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Tejas_Stalker @ S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Chernobyl

I'm just going around doing my own thing. It's now March 18th in my Game.

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Tejas_Stalker @ Darkvalley 2x size

This looks like Lost Alpha.

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Tejas_Stalker @ Call of Chernobyl 1.4.12 [Full Release]

12 is a good number. My 1.3.12 version game has lasted over 9 months now.

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Tejas_Stalker @ S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Chernobyl

Call of Chernobyl mod (Official Thread)

Sometimes you get a great screenshot that shows so little but says so much:

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Tejas_Stalker @ S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Chernobyl

There is widespread internet outage in the US all today. It's been in the News.

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Tejas_Stalker @ S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Chernobyl

The one that is centrally located and easy to get to depending on your Faction. Once you get more of the 3 sets you can spread them out but the first set of 3 should go to a level you favor and spend time in or store most of your supplies.

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Tejas_Stalker @ S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Chernobyl

Call of Chernobyl mod (Official Thread)

Something I have always wondered about has finally happened. Despite
being in Zaton for about 45 days, I've never had neutral & enemy Bandits
or neutral & enemy Mercenaries gather in the same place until now. I was
at Noah's barge where I had recently sold some weapons to a squad of 3
neutral Mercenaries at the campfire by the curve in the road just south of
me at the base of the hill that goes to the Recycling Plant. From the top
of Noah's tower, I saw three figures coming down the hill to their camp.

They were three enemy Mercenaries. There was no reaction from the three
neutral Mercenaries as it appeared they were entering their camp. Not that
I expected any hostile reaction from the same Faction they were all a part
of but simply this had never happened before. So I pulled out my GP-37
and shot the three quickly in the head. I quickly got down hoping I could
loot them and when I was on the ground I ran up to the road to see what
the other three neutral Mercenaries were doing. Only they weren't neutral
anymore and were shooting at me. I had no choice but to defend myself
and kill them too. So I got to loot six Mercenaries. Next time I'll know
better if I want to keep neutral NPCs as is, to leave the area if enemy NPCs
of the same Faction show up and join them. Another Zone mystery solved.

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Tejas_Stalker @ S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Chernobyl

I can't answer that. I don't Mod my Mods.

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Tejas_Stalker @ S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Chernobyl

That's funny. Lost Alpha always did the same.

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Tejas_Stalker @ S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Chernobyl

You cannot get enemies to get into the "surrender" pose if any other friendly or neutral NPCs are around you including your Companions. You have to be alone.

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Tejas_Stalker @ S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Chernobyl

Those are the leftover Bandit recruits from Call of Pripyat that are aboard the Skadovsk. They wear the Bandit jumpsuits but register as Loners. Their leader has been removed from CoC. In CoP they had to complete several jobs before they would automatically change into Bandits if successful.

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Tejas_Stalker @ S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Chernobyl

In my Game I got both in Zaton. Neutral & Enemy Bandits walking around in most all the areas. I don't kill the neutral ones but let me warn you to never give a wounded neutral Bandit a medkit as they will instantly change into an enemy.

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Tejas_Stalker @ S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Chernobyl

That's leftover script from Clear Sky. When an emission was about to hit in Limansk, a flare was shot up as a warning similar to what happens on the Skadovsk in Zaton.

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Tejas_Stalker @ S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Chernobyl

Call of Chernobyl mod (Official Thread)

9 Months in the Zone: Part Five ( Conclusion )

It was now February 27th 2016 and it was 9 months later from Game
start on May 27th 2015 as a Loner in the Rookie Village in the Cordon.
I had been in Zaton since January 19th and it's now one of my favorites.

