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Chemical Existence

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Escape from the darkness

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Just played through this mod. It was funny and the makers are very creative. I really liked being away from boring black mesa.

Unfortunately I couldnt really enjoy this mod because of the bugs und design flaws. Non of these errors was really bad but the great number of them kind of ruined the expirience. I couldnt walk 10 meters without walking into a bug or another annoyance.

It feels like the game wasnt really playtested that much. Right now I give it 6/10. This game needs a patch. With all the bugs sorted out I would give it an 8/10.

- Very nice mapping/Beatiful scenery
- Creativity: No boring black mesa
- New content: Textures, sounds, models, weapons, enemies

- Bugs! So many of em
- Getting stuck in the landscape all the time (something wrong with the brushwork or the compilers)
- Dead ends. (Either make it a linear shooter or make it a non-linear shooter where different ways lead to the goal. But dont make it a maze with different ways but only one is the right one and the others are bad ends)
- English. Is it so hard to find a native english speaker to look over your sounds?
- Music. Music that you like ≠ good soundtrack
- No autosave. You must have autosaves. Especially after long cutscenes.