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Lost Alpha: Stalker Diary #4----- I had spent the morning in the Wild Territory. I was overloaded with loot of artifacts, mutant body parts and used weapons from killing a few Bandits. I headed back to the eastern side of Rostok controlled by Duty. I passed by Sgt. Kitsenko and the other 2 Dutyers guarding the entrance around the corner from the crossroads that also went north to the Army Warehouses. Once inside the relative safety of the Bar area, I sold what I could, stashed what I wanted to keep and got some needed repairs to my weapons and armor. It was mid-afternoon with several hours of daylight left so I decided to go back out. Suddenly a Dutyer in an Exoskeleton ran past me as I neared the exit. His gun was drawn and he seemed in a panic. I made it to the short stairway and abruptly came face to face with several Zombies. My AKS-74U was ready and I blasted away having to reload several times as they fell and rose again. As quickly as I emptied the bulk of the ammo on me it was over. I stepped over the stinking, rotting corpses of five Zombies and came upon a more gruesome sight. The three Dutyer guards I had just passed less than an hour before were dead. Sgt. Kitsenko and his men were mauled and bloody lying next to their empty weapons. The thought quickly crossed my mind that the Zombies had followed my scent from the Wild Territory back to the Bar. I felt bad.

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Tejas_Stalker Creator

Part Three

Probably the one single thing I hate is the ground cover. I can
see why all this bloom was dropped from SoC. I see 7 Bandits
on a hill, shoot them and when I go to loot them I can't see them.
Right at my feet and I can't see anything. I have to use the Mini-Map
to find bodies right in front of me. I can only imagine thousands of
dropped weapons littering the ground and slowing down my Game
because I can't see them. You looks nice so don't get me
wrong but it is really non-functioning for the Game to have all this.

Let me not focus on things I don't like...I'm having a blast. I have
not had to throw a single bolt and have had so much fun driving all
the vehicles in the Cordon & Garbage that I would not have survived
the Blowouts without them since the Cordon had safe places only in
the south. When I got to Rostok I was wearing a Bandit Jacket and
the first thing I bought was the Duty Suit. I look forward to better.

I better stop here as I will have much more to add later.

Oh yeah...what the hell are the Artifacts that go in my first slot doing?
I discovered that by accident and I have no idea what that involves.

Here is my typical current loadout:

And like all my Stalker Games I don't sell any Artifacts:

More to come. So far Priboi Story is a big thumbs up


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Thats why ihate vegatation it slows down the game and its complete unnecessary feature..

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...because bloom has to be implemented properly. Vanilla SoC shaders are just terrible at this, I agree. But proper bloom does look good AND at the same time doesn't make you blind.

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Tejas_Stalker Creator

Part Two

I have not yet set a foot in the Agroprom, Dark Valley,
Wild Territory, Yantar, Army Warehouses or the Red Forest.

Most of the weapons & ammo above are not for sale by any Trader yet.

I have untouched activated Purple Icon Stashes:

10 Agroprom
19 Dark Valley
16 Wild Territory
11 Yantar
14 Army Warehouses
6 Red Forest
1 Pripyat

First question...

Where did I get that Saiga 12C Shotgun from?
Best I can remember was looting the dead in
the Cordon and I've only come across one in
the entire Game. I almost didn't notice it and
sold it since I've never seen one before and
was not expecting it. Additionally there was no
Merc Suit in the Rookie Village Attic ( some gun )
and no 2nd Armor Suit in the Military Base Attic.

I spent 10 days in the Cordon until I was driven out by
the severe lack of any @$#damn Food anywhere. No
one sold any I and I had to kill 30 Bandits for one piece
of bread. I really hated that. I love the Izlom and the Cat
but where are all the Boars and Flesh? I saw 2 Boars the
first day and they disappeared before I couuld kill them.
I've killed 1 Flesh. Why are the Mutants that I hate the most
the weaponless Zombies and the Rodents the most abundant?

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Tejas_Stalker Creator

Part One

I've just spent six weeks now in the Zone in the Priboi Story Mod.
There are things I like, things I don't and things I don't understand.
This is without any other Mods, No ZRP and using the version 1.0004

Now keep in mind I have not played SoC in over two years since I
had jumped to Clear Sky when it was released and stuck with that
until Call of Pripyat where I just finished 3 Games and spent a Year
total Game Time there. If GSC hadn't released Games so quickly I
would have gotten around to the other Mods like this one and OL but
as it is I am just now experiencing things for the first time. So here
are the Stats on my current Game and I've got a few questions too.

September 1, 2013 Stats: ( 6 weeks )

Killed Stalkers

793 Bandits novice
123 Bandits experienced
005 Bandits expert
007 Bandits veteran
016 Mercs experienced
002 Mercs expert
004 Mercs veteran
032 Freedom experienced
001 Freedom expert
006 Freedom veteran
007 Monolithian experienced
002 Monolithian expert
002 Monolithian veteran
002 Zombified Stalker rookie
005 Zombified Stalker expert
002 Zombified Stalker veteran
001 Stalker novice ( accident )

Killed Mutants

233 Zombie weak
159 Rodent
080 Dog weak
028 Cat
023 Izlom
021 Snork weak
013 Bloodsucker normal
003 Psy Dog strong
002 Pseudodog weak
001 Dog normal
001 Dog strong
001 Flesh weak

I have accumulated

1 Saiga 12C
20 Vintorez
7 Groza OC-14
15 AS Val
5 SPAS-14
10 HK G36
13 SG-550
17 L85A2
21 LR-300ML
10 FN P90

and have stored rounds of

516 SP-5
40 SP-6
648 PAB-9
11 7N1
197 5.56 X 45 AP
3318 5.56 X 45
and 44 F-1 grenades
and I have 14 Zone Suits.

Why is any of this significant?

I've only been in 3 Levels - Cordon, Garbage, and Rostok ( Bar )

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LOST ALPHA: STALKER DIARY ( Various random entries ) blog - Tejas_Stalker via @ModDB

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