A typical loadout in Zaton with plenty of M203 & F-1 grenades for mutants:

I still had that incomplete Assassination job from Freedom to kill a Dutyer
at the Pig Farm in the Dark Valley. Since I had been there several times
but will not kill friendly or neutral Faction members, I had previously
relied on enemy NPCs or mutants to complete the task for me. As that
did not happen, I put it on the back burner for now and went north instead:

Here's my 8 Months Stats:

Emissions survived: 151
Tasks completed: 1,516
Mutants killed: 4,161
Stalker killed: 2,893
Artifacts found: 363
Stashes found: 975

And now my 9 Months Stats:

Emissions survived: 172
Tasks completed: 1,611
Mutants killed: 4,786
Stalker killed: 3,610
Artifacts found: 419
Stashes found: 975

No new achievements so no need to show all the old ones:

My PDA log showing the present date:

The Skadovsk fluctuated between 14 to 18 people at the most. I still
had my 3 Loner Bandit-suited wannabes. They never went anywhere:

Sometimes a squad of Loners would arrive and stay awhile then leave.
Most of the time they would be killed and another new one would appear:

Not sure who Axel is. He looks like a transient you see begging on the corner:

I had moved my Companions to an out of the way corner on the ship:

I never sold any of the Gauss Guns, Vintar BC or RPG-7 that I looted.
All other high end weapons, I would repair 100% and sell to needy NPCs:

Zaton was one of the most plentiful levels to collect artifacts from:

The day was coming to a close and soon the night creatures would come out:

I ended the day by killing a Burer at the Zaton Docks:

I hoped you enjoyed my tale of events and many things to consider from
January 27th through February 27th of my time in Zaton in Call of Chernobyl.

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Tejas_Stalker @ S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Chernobyl

Call of Chernobyl mod (Official Thread)

9 Months in the Zone: Part Four

Pseudogiants were plentiful in Zaton and selling their parts was very rewarding:

The north-east corner of Zaton was almost totally deserted. No men ever
traveled in this pocket and no mutants used it for travel either. There
were a few found in the area I'm standing but they never left it for others:

Like the Southern Plateau, the Northern Plateau ( where CoP started ) was
a popular spawn point that meant Monolith and Military frequently came
from it and traveled south right by the Skadovsk. There were many places
on the ship to observe their movements and shoot from concealed viewpoints:

Stealth works quite well if they do not see or hear you coming:

In over a month in Zaton, these two Mercenaries were the only ones that
even ventured to the north-east corner and this was the closest anyone
other than me got to the Dredge. In CoP this was a very active location:

I found a gap between the buildings at the Ranger Station. It allowed
me access to the areas of the game the Player was not allowed to go:

The group of trees ahead of me and to the right were the ones above the
Northern Plateau. This is the last place you wanted to be if a Psi Storm hit:

I shot at two Bloodsuckers at the base of the Southern Plateau. Apparently
when I retreated to the Recycling Plant they were bold enough to follow me:

I killed the sentry then flanked around the shack to come up behind him:

The Krug Antenna Array and the Oakpine Anomaly were always free of people:

I liked to travel with other NPCs as much as possible no matter the direction:

One neat trick I discovered in killing Bloodsuckers from afar, if they didn't
see you or detect you, once shot at they would freeze in place. Even if
you didn't see them anymore, you could keep shooting at that same spot
and you could see the blood splatter to let you know they could be killed:

These two Bloodsuckers got the same treatment from the top of Noah's tower:

To be continued...

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Tejas_Stalker @ S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Chernobyl

Call of Chernobyl mod (Official Thread)

9 Months in the Zone: Part Three

I did get a few surrenders and the associated loot, stash activations and
PDAs but the enemies always jumped up and attacked or ran afterward.
You had to be ready for that, in addition that the Monolith never surrendered:

The Iron Forest was another great location that was ignored in CoC. Other
than the Poltergeist being there in the initial visit, it never returned like
the one at the Circus Anomaly. No men or mutants ever visited this place.
I went in the lab below to loot it and I returned often to get respawned
artifacts but this entire side of the Zone was empty of any NPC travel:

I could always depend on plenty of NPCs spawning at the Southern Plateau
and traveling north past the Recycling Plant and descending the hill down into
the marshes often going to the Barge, the Docks or all the way to the Northern Lake:

This Controller was very lonely at the Northern Lake and happy to see me:

Neutral Bandits and neutral Mercenaries did not get along. I stayed neutral:

I would often find Monolith and Zombies traveling or hanging out together:

It was always a pleasure to find enemies so preoccupied to surprise them:

