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Posted by Ten10dix on Jul 2nd, 2011

I looked upon the Sith space station "Defender XI", which was orbitting Rhelg. Well, it wasn`t anymore. Not after it had been so badly damaged it fell from space and crashed into an asteroid. From what little evidence their was on the scene, I could tell it was another attack from those damn pirates. It was the 3rd attack this month. First at Jaguada, where they had stolen 3 of our transports and 1 of our frigates, and damaging 3 more, then again at Krayiss where they bombed the surface and stole important supplies that were en route to Korriban. I was told to track them down and destroy them, but it was prooving to be difficult.

Luckily a passing merchant saw the whole thing and after a long discussion I found out that the pirates were using an old Providence Class cruiser. They had reactivated the Vulture Droids on board along with the Tri Fighters and had overwhelmed the Space Station. The merchant didn`t know where they had gone but from the angle they jumped into HyperSpace it was safe to say that Khar Delba was their destination. I left The White Shadow on Rhelg and used my new Sith Infiltrator and jumped to Khar Delba.

When I arrived I could see the sith fleet being attacked by the Providence Cruiser. The Sith fleet (composed of 4 Interdictor Cruisers) were pouring turbo lasers onto the pirates, but their shields were holding. The Vulture Droids and Tri fighters were slaughtering the fleet though. All Sith fighters were being gunned down because of the sheer amount of droids. I used my Infiltrator to get close to the pirates and landed underneath the ship. I then put a space suit on and went outside. Using my lightsaber I cut a hole into the ship and quickly climbed up and into the ship.

A ray shield appeared where I had come in. I was cut off but that didn`t trouble me. I countinued down the hallway till I saw 5 battle droids. The pirates must have reactivated them aswell. I elcotrucuted them before they had a chance to fire, and ran towards the elevator. It then opened. I saw 4 pirates along with 10 battle droids. They pointed their guns at me and fired. I rolled over to the side and into a door. I opened it almost immediatly and then went in and locked it behind me. There were 3 pirates playing pazzak. One of them had heard the blaster fire and had his pistol already aimed at the door but I forced pulled it out of his hand, then I killed them using my saber. The door was forced open by blaster fire and grenades. I looked for a way out.

I then thought of something. The pirates didn`t see me well enough to recongize me, and most of the pirates here don`t know each other. I took the clothes off of a dead pirate (who I had lucily beheaded) and put them on. I then dressed him up as a Sith Master. I hid my lightsaber some where safe then fire repeatedly at the corpse. The door blew open. They saw me shooting the corpse and joined in. "He`s dead now" I said. "Nice work, now get back to patrolling the hallway" ,one of the pirates said to me, "here`s a couple of droids to help". I have succesfuly infiltrated the ship, but what now?

I asked the droids about the history of the ship. They told me how it was used in the Battle Of Coruscant and then later decomissioned over Geonossis by the Empire. Then it was transported to The Maw to be studied and archived. Then the pirates came with a force of fighters and modified corvettes. Using illigel weapons and military-grade engines. How they got them is a msyerty, but they served their purpose and destroyed most of the ships over The Maw. They then captured the Providence Cruiser and renamed it "The Raider". They then began reactivating the droids who were put in storage and reactivated them aswell. I asked who the leader of the pirates were and they told me they didn`t know. They patrolled the lower decks, that was all. I nodded. Then I used the force to tear their heads of and took their blasters. I looked around and saw "Rustys Bar" written on the wall. I walked in that direction till I saw a door with a bouncer outside.

"You got a invitation?" He said.

"Do I need one"? I answered, studieing him. He had a double-barraled blaster and heavy armor. From what I have seen, they arn`t just petty pirates, they were serious raiders and a real threat.

"Well if I is askin ya, then yes" He replied, taking his blaster out and pointing it at me. "Go backs to ya station ya whelp".

I pulled the blaster out of his hand and stabbed him with a small vibro-knife I had kept hidden. Unluckily, I couldn`t find a place to hide him, so I just dumped him here. I kept the blaster though, a very powerful and very illigel one. You wouldn`t find this sort of blaster in the Core Worlds, not even in the Outer Rim. It fired actual bullets, not lasers. Very deadly... I opened the door and went in.

Loud music, lots of smoke and various girls from various races dancing. This is a pirates bar alright. I walked over to the barman and ordered some juma juice.

"Juma Juice? Ya crazy? We serve da strongist drinkz in da whole galaxy matez! Havse some of da Survapierre! It`s da bestist we gotz!"

"Please try to speak propely, I am tired of listening to your damned tongue". I replied, calmly.

I turnt my back. Everyone was looking at me. Perfect. Put me in the prisons so I may see your leader.

"Firez on `im boyz!!!!" I looked back at the barman, who now had a huge Z-6 rotary blaster pointed at me. I ducked and saw huge amounts of laser fire pour into the wall. Everyone was taking their blasters and taking pot shots at me. I stood up, shot the barman with my newly aqquired blaster and jumped behind the bar. I took the Z-6 rotary blaster and soht blindly at the pirates. Many of the drunk ones fell immediatly but the other took cover. I looked for a way out. There wasn`t one. I needed to reload but hadn`t any ammo. It was with the barman. I dropped the heavy blaster on the floor and took my double-barreled blaster and shot at the remaning pirates. Battle Droids were pouring into the bar now. I shocked most of them and fired their sensors, meaning they were shooting blindly all around them. I took a thermal detenator I found lying near the body of a dead pirate and threw it at them. It exploded violently and I immediatly ran to the door. I made it out and began running to the elevators. Then the Ray Sheild activated and I was trapped.

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Johnyboy1{S1TH} Jul 5 2011, 1:50pm says:

I cant wait for the next part of the story .

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