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that_amnesia_guy @ The agony of (in)sanity

im lovin this custom story, i havent finished it yet, but i did do a Lets Play so here you go.

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that_amnesia_guy @ Deterioration

Awesome story, loved the puzzle at the end, and i did a lets play of it, so here ya go

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that_amnesia_guy @ Disponentia - Full release v1.0

too many comments about crashes and confusion, so i think imma pass on this one.

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that_amnesia_guy @ Insanity : Nocturnal Confusion 2

id love to download this but when i click on the mirror to download it from gamefront, it gives me error and says bad gateway. so idk what to do.

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that_amnesia_guy @ Amnesia: Rise Of Nightmares

i dont suppose that one video game for the xbox 360 kinect called "Rise of Nightmares" had any influence on you when you were putting a title on this game, right? Keeping it original i see.

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that_amnesia_guy @ Guillotine

thats not a guillotine you idiot, a guillotine is the device that drops a triangle shaped blade your head, like in the french revolution. This is just a swinging pendulum. Nice try though. Had everyone else fooled

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that_amnesia_guy @ Black Death v1.0

After reading the comments i was expecting more jump scares than what there was, but i love the demon voice, that was cool, and the ending? ******' awesome! I loved it! Great CS but finding the keys were a little trippy since they would just appear in places you already looked

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that_amnesia_guy @ Dark Seclusion

Really good game. lol you really fooled me when you said "not a jump scare fest". and the part with the body floating along the ceiling? scared me shitless. BUT, there are something you should fix. Getting to that lever down in the flooded offices was really hard since i went insane while crossing the water multiple times, and you cant stand on barrels, so i was attacked while trying to flip the lever. My personal opinion is that you should only have either fast oil drain or faster sanity drain, NOT BOTH. That makes it very diffecult. And lastly: AUTOSAVES!!! i fell into a glitch after you switch the lever in the flooded offices. When i went to go down stairs, i ran into the corner to the right of the top of the stairs, and i went through the wall, fell, and was not able to get out. I quit, and went back to the game, and i was going to just load an autosave, but there was none, so ill never be able to see the ending, since im not going through that all again. But other than that, AWESOME game. hope to see some more of your custom stories

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that_amnesia_guy @ Essence of Time

Pretty good so far, i think there are a few glitches but im not entirely sure, and a walk through would be nice. lol im stuck

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