Telling a good story through art has been a passion of mine unmatched by any hobby I could possess. So much so that I have dedicated my life to the development of better ways to tell the stories in my head. This drive, this unending hunger for something greater has inspired me to continue with my work despite the naysayers and bring these tales to the people who want them most. I long to meet individuals who share this same drive. I work with like minded people every day and I am looking forward to expanding my efforts and meeting more people like myself. If you would like to become part of the development in Cure Interactive please contact me. If you feel this same drive them I'm already looking forward to it! Regards, Leviscus Tempris CEO and Founder of Cure Interactive

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Revelade Revolution - Zombie Survival
Revelade Revolution - Zombie Survival

1. Revelade Revolution - Zombie Survival

6 months ago Released Jan 2014 Single & Multiplayer First Person Shooter

A zombie survival game, play alone as you take on swarms of zombie waves or band together and play online with other players as you fight to take back...

Iron Fist
Iron Fist

2. Iron Fist

9 months ago Released Jan 2011 Single & Multiplayer First Person Shooter

Conquer all in this fast-paced first person shooter...

SkyEdge The Wraith
SkyEdge The Wraith

3. SkyEdge The Wraith

9 months ago TBD Single Player Role Playing

SkyEdge The Wraith is an action RPG with branching storyline and anime style character. The game is a fragment of my imagination whenever I want to wander...

Broken Shield
Broken Shield

4. Broken Shield

2 years ago TBD MMO Adventure

TheIntercooler Games is proud to present Broken Shield, based off of the Cube 2 engine.

Green Nation
Green Nation

5. Green Nation

7 months ago Released Mar 2012 Single Player First Person Shooter

Green Nation. Make your way through a maze of enemy plastic army men in this remake of the PlayStation 1 Army Men series.

Grim Quest
Grim Quest

6. Grim Quest

1 year ago TBD Single & Multiplayer Role Playing

Welcome to Grim Quest, Grim Quest starts out in the small town of Ville-Florin where our hero, "you" Wakes up one morning to discover that your father...

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