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This story isn`t cannon at all, just something I thought of whilst playing JA (many of the battles were fought in JA to for fun and so I can imagine them better, placement, how important people die ect.). This shall follow a Jedi Padawan named Ran who shall be searching for Master Ak`Rash. Complain about something like "theres no sound in space" and I`ll personally oversee your destruction. Only kidding. Or am I?

As Ran walked out of the bridge and towards the Hanger a couple of stormtroopers appeared. They fired at Ran but he managed to turn his lightsaber on and roll out of the way. He then deflected the laser fire onto the stormtroopers and they fell to their own lasers. As he walked to the Hanger he encountered many stormtroopers but killed them all with ease. As he opened the Hanger door he saw the Republic troops getting onto the dropship.

"Wait for me guys!" Ran shouted as he ran towards the dropship. But they didn`t wait. 10 Republic soldiers got their guns out and fired on Ran. He rolled out of the way, turnt his lightsaber on and jumped towards the dropship. He managed to land on it but was kicked off whilst deflecting the laser fire pouring onto him. He fell to the ground as he saw the dropship exit the Hanger. He just didn`t understand what was going on... As he got up he eyed a large square object stuck onto a wall. He dismissed it untill he spotted 6 others also stuck on a wall. He looked closer. Red numbers were shown, they were counting down.

"Bombs..." muttered Ran. He took a couple of steps back, thinking how he would escape from the ship. He then heard a horrible screaching sound and watched as a Tie Fighter landed inside the Hanger. Ran jumped and beheaded the pilot with his lightsaber just as the pilot was getting out. He then jumped inside the cockpit and flew out. Republic X-Wings were chasing after Ran but he managed to dodge their lasers. He knew he couldn`t keep this up for long, he had to think of something... He then remembered the asteroid field. He looked at his scanners and found the asteroid field. He flew towards it and went deep into it, using his skills as a pilot and his Jedi reflexes to dodge the huge rocks. The X-Wings didn`t follow him and returned to the Dreadnaught.

"Where the hell do I go now..." muttered Ran as he looked at the scanners. "Maybe I shout dock on the nearest Space Station. I could get another ship their... This piece of junk isn`t gonna get me anywhere." After a couple of hours he arrived at the Space Station "Rising Joy XIII", a pirate Space Station. How a pirate Space Station could be legal he didn`t know, but the Republic wasn`t bothering them hiding behind the excuse that "they do more good then bad". They are bloody pirates, they`d sell their own mothers for a couple of credits. Maybe even a couple of pazaak cards... Ran walked to the door, but before he got their it opened and a Rodian came out, pistol drawn.

"Oona goota?" Asked the Rodian in his native language. *Translation: Going somewhere?

"Nchtha zno ta" I replied, looking for a way out. *Translation: I`m not sure.
"Shak, trn kras ka noota" Said the Rodian, more agresivly then before. *Translation: Give me the money.
Ran had had enough, he pulled the gun out of the Rodians hand and force pushed him into the wall. He then ran towards the door and was immediatly stopped by 50+ pirate guards.

"Ya shoulda payed da fee! Haaa ha haaaaa ha ha!" shouted a rather unpleasent voice.

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There is no sound in space... :D Not bad at all :) But I never thougt you to write about a Jedi? DARTH Ten10dix. ;D

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Ten10dix Author

Actually I`m writing about the Republic and how this Jedi shall either fall or become Gray. Not quite sure yet which one... But there shall be Sith in this one. REALLY cool Sith. *Personally oversees HeadHunters destruction* You should of listened! :P

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