While the Zaton Underground was free of men and mutants, it always had artifacts:

I found that the shack at the Zaton Docks, while designated a shelter on
my PDA did not actually function as one. Just like the Checkpoint in Jupiter:

Zaton never disappointed in coming across mutants in many palces:

I came across the rare teams of Monolith who had Gauss Guns and RPG-7.
This Mercenary beat me to the loot and soon had both of those but he
unwisely decided to use the RPG-7 on a Pseudodog only a few feet away.
The blast killed them both which meant that I got the loot he got to first:

I never missed an opportunity to kill enemies coming out of the Controller Cave:

I spent many moments just enjoying the scenery all over the Zaton level:

To be continued...

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Tejas_Stalker @ S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Chernobyl

Call of Chernobyl mod (Official Thread)

9 Months in the Zone: Part Two

Going north to the Northern Lake from the Skadovsk or going south
to Noah's Barge and the Recycling Plant were my most traveled paths:

The Mercenaries had warned me not to get closer. I had wrongly
assumed they would go hostile if I entered their compound again.
That did not happen. I don't know if that had been affected by me
doing jobs for them in Dead City and turning the Faction friendly:

I found the Recycling Plant full of ammo and supplies everywhere:

I could often return from the Recycling Plant and find new enemies
at the Barge that I could sneak into from the other side and surprise:

After wiping out two dozen Zombies at the Saw Mill, the western side of
Zaton was always deserted of any men except sometimes I would find
some allies at the small swamp. Here Ecologists and I took shelter from
a Psi Storm. All the Zaton locations were good about respawning artifacts:

When it was foggy or really dark, there was no better place to be than this:

I really wish that Zombies would have returned or gathered at the Saw Mill
after that initial swarm. This corner of the Zone was empty except for mutants:

As mentioned before, after the first week in Zaton, Loners rarely ever
left the Skadovsk. It was mostly finding neutral Mercenaries or friendly
Ecologists at a few of the locations. Some locations no one ever visited:

It was totally unpredictable when I would come across enemy Mercenaries:

Whenever I was on the Skadovsk seeking shelter from a Psi Storm or an
Emission, I could run out afterward and climb the rear ladder to the upper
deck and look north to the Controller Cave to find NPCs exiting from it:

I discovered that while this was an acceptable safe place for the Mercs to
seek shelter from a storm, I had no choice but the tunnels underneath:

I also found that NPCs would often travel to this spot and then vanish:

These three never left the ship. One would offer fetch supplies jobs only,
another would talk but say very little and the other one would say nothing
at all. I sold or gave all of them some better weapons. They didn't care:

To be continued...

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Tejas_Stalker @ S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Chernobyl

Call of Chernobyl mod (Official Thread)

9 Months in the Zone: Part One

It's currently March 2, 2016 in my Game. That means less than a week
ago I reached February 27th which marked 9 Months in the Zone. This
entire month I have spent in Zaton. Why? The action and the money is
good. Every possible mutant found in the Game that Beard pays very
well for those mutant parts. Lots of enemies like plenty of Monolith,
Military, Zombies, Bandits and enemy Mercenaries. As mentioned
before, the Zaton level has occasional neutral Bandits and friendly,
neutral and enemy Mercenaries. Bugged leftover script from CoP
that may have been fixed later. No complaints from me as I like it.

I left the Zaton Docks and crossed the marshes going towards Noah's
Barge. Behind me I suddenly heard two Bloodsuckers chasing me so
I ran in with Noah and they followed me inside where it got really crazy:

It was almost comical watching them run around while Noah would blast
them with his shotgun and then have to reload. Noah would survive this
attack but shortly after 2 Bandits entered his domain and ended his life:

When I was near the Recycling Plant I had noticed other NPCs moving
around on the southern plateau where one of the crashed helicopters
was. I did not expect this. I finally used the space bubble jump over at
the Burnt Farmstead to go there too. I was attacked by multiple mutants:

After dealing with Bloodsuckers, Snorks and a Chimera, I found all the dead
Military had already been looted. There were also many dropped weapons:

