I am the lead developer of the Half Life 1 mod Deflections. Working for over 8 years with the GldSource engine, I have started back in 2005 creating a mod that will not feature something new or spectacular, in terms of coding, texturing or modeling. It will include only an interesting and complex storyline and good mapping. Due to the love we have for our mods, me, along with 23-Down, Neclipse and m82Sniper created the developing group InDeFi and work together now on the mod each one of us created-Deflections, Firestorm and The Infected. Make sure to visit our group's page and don't hasitate to sent a PM to me or to InDeFi directly. We are happy to help whoever is in need of anything regarding Half Life 1 and the GldSource engine. I am also a writer, a voice actor and a translator, eager to help whoever need help. Cheers!

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Thanoshld Dec 22 2014, 10:47am says:

I really like the front page as it is. It is simplistic yet very easy to find whatever you want. I hope it will remain that way and not evolve into a picture, hyperlink, article, news chaos like most gaming sites.

To be honest though, I only check the front page for any new polls or the slide-images news on top to see if there is anything of interest. My point of interest is mainly on the top of the Home page (my profile) and the links below it (mods and forums).

So, the content I mostly check out is the slide-news thingy. It is very helpfull and I wish it could be updated more often.

Keep up the awesome task of keeping this site working guys!

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Thanoshld Dec 22 2014, 9:06am says:

I couldn't agree more. A game is a "game", not a real-life simulator. You play it for fun. Of course, it's a matter of choise. Some games and mods are made that way and people play them because they love their realism and slow pace. The point here is that many, especially mod, developers think that adding ultra realism in a game/mod is the holy grail of gaming. It's not. The holy grail of gaming, if there is one, is a deep, good and well-written storyline, a good and not frustrating gameplay and of course a satisfying lenght. Things that many believe are secondary in front of the goal of making a realistic as possible mod.

And please, stop adding iron sights to everything. It does not make the game/mod realistic, it just makes it more frustrating to play.

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Thanoshld Dec 22 2014, 8:45am replied:

That is not what he meant. Of course you can make a room whichever shape you want. You just have to be creative about it. One of the advice I always give to new mappers if they don't know anything about complex mapping, is: just add some pipes, vents and cables in a room. It really makes it better. And especially in HL1 where every room is underground and is either a hallway or a storage area.

But a good advice is to take ideas from movies, games, mods and real life. I once designed a whole chapter of my mod after watching the Doom movie (which was ****** but had an interesting level design).

So yes, a single cubic room is not a room. Or at least a well designed one.

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Thanoshld Dec 22 2014, 8:30am replied:

Yep. I'll agree with the mutant idea. I mean Dead Space? The Thing? These were some scary enemies. I believe that we only like zombies because they reseamble mutants. This "something else" a human body can become. And because our childhood if full of Resident Evils 1-3 :)

Mutated humans, combined with wildlife, even plants, where the outcome (enemy) has totally unpredictable powers, well, that's an enemy I would be scared of. The core idea with intriques us is "how the human body can be modified biologicaly beyond recognition". And that, as I mentioned, is why we still like zombies. And I specify "biologicaly" because modifying them "technologicaly" would just make them robots. Which is a different topic altogether. But if we want to make zombies scary again, we must explore whole new paths and ideas, which not many game developers do. And I don't really understand why not. They just take the old-good formula and add co-op. Which adds fun, not scare.

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Thanoshld Dec 22 2014, 7:45am replied:

Couldn't agree more.

+1 vote   game: Battlefield 4
Thanoshld Dec 18 2014, 6:44am says:

Keep up the good work mates! This looks amazing :)

+1 vote   game: The Hum
Thanoshld Dec 18 2014, 6:36am says:

Very impresice indeed! I wish you the best of luck both with the development and the MOTY awards! Voted ;)

+2 votes   game: Novus Inceptio
Thanoshld Dec 18 2014, 6:33am says:

Sounds and looks interesting! Keep going and good luck with the MOTY awards!

+1 vote   game: After Reset™ RPG
Thanoshld Dec 15 2014, 11:24am says:

The new version looks very interesting, I really like the iron rails of the first and second floor! I can't wait to see the finished chamber with all the equipment. Keep going!

+3 votes   media: Evolution of Particle Accelerator
Thanoshld Dec 13 2014, 5:18pm replied:

Agree with 23-down in this one. Maybe change the lights on the left (shape and colour) and add maybe a couple of couches or chairs and a table on the left. Or some vending machines. And ToTac has a nice point too, but as he said, I wouldn't mind. But other than that great job, you have a nice talent in creating well-crafted and well-balanced architectural areas! Keep going!

+1 vote   media: common offices
Thanoshld Dec 13 2014, 5:12pm says:

Yep, old-school HL1 textures would fit much better in your mod. In this image I would change the floor texture though. Maybe a simple tile texture or the black and white chess one would fit nice.

