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Different GUI mods for Conquest of Elysium 3

Thalic Blog 0 comments

So far I have released 6 different GUI mods for Conquest of Elysium 3 plus a color pack for one of the mods. I'll properly make some more, but taking a break for it now.
What I'm looking for is the updates for CoE3 which comes with some mod commands. Though it may be only a "few" commands I hope a lot of commands will be available in future updates of CoE3. I have already the idea for a mod and have written it down and started on the mod process with the commands that will be available in this next update.

Can we hope for commands and/or --switches for GUI mods?

Simple Square Gui Mod for Conquest of Elysium 3

Thalic Blog 0 comments

I have released a Gui Mod for CoE3. You can find it here: Indiedb.com

I'm guessing it's the first mod for CoE3 ;). More to come in the near future.

Working on an update of Nosophoros - The Vampire Lords

Thalic Blog 0 comments

Yes, I've pulled myself together to work on the next update (v1.02) of my mod to Dominions III; Nosophoros - The Vampire Lords.

The manual will also get an complete overhaul.

More about Nosophoros - The Vampire Lords
Forum Thread: Forum.shrapnelgames.com
Wiki: Dom3.servegame.com
Youtube: Youtu.be

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