I am the lead developer of the Half Life 1 mod Deflections. Working for over 9 years with the GldSource engine, I have started back in 2005 creating a mod that will not feature something new or spectacular, in terms of coding, texturing or modeling. It will include only an interesting and complex storyline and good mapping. Due to the love we have for our mods, me, along with 23-Down, Neclipse and m82Sniper created the developing group InDeFi and work together now on the mod each one of us created-Deflections, Firestorm and The Infected. Make sure to visit our group's page and don't hasitate to sent a PM to me or to InDeFi directly. We are happy to help whoever is in need of anything regarding Half Life 1 and the GldSource engine. I am also a writer, a voice actor and a translator, eager to help whoever need help. Cheers!

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Thanoshld May 3 2015, 5:35am says:

Thanks for the add :)

+1 vote   member: mop35
Thanoshld May 3 2015, 5:34am says:

The map looks really, really interesting! I like the atmosphere here. Can't wait to see what horrors lay hidden in the darkness...
Also, red emergency lights are perfect in such dark environments, make sure to add some (if you haven't already).

Keep going!

+1 vote   media: Storagefacility
Thanoshld May 2 2015, 12:01pm says:

I believe this mod will redefine 'horror' in the GldSource as we know it...

+2 votes   media: Teddy Bear
Thanoshld May 2 2015, 11:55am says:

Damn that was a spooky trailer! Can't wait for the mod itself man! Keep up the awesome work.

+2 votes   media: Half-Rats: A Fever Dream Official Teaser Trailer
Thanoshld May 2 2015, 11:48am says:

I really like maps that are set in the night, there were not so many in the original game or even in mods. Looks really interesting. Maybe add some debris on the road? The skybox is OK with me.

Really nice work, keep going!

+1 vote   media: Shootout2
Thanoshld Apr 30 2015, 10:16am replied:

Thanks for being loyal to 'Deflections' for all these years! I deeply appreciate it. Indeed, Half Life 1 mods are followed and played mostly by the aging HL1 community and a new trailer wont attract any new members. But I promised it to my trackers and it's not like it will take a lot of my time. Though I prioritize my mapping than my trailer-making :) I will try my best to release Deflections, but it is really hard since it is a one-man creation. See ya up ahead :)

+1 vote   mod: Half Life - Deflections
Thanoshld Apr 26 2015, 5:33pm says:

That's a sweet looking Test Chamber! You have greatly improved it, but you managed to keep the original HL feel in it. Congrats!

+4 votes   media: Fragments
Thanoshld Apr 25 2015, 9:12pm says:

I believe that it is neither bad, nor good. I mean, do modders have to put a price tag on their creations? Can't they just continue to distribute them for free? And I am sure they could still get donations via so many other ways (if they need money). At the bottom line, some teams create some great total conversions of games, working on their projects for hours and hours, without having the ability to legally ask for money. No matter who gets the most % of the money, modders can now have a legal benefit from their labors, while before they took nothing in return.

On the other hand, mods are the best, free way for a company to promote itself, the game it created and the engine it made it with. Everyone played even the most beta mods, because they were free. If people will start charging them, there will be (I believe) a 70% drop of players who will play the mods that are being made, thus less promotion for the companies. But, I say it again, IF the modders have to charge their mods. They could still distribute them for free and the problem is solved.

+1 vote   poll: Will paid mods improve or damage modding.
Thanoshld Apr 25 2015, 8:49pm says:

Looks really good! That's a cool spot to snipe zombies from! I always hated to create city maps myself though... Can't wait till the next update!

+1 vote   media: Night over the city
Thanoshld Apr 25 2015, 8:47pm replied:

Didn't know you were on your own! I fully understand you. Going solo is very difficult and it needs a lot of free time and motivation. It would be nice to see a news article to see what you are planning to further add in the mod and even demonstrate this hunger system.

Don't worry about meeting any deadlines. Take your sweet time to complete the mod. I think anyone prefers quality over rushed stuff!

+2 votes   media: Curse of Osiris
Thanoshld Apr 24 2015, 9:38am says:

It would be great if you could make an 'extended version' of Blue Shift by porting the whole thing onto the Source engine, fix it's issues and add more maps so it will become longer. Just an idea though mate, your work seems great so far, keep going! :)

+2 votes   mod: Half-Life Blue Shift Source
Thanoshld Apr 23 2015, 6:38am replied:

Man, you are planning to implement so many original and well made things into this mod I can't stop wondering why this is not the top HL1 total conversion right now. It would be nice if you'd compose a well written news article with new pics and maybe even a trailer, to attract more attention and even some help (if you need some, that is).

Keep going guys, I can not wait till Hazard: The Plague is finished! Good luck!

+1 vote   media: Curse of Osiris
Thanoshld Apr 22 2015, 4:51am replied:

I prefer black, soulless eyes/eye holes than red, glowing ones.