This visit I lucked out with allies. In other visits it was full of enemy NPCs:

On the Taras Shevchenko I watched a Burer fighting with some Mercenaries:

Like most all Burers they will make a frontal attack if you shoot at them:

There were no new activated stashes in Zaton. There were no jobs that
activated stashes in other levels other than the individual Faction fetch
supplies jobs. I continued to do those and expected that once I finally
returned to the southern Zone that I would have many awaiting me:

Sometimes you loot the dead and come across a wide variety of supplies.
Since Owl didn't sell any 12x70 shotgun ammo, looting was my only source:

Neutral Bandits outside the Skadovsk. While I wouldn't like finding them
in all the levels, especially if they were mixed hanging out among enemy
Bandits, I did really enjoy them in Zaton since there were so few allies
traveling to the various areas of Zaton. Plus I could take jobs from them:

Unlike CoP, there are many places in Zaton that NPCs just don't go. I
never see anyone walking along the road here. Only a single time did
I find Zombies inside these buildings. I wish there was more activity:

I did find some mutants like to hang out on the northern section of the
Preobrazhensky Bridge underneath the road on the arch span but other
than that, this side of Zaton was empty other than the Recycling Plant:

For that reason, my most favored place to find men and mutants was
the area surrounding Noah's Barge. The rickety tower had a great view:

To be continued...

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Tejas_Stalker @ S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Chernobyl

Remove NPCs and level changers from Game. Problem fixed.

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Tejas_Stalker @ S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Chernobyl

Call of Chernobyl mod (Official Thread)

Team Epic~

Reporting a bug:

I've been in Zaton for over a month. At the level changer directly north
of the Saw Mill, I noticed that the level changer marker in my Mini-map
got stuck in the same spot as I moved eastward going to the northern
lake area. I really didn't give it much thought after that since the area I
was in, no one ever goes except a few mutants and it didn't really matter.

Just last night I actually had the extremely rare occurrence of NPCs going
to the northern shore of the northern lake. Even though the Mini-map
correctly showed the numerical number of NPCs with me, it failed to
display the yellow squad leader star and yellow dot of the two NPCs.
However I don't think this is an exclusive CoC problem as I do have
memories of the Mini-Map not displaying properly in CoP here too:

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Tejas_Stalker @ S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Chernobyl

The reality is that Noah will die no matter what I do. Too many enemies passing through both men and mutant. What I didn't mention is someone else killed his dog and I never found the body. That means I was within range for enemies to be online and kill his dog but I failed to go inside to discover it. I didn't want the same thing to happen to Noah, where something else killed him, the body vanish and the Compasses disappeared with him.

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Tejas_Stalker @ S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Chernobyl

You probably killed your companion by accident.

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Tejas_Stalker @ S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Chernobyl

Call of Chernobyl mod (Official Thread)

8 Months in the Zone: Part Six ( Conclusion )

I quickly discovered that the hill where CoP started was a very dangerous
place for spawning enemies. The mini-map shows all the dead I fought:

This location and the northern lake to the west was usually occupied by
both enemies and/or allies. They often traveled south right by the Skadovsk:

I shot Noah just to see what was on him. Of course I went back to a
manual save before this since I play my Game with the same morals I
have in real life. Once I realized that he had the two Compass on him I
knew I wanted to be there when he was killed by others. Later in my Game
2 Bloodsuckers followed me to his barge and attacked him but he survived.
It wasn't until Bandits entered his ship and killed him did I get them much later:
( I was told in the current 1.4 version that these were removed form him )

The path from the Skadovsk to Noah's barge became my most frequent
path, usually along the docks. There was always a lot of action going on:

One of the most useful features of Companions is the ability to exchange
items with them, meaning I can use the donate feature to get them to
carry stuff and the exchange to get it back without spending any money.
This feature worked perfectly but was subject to a short term bug that
the dialogue reverted back to a regular NPC immediately afterward. This
could immediately be fixed by reloading a save or leaving to another level
to restore the exchange dialogue. Because some people didn't figure this
out and complained, I believe Team Epic removed this great feature from
future patches which greatly disappoints me. I use this in multi-level travel:

