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2 comments by Tejas_Stalker on Feb 17th, 2013

Lost Alpha: Stalker Diary #4----- I had spent the morning in the Wild Territory. I was overloaded with loot of artifacts, mutant body parts and used weapons from killing a few Bandits. I headed back to the eastern side of Rostok controlled by Duty. I passed by Sgt. Kitsenko and the other 2 Dutyers guarding the entrance around the corner from the crossroads that also went north to the Army Warehouses. Once inside the relative safety of the Bar area, I sold what I could, stashed what I wanted to keep and got some needed repairs to my weapons and armor. It was mid-afternoon with several hours of daylight left so I decided to go back out. Suddenly a Dutyer in an Exoskeleton ran past me as I neared the exit. His gun was drawn and he seemed in a panic. I made it to the short stairway and abruptly came face to face with several Zombies. My AKS-74U was ready and I blasted away having to reload several times as they fell and rose again. As quickly as I emptied the bulk of the ammo on me it was over. I stepped over the stinking, rotting corpses of five Zombies and came upon a more gruesome sight. The three Dutyer guards I had just passed less than an hour before were dead. Sgt. Kitsenko and his men were mauled and bloody lying next to their empty weapons. The thought quickly crossed my mind that the Zombies had followed my scent from the Wild Territory back to the Bar. I felt bad.

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4 comments by Tejas_Stalker on Jan 13th, 2013

Lost Alpha: Stalker Diary #3----- I was leaving the Agroprom fully loaded. Not really a wise decision not to have the ability to be able to sprint a good distance to attack or escape danger. No excuse other than the greed of a backpack full of plundered supplies, better weapons and found artifacts. I traveled the road eastward towards Garbage as dusk set. As I entered the Garbage level it was night and not the best place to linger in indecision. Do I go north to see if Duty will now let me pass to Rostok or south to the safety of the Cordon where Sidorovich awaits me? A safe path was known going south but the way north was more difficult. Just once had I taken a shortcut behind the Hangar cutting along the edge of a wooded area with a rock abutment to keep my back to for safety. I had heard some mutant dogs but had not seen them.
Now it was pitch black and I quickly left the road and scambled up the steep hill at the edge of a barbed-wire fence. I reached the top and the trees became thicker. I heard dogs at the bottom and decided not to turn on my headlamp and give myself away. I went as far as I could until I came to the edge of a vertical drop and had no choice but to carefully walk along the edge descending now east to the wooded area below. This was the most dangerous point. To be able to slip past the mutants and then back north. I stumbled along and then darted around the crevice to horizontal ground. No sooner had I changed my direction when I heard the growl of a creature that was not a dog. I whipped around to face 2 huge white crescent-shaped eyes just a meter from me. My AKS-74U was ready and I blasted away at point blank range. I turned on my headlamp and saw the lifeless body of a Chimera before me. This is not what I was expecting and terror quickly filled my mind as I knew they rarely traveled alone. I immediately extinguished my headlamp and briskly continued northward with my gun facing to the rear as I walked. The seconds passed like minutes and the minutes like an hour as I made it back to the Hangar. Never again would I use this path like this at night.

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0 comments by Tejas_Stalker on Jan 2nd, 2013

Lost Alpha: Stalker Diary #2-----I had decided to leave the main road. I headed across the endless fields with trees and shrubs, walking alone without seeing anything to tell me that anyone had ever been here before. The beauty of nature, the wind across my face and the sun setting was tranquil and exhilarating. I felt one with the world and far from the horrors I had seen in the days before. As dusk set I turned on my headlamp to guide the way. Even though it was fast approaching darkness I was not worried...that is until I heard the mutant dogs. Suddenly fear gripped me and I realized the weakness of my headlamp was inadequate to keep going like this facing mutants. I checked my PDA and saw that a ridgeline was ahead and I was anxious to get to the safety of an outcrop of rocks to climb. Quickly I scrambled up them and knew I would have to spend the night here as the dogs howled and barked all around me. I was truly in the middle of nowhere far from any roads or signs of civilization. And then I heard a strange sound...a steady hum. A continuous low, droning sound. Mechanical. Man-made. I took a huge risk as the dogs were very close and ran along the edge of a cliff suddenly finding a hidden opening surrounded by foilage. I entered the darkness with my headlamp shining ahead of me to illuminate the secret entrance before me. The dogs were right behind me and before me there was only one option. An Elevator that descended into the bowels of the earth below. All I knew was that no one had ever mentioned this place before and I didn't have the slightest clue where I was or what awaited me beneath. I did know that my food and ammo were very low and the thought crossed my mind that this could be a one-way trip.

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1 comment by Tejas_Stalker on Jan 2nd, 2013

Lost Alpha: Stalker Diary #1-----I was passing through the Dead City. Miles and miles of streets and city blocks where I was the only soul. It's easy to feel safe and complacent in such a setting of civilization. You imagine that wild creatures stay on the edges of town, away from the creations of Man with his concrete, steel and pavement. That thought quickly evaporated when I looked down the street 2 blocks away and saw a Bloodsucker walking around totally visible like he had not a care in the world. It was then that I realized this was his town and I was the intruder.

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