In real life my name is Jordan Heaton. I live in Colorado and I work for my family business while I attend school. Damn wonder I find time to mod, but somehow I manage. I'm studying Biology and will attend an internship in South Dakota this summer with nothing but college girls!!! Actually there will be one other guy, but shrugs*. I obviously have an obsession with J.R.R. Tolkien's fantastic world of imagination, but I also have a few other passions. I really enjoy mechanic work, and right now that's my day job. I have a certain thing for Ford Mustangs, and that's what I drive. I don't really like pollution, but I love to drive, see my delima? My greatest passion is Biology, Taxonomy, and Evolution, and believe it or not I am also religious (very liberally of course) I like meeting new people, learning, making things (mods, computers, cars, etc...) and I have a real soft spot for red heads. Well, I suppose I've yammered on more than is wise for a busy wizard and I'm out word remaining.

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Brandi Carlie really rocks!

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Yeah, maybe call me a softy, but I was listening to diverse music on the radio and this song really caught my attention.  I think the theam of the song is very important. It doesn't matter what you acomplish or what stories you have to tell if you can't share them with somebody. That's why it's not only important to find an inward creativity, but also to harness that power in an outward fasion as well. All in all, take a few hours on the weekend, get off your computer, stop modding, stop gaming, stop watching mods, stop looking at porn, and go meet somebody. Tell them what your about. Who knows? maybe you'll find somebody that wants to hear it!

 If you want to buy Brandi Carlie's CD (the story), I got mine at Hastings, but you can also find it here


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