My only outstanding missions was doing the Brain Scorcher in Radar,
a level I had not been to yet and an Assassination job in the Dark Valley:

It was now January 27th 2016. That means I had now been in my CoC
Game for 8 months ( Game Time ) since my start down in the Cordon.
I had been in Zaton for eight days and I was really, really enjoying it:

Here's my 7 Months Stats:

Emissions survived: 133
Tasks completed: 1,382
Mutants killed: 3,567
Stalker killed: 2,387
Artifacts found: 320
Stashes found: 918

And now my 8 Months Stats:

Emissions survived: 151
Tasks completed: 1,516
Mutants killed: 4,161
Stalker killed: 2,893
Artifacts found: 363
Stashes found: 975

The PDA list of my 8 achievements:

Weapons that I repaired to keep and sell:

My main stash aboard the Skadovsk:

A typical loadout for me with my 5 Artifact slot Mercenary Exoskeleton:

I hoped you enjoyed my little tale of events from January 13th through
January 27th of my time in 3 of the many levels of Call of Chernobyl.

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Tejas_Stalker @ S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Chernobyl

Call of Chernobyl mod (Official Thread)

8 Months in the Zone: Part Five

Much like Jupiter, I found that no one on the Skadovsk had any jobs.
Mainly leftover dialogue from CoP. I believe a lot of problems like this
have been fixed or changed in more current patches, but I was committed
to sticking with my 1.3.12 version since I already have so much time in it:

The 3 Loner Bandit wannabes leftover from CoP I liked. I gave them all
better weapons and did my best to protect them and keep them all alive:

I found Beard was great. Paid very well for mutants parts and other
things like knapsacks and sleeping bags. There were very few things
that he wouldn't buy. I was told this was all changed for the worse:

Zaton quickly became one of my favorite levels. Plenty of Monolith,
Military, Bandits and Zombies to fight. Every possible mutant that the
Game offered. While a lot of the locations were empty of people, it made
up for it with so many enemies. In my version a great level to make money:

Like I do in all the levels, I may enter with my Companions and I may
leave with my Companions but I park them for the duration of my time
in whatever level I am in. In Zaton they stayed aboard the Skadovsk:

I found some supplies aboard the vehicles on the Preobrazhensky Bridge
but all the safe and chests were deactivated. Just like Jupiter, I only had
one stash activation in Zaton and likewise had never been in the level before:

Owl was the worst Trader in the entire Game. Like Hawaiian he only sold
crap but at least Hawaiian had shotgun ammo and Gunsmith kits for sale
where Owl did not. Crappy armor too. Just the Stalker ( Sunrise ) and
the basic Military armor. The only thing I ever bought was 5.56 ammo:

My one activated stash was the helicopter in the swamp. There were no
anabiotics at the end of the tunnel underneath the Bloodsucker lair but
the Controller cave did have the same drugs from CoP. I visited this
location by entering the exit point first and surprised the Bloodsucker:

Lots of Burers in Zaton. The more common fire type and the rare electrical:

I went to the Iron Forest. The poltergeist was there only once. I looted
the underground of ammo and the Eliminator. While a great find in CoP,
in CoC the ammo for it was a lot more valuable. No men or mutants ever
visited the Iron Forest in the many trips I returned to hunt for artifacts:

Another strange thing I found in Zaton was the occasional neutral Bandits.
I also would come across both neutral and enemy Mercenaries. This is
the only level in the entire Game that this happened but I have to admit
that I actually greatly enjoyed this. I believe this was due to some leftover
scripts from CoP and I would really be sad to find this fixed in later patches:

Just a reminder I've never slept a single hour in this version of my Game.
At first to see how the Dynamic Messages worked day and night and then
since it wasn't required in my Game like later versions, I thought I would
just keep enjoying not being required to. Some mutants prefer the night life:

I really enjoyed the great long distance visibility in CoC unlike that of CoP.
Here's a great screenshot taken standing on the rear deck of the Skadovsk.
In it you can see the Taras Shevchenko, Gas Station & Iron Forest all in one:

I was in Zaton for a week before I ran into my first Ecologists. After that
traveling Loners became rare and it was mainly Ecologists and Mercenaries
as allies. I continued to do fetch supply jobs for all of them to get stashes:

I stayed out of the fights between neutral Mercenaries & neutral Bandits but
quickly learned not to give a wounded Bandit a medkit as they became hostile:

To be continued...

