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0 comments by TheBestTester on Apr 2nd, 2013

I have this new start in this website as a tester. I will test anything available to test. I'm always out to look for good mods. Especially a known game called StarCraft. It is a real time strategy everyone should have fun with!

Such mods appear in :
There is an endless stream of mods that have been worked on for the past years and the modders themselves put great work to impress us. Especially these mods on the bottom. They create a real big anchor  in me saying I want to play this I want to play this I want to play this I want to play this I want to play this I want to play this I want to play this and it seems that a few mods are still under construction.

Burning Ground Mod :
SC MOD Fenix Legacy :
StarCraft: Hybrid's War :
Shadow Of The Infestation :
StarCraft: Dawn Of Change :
StarCraft 1: Brutal War Saga Expansion :
StarCraft: V mod :
SC Super Unit Mod :

And there is just so much more... 

I am also a mapper so any can ask me to help them create a map for their mod. I would be glad to do so, as I am an experienced StarCraft mapper. I have made over 200 maps for myself.

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