+1 vote   media: common offices
Thanoshld Dec 13 2014, 5:04pm says:

Nice Odyssey reference :) An interesting piece of work you have accomplished so far, I am impressed! Is this an ending by any change?

+2 votes   media: Its Full Of Stars
Thanoshld Dec 4 2014, 3:29pm says:

Just the fact that one or two moders can actually develop and finish a mod in GldSource is one of the main reason people love this engine. Everyone can try! And some, like you, will even succeed in creating something spectacular.

Once again, the very best of luck guys and I hope the best for you, The Core and the Moty Awards! Cheers!

+3 votes   article: The Core 2014 - Sedatephobia?
Thanoshld Dec 2 2014, 4:54pm says:

Wow, I haven't seen this mod on Moddb before! Promising work with a very original storyline.

Best of luck with your mod!

+1 vote   mod: Office Shift
Thanoshld Dec 2 2014, 4:49pm says:

Φοβερή δουλειά φίλε! Awesome work my friend! I am glad to see a fellow Greek active here on Moddb! Keep up the good work and of course voted ;)

+1 vote   mod: Men of War: Greece at War 1940-1945
Thanoshld Dec 2 2014, 4:33pm says:

Keep up the absolute awesome work guys! Hoping for a quick release. Voted of course and the best of luck with the Moty Awards!

+2 votes   mod: The Core
Thanoshld Dec 2 2014, 4:29pm says:

Good luck guys! Keep up the awesome work! Voted ;)

+1 vote   mod: Hazard: The Plague
Thanoshld Nov 30 2014, 10:54am says:

Yep, mop35 is right about the skybox, but it is a good thing you are concidering 3d skyboxes. I love the signs (or vending machines? I can't really tell) and I really like the lens flares on the truck! J.J. Abrams anyone? :D

Keep up the awesome work!

+1 vote   media: The Empire Strikes Back
Thanoshld Nov 30 2014, 10:45am says:

Simply awesome. I really like the colors of this area.

+1 vote   media: The Empire Strikes Back
Thanoshld Nov 30 2014, 10:25am says:

The Mk. 4.0 presentation is indeed awesome! A grid in the floor with some pipes and small light spots behind them could really add to this place. Or some cables leading to the suit unit.

Keep up the awesome work guys! God I love this mod.

+1 vote   media: The Empire Strikes Back
Thanoshld Nov 30 2014, 10:21am says:

I really like the architecture in this place. It actually reminds me of a map I've made for my mod :D If this shot is after the incident though, I would like some more destruction here. Otherwise, it is just fine as it is.

+1 vote   media: The Empire Strikes Back
Thanoshld Nov 30 2014, 10:17am replied:

Tottaly agree with ya! Keep up the good work guys!

+1 vote   media: The Empire Strikes Back
Thanoshld Nov 30 2014, 10:15am says:

Suberb work, just as the rest of the mod! You have really catched that old-school HL1 feeling... Even with the new textures ;)

+1 vote   media: The Empire Strikes Back
Thanoshld Nov 30 2014, 9:56am says:

I like the lighting. And I like the atmosphere. Very good job guys, keep going!

+1 vote   media: Cleithrophobia
Thanoshld Nov 30 2014, 8:44am replied:

Thanks for passing by Urby! We have been all a little busy the last two years with our personal life. I and 23-down are still struggeling with our mods, but with a deadly pace. We hope though to release at least one of our mods at some point!
Thanks again for your interest, much appreciated!

+1 vote   group: InDeFi
Thanoshld Nov 30 2014, 8:40am replied:

Yeah I am still here! Though a little busy at this time. How're all your projects going?How are you?

+1 vote   member: Thanoshld
Thanoshld May 25 2014, 5:56am replied:

Same here! I actually though back then that it was some sort of HL2 :S

+4 votes   mod: Absolute Redemption
Thanoshld Jun 10 2013, 6:18am says:

One of the best video about a map creation/evolution I have ever seen on this site, congratulations!

+2 votes   media: Evolution of a Map - The Lab Hub (video)
Thanoshld Feb 4 2013, 8:28am says:

I like how the biodome came out, very interesting! Maybe add a couple of barnacles from the ceiling and some green Xen wildlife?

+1 vote   media: BIODOME#2 observation area
Thanoshld Feb 2 2013, 11:26am says:

Good to see other old-school HL1 mods out there. Awesome work and interesting storyline, tracking!

+1 vote   mod: Monorail Quest
Thanoshld Dec 19 2011, 10:31am replied:

Thx!I really hope i wont dissapoint you.Yes, the backround took me a while, but i think it came out just fine...!Thx again!

+1 vote   mod: Half Life - Deflections
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