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Tejas_Stalker @ S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Chernobyl

Call of Chernobyl mod (Official Thread)

8 Months in the Zone: Part Four

I found very few people at most all the locations. The Cement Plant was
active but the Quarry was not. Most of the anomalies had no one at them.
Mutants rarely ever swarmed the landscape. I found Jupiter a very empty
level and for that reason my time here was not very long after I set out to
explore most all the major buildings. After 5 days I left the level for Zaton:

There were a dozen Zombies at Kopachi Village but after that no more:

Morgan's old secret stash had some ammo, grenades & medkits but no armor:

There were some Duty vs. Freedom fights but they were few and far between:

I went to every corner. All the CoP stashes were deactivated like the
UAV, helicopters and Strelok stashes. In 8 months I had a single stash
activation in Jupiter and the reason why I had never been up this way
before. As it had taken me almost 7 months to get the Expert Tools in
the southern Zone, I was determined to stay in all the areas south with
plentiful stash activations until I got them. After I finally did in stash
#815, my goal had been met and I finally found myself coming north:

The Checkpoint was one of the few locations with occasional activity:

I hunted for artifacts, did some looting and stored it at Yanov Station:

Southern Jupiter was empty. I visited the Bandits at the Container
Yard when some Mercenaries spawned within them and both groups
wiped each other out. Only two Bandits in the far back were left and
I killed them quickly. There was a lot of loot from that but afterward
it was abandoned. I did some artifact hunting near the Jupiter Plant:

The Jupiter Plant was empty too. The level changer going to the Pripyat
Underground was relocated so I didn't even bother going all the way back:

I visited the relocated level changer and found two Burers guarding it:

After killing them and being one of the last locations I hadn't visited yet
I decided that I was ready to leave Jupiter and see what Zaton was like:

Back at Yanov Station I started loading up my Companions with all the extra
loot I was taking with us. I learned you never give them an RPG-7 to carry:

I left behind a very small stash of supplies and took all my gunsmith kits:

My Stats leaving Jupiter on January 19th. Lots of men & mutants killed in
my 5 days there. Almost a dozen artifacts. I was ready for more action:

To be continued...

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Tejas_Stalker @ S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Chernobyl

Call of Chernobyl mod (Official Thread)

8 Months in the Zone: Part Three

I entered Jupiter on January 14th with my Companions and we found
ourselves under attack from Bandits that were guarding the pathway
from the Red Forest. From there we moved to the Checkpoint where
we found the Duty Faction was controlling the crossroads buildings:

Unlike Call of Pripyat where Jupiter was a busy level with Men & Mutants
constantly moving about and controlling encampments, I found Call of
Chernobyl's Jupiter level very empty with little travel among Men &
Mutants. At first this bothered me but then I realized if it was exactly
the same then I would be playing CoP again. So CoC was different:

We arrived at Yanov Station. I parked my Companions in the basement:

I had brought the Basic & Advanced Tool kits to give to the Repair Tech:

I quickly discovered that Hawaiian had an absolutely terrible inventory selection
of stuff to sell. It was actually even worse than Sidorovich. I was very disappointed:

I also discovered that no one seemed to have any jobs here but Hunter:

I was able to complete that job from the window of Zulu's Tower:

There were 5 Freedom inside Yanov Station. Two wandered outside and
were quickly killed. It didn't really feel like a Freedom Base location since
the Repair Tech & Trader were Loners. The Freedom leader gave no jobs:

No more Freedom ever arrived. No Freedom ever left Yanov Station.
Just these two that didn't do anything. I've been told that there were
some major changes to improve the Jupiter level in the later patches:

Who the f*ck is this freak? This is a really bad character model. Why is
there a Clear Sky member here all alone and wearing an Ecologist suit?