+2 votes   media: Something Uninteresting.
Thanoshld Apr 20 2015, 10:09am says:

I really hope that all he does is watching :S Damn that dude is scary.

+2 votes   media: He's Watching You
Thanoshld Apr 20 2015, 10:08am says:

Cool and creepy as hell. Really, really great job, congrats!

+1 vote   media: Curse of Osiris
Thanoshld Apr 20 2015, 10:07am says:

I love Egypt.. I love zombies.. I love this mod. Damn that looks cool! Can't wait to kick some mummy/zombie ***!

+1 vote   media: Curse of Osiris
Thanoshld Apr 20 2015, 10:05am says:

Looks really good! I do not know the purpose of the building, but I believe the walls are a bit too thick. The inside looks fine, the only thing that needs a little detailing is the outside of the building. I am eager to see the final version!

+1 vote   media: Shootout
Thanoshld Apr 18 2015, 5:00am says:

Thanks for the add :)

+2 votes   member: abdullahsaleh16
Thanoshld Apr 18 2015, 4:59am replied:

Well, I would be more than happy to apply for a spot in your mod, but sadly I have just enough time to work on my own mod :S Thanks though. And the very best of luck with 'The Volcano'.

+1 vote   news: Update: Graphics
Thanoshld Apr 18 2015, 4:51am says:

No problem mate, take your sweet time for this! I would gladly help, but there are so many mods I want to help out and I have so little time to do so. And not to mention that my mod takes most of that little free time :S

Good luck with WTBM and I hope you'll assemble a team soon enough!

+2 votes   news: WTBM realease date change
Thanoshld Apr 18 2015, 4:46am replied:

Brought to you by Half-Rats's Single Barrel Unique Flavored Whiskey, right from Creepy Town's Distilleries.

Drink irresponsibly
Kill at shight

+3 votes   media: Half-Rats' HUD
Thanoshld Apr 18 2015, 4:36am replied:

The horse and trees following you around? That... that sounds utterly creepy. Like in 'The Shining' where the protagonist was turning around to see the bushes coming closer to him every time he looked back. Thank God it was just just a test. Or wasn't it? *Insert creepy music here*

+2 votes   media: Horse
Thanoshld Apr 18 2015, 4:31am says:

And I thought the sewers would be the only safe place in this little town...
Good job retexturing the model. I can't imagine how the interesting stuff will look like.

+2 votes   media: Something Uninteresting.
Thanoshld Apr 17 2015, 7:04am says:

I think 'The Volcano', 'HL-Echoes' and 'The Core' are the 3 top Half Life universe mods right now. Great work guys, I really like how you work with the GldSource engine. Keep going! Can't wait for the release.

+4 votes   news: Update: Graphics
Thanoshld Apr 17 2015, 6:59am says:

Great mates! Nice realism touch. Can't wait for the release to check it out myself, though :)

+2 votes   media: ADS (advanced damage system)
Thanoshld Apr 17 2015, 6:53am replied:

Forgot to comment on the candle.
Great idea, when the 'energy' will be lowering, it will look like the candle's body burning out. Nice! Also, it would be nice that if the candle will reach 0%, it would not only leave you in darkness, but also cause some (burning) damage to the player.

+2 votes   news: Something Wicked for Half-Life This Way Comes
Thanoshld Apr 17 2015, 6:48am replied:

Yep, the original Half-Life .wads have ...limitlesss... potential... :) You could use them in any scenario. The only boundary, as you said, is someone's imagination. The only case which I also did my own textures was for signs. As for the manor, damn that thing looks awesome!

+2 votes   media: The Manor
Thanoshld Apr 17 2015, 6:45am says:

If the alien cockroaches can do such damage in your mod, I'll make sure to avoid them this time around :S

This fits exactly to the atmosphere you are aiming for, good job (to find it and add it, since it was not created by you). It really reminds me of these cases in the US, where farmers would find their animals dissected with surgical accuracy, and they still do not know what did it. En.wikipedia.org

+3 votes   media: Horse
Thanoshld Apr 17 2015, 6:33am says:

Great to see another news update so soon! And vehicles? I am eager to see how you've implemented that into the mod :) I like the HUD, I love the idea of 'drunkness for armor' and I can't wait for Barnaby to kick some weird-creatures' *****. The abandoned manor looks wicked. And I really don't want to stumble upon this horse... At least I hope it stays dead :S

As for the weapons, I believe you should release the demo with two of them, and if you and we, as the players, will feel that the gameplay would be more fun with more, then consider to add 'em.

Keep going mate!

+2 votes   news: Something Wicked for Half-Life This Way Comes
Thanoshld Apr 13 2015, 12:19pm replied:

Thanks mate! It means a lot :)

+1 vote   mod: Half Life - Deflections
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