, 3:57pm says:

My aim is to have it done by this sunday (GMT+1 lol), and then releasing it here for the admins to aprove :-) All tests looks great, no reports of bugs whatsoever.

+1 vote   mod: Universal Soldiers
TheDane Jan 2 2011, 3:09pm says:

soon I hope :) It's been a little delayd, but it's getting there. The mod is done, the last testings looked great. So, it comes down to the documantation of it. I have no ETA on it right now I'm affraid :( .. I've got a friend working on it. I apologize for our little delay :-)

+1 vote   mod: Universal Soldiers
TheDane Dec 20 2010, 4:29pm says:

The deadline may not be fullfilled because of personal stuff .... you know ... real life tend to interfear with the "gaming" life hehe

The project is still VERY close to be done, but there are still a few lose ends to get under control. Hopefully it will be done early next year :)

Thx for your patience!

+1 vote   news: Coding and testing done
TheDane Oct 29 2010, 6:21am says:

The server has been upgraded with betaversion 10, this update includes a lot of changes. Weapons has been adjusted and the aure relic also. Damage between high leveled players and new players has been changed so the new player stands a chance of killing the high level players. A CHANCE hehe not a good chance that is, but now it's possible. The usual bugfixes are close to be all gone now. Enemies now drops weapons also when killed.

+1 vote   news: Testserver
TheDane Oct 24 2010, 3:57pm says:

poly this and poly that :) it's pretty amazing! ..... the SDK brings new life to the engine, so an increased polycount should not be surprising to anyone? I'm sure that under 1% of the players are using hardware that is equal or below to the requirements for the game back in 1999?

+2 votes   media: Cellshade Test
TheDane Oct 24 2010, 3:51pm says:

Amazing how much work has been put into this :) A real solid release that deserves 100% respect! I'll considder making a mod based upon this in the future.

+1 vote   mod: UT Community SDK
TheDane Oct 24 2010, 3:44pm says:

Universal Soldiers will also be released this year (hopefully), then for the first time REAL RPG gameplay will be ported into a First Person Shooter. It will make ut2k4 RPG Invasion obsolete.

This game still has a solid base, with new gamestyles it will be easier to grow size and attract some of those who quitted a while back or even new players to the scene.

+2 votes   group: Unreal can't die!
TheDane Oct 22 2010, 5:45am says:

I have to say that this is THE most original mod I've ever seen! And lucky me, it's for my favorite game woot! uber nice moddeling :) And that pizza texture man .... now i'm hungry haha

+3 votes   mod: FOOD FIGHT
TheDane Oct 8 2010, 6:28am says:

yes, I plan fully RPG gamemode build into FPS gamestyle. Magic skills will be limited but available, shops with weapons and statpoints to upgrade your characters are already made. I've just finished the relics, more info will be here soon i hope.

+1 vote   download: Universal Soldiers Beta4
TheDane Oct 8 2010, 6:25am says:

I've worked a little more and upped the beta version to version 7. New image is available of the HUD elements, you should view it in original size to get full details of it.

+1 vote   mod: Universal Soldiers
TheDane Aug 19 2010, 9:49am says:

ut99 rocks :), though i don't actualy find it the best ... Unreal was the first in the series, and for me not much changed with UT but the rules? The gameplay and feel is the same, so with all respect, Unreal showed the path to go, UT followed it, and the rest of series went off-track, lost the feel and gameplay, Epic just focused on the engine instead of the fun of playing.

Having that said, yes, the sequals are great for resources hehe

+3 votes   group: Unreal can't die!
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