I sold some mutant parts for some decent money. I heard this was gimped later:

I took a Scientist Escort mission. These idiots were walking around with
pistols so I took them back to Yanov and sold them some better weapons:

It was at the Cement Plant. I took my Companions with me and this was
the only time they joined me in exploring Jupiter. We made it back to the
Mobile Lab without any problems. From this point on I did everything alone:

To be continued...

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Tejas_Stalker @ S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Chernobyl

Call of Chernobyl mod (Official Thread)

8 Months in the Zone: Part Two

Limansk was a heavily populated location by Loners and Mercenaries.
Only the Monolith controlled the small northern section. The Red Forest
was where the Monolith or Military usually held the Bridge coming from
there. Both of those Factions wanted to restrict any travel going north:

I saw a headlight and found a Loner by the gate who had killed a cat:

Several hours later, now January 14 at about 2am, I saw 3 men running:

It was a squad of Freedom and they were in a hurry to pass through:

I watched as they continued going north on the road to Jupiter:

My Game crashed and I redid a little bit since my last manual save.
In this alternate version I followed some Loners I saw in the Red Forest
and they led me back to Bridge where I ran into some Mercenaries:

I was able to get to some of the activated stashes outside on the main road:

The sun finally rose and I set out to hit all the activated stashes inside
the Red Forest. Luckily I met a squad of Freedom traveling through and
I followed them to Dark Yar and then north inside the other Mine section:

Here we met some Snorks and a Burer and I got to a couple of stashes:

The Freedom squad seemed in a hurry so I had to go catch up with them:

We quickly passed by the Devilish Encampment that was deserted:

I was starting to get a bad feeling about where they were going. They
were probably headed to a level changer to vanish and leave me alone:

I wasn't expecting the stash on the Tank to have the PKM and 2,000
rounds. It was a good thing I was not overloaded and had room for it:

Freedom vanished as expected. I was all alone at the deepest part of
the Red Forest. I hightailed it out of there passing through the Mine again:

I made it back after the surprise attack on the trail of several Snork
and a Pseudogiant. It felt good to finally clear out all those Red Forest
stashes. Forester did some quick repair and I checked my Stats leaving:

To be continued...

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Tejas_Stalker @ S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Chernobyl

Call of Chernobyl mod (Official Thread)

8 Months in the Zone: Part One

Note: Looks like my 7 Months in the Zone report was on August 7th
2016, being 5 parts on pages 101 and 102. Please review to compare.
( This mention is actually related to my posts on the GSC Forums )

Some important dates and screenshots leading up to this event:

January 13, 2016: Entered the Red Forest from Limansk.
My goal was to completely explore it and get to all 16 stashes:

As expected, the Military would be controlling the chokepoint north:

A direct assault was suicide. Plus I was taking 2 Companions:

For this reason, my strategy was to covertly hug the western edge
and go straight to the Red Forest Mine, park my Companions around
the corner and then wait for the Military to try to flush me out of it:

From fighting those controlling the Bridge from Limansk, to all those
Military I fought at the Mine, the damage to my armor was not cheap:

This time I recovered the Pellicle in the Red Forest Mine. Parking my
Companions with Forester as the sun sets, we're spending the night:

My Stats that night prior to the activated stash hunt coming tomorrow:

Other than going to Forester, I have never explored the rest of the Red
Forest in CoC. That's why I had so many activated stashes waiting for me:

The farthest stash was where Father Valerian's party died in Clear Sky:

This was also the location of some very dangerous Snork Caves:

No one knew if the Tank long ago drove back in this dead end and was
abandoned or if it somehow drove into a Space Bubble and fell out here:

I climbed to the top of Forester's building to watch the sun go down:

The moon came out and for a very short time the Zone was quiet:

There was no way to determine which Faction would control the Bridge next:

To be continued...

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Tejas_Stalker @ S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Chernobyl

Call of Chernobyl mod (Official Thread)

Dangerous Clown sighting:

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Tejas_Stalker @ S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Chernobyl

I love nice little moments like this:

Live in the United States? Good deal on instant Cheeki Breeki:

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