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Tei Mar 16 2010, 7:20am replied:

"Its Nexuiz not GPL Nexuiz, thats just the idea from illfonic. its also for xbox 360 "

To be honest, I think the better idea would be a name change. It hurts, but is better than this "GPL Nexuiz" (I don't like the name).

+2 votes   article: Nexuiz for PS3.
Tei Jan 23 2009, 1:29pm says:

Telejano is a eyecandy engine, with features for modders and advanced users.
Was the engine of a few comercial indie games, because the particle effects at the time where something special, fun.

The technology base of Telejano is TomazQuake, with patches and fixed and enhancements from several other engines. But is still a engine inferior to DarkPlaces, or others with realtime lighting. Still is a good engine to create interesting mods.

There has been a number of "Telejano only" mods, but like most Telejano things, mostly has been forgotten now. Telajano was popular in a way, mostly because the support from (and to) the amazing high resolution textures that where initially released for TomazQuake like engines. And because at the time, Telejano was eyecandy-rich, but much more smoother than Tenebrae.

If you want to know more about the engine, you can contact me, Tei, the author of it.

+1 vote   engine: Telejano
Tei Jul 31 2007, 4:44pm says:

You sould add the video to moddb videos. Cos is amazing.

You are my new god!

+1 vote   mod: The Ascension of Vigil
Tei Aug 10 2006, 9:01am says:

Very nice!.

Shadows is something I disable for multiplayer games because my hardware is not good enough. But here show how good is the artwork. I really like the arm skinning work and the overall "toon"-ish lighting of DarkPlaces. Good engine choice!.
I dont really like much the torch, but is enough good as is now. Great work! (models, maps, engine,etc.)

+1 vote   media: bow ingame
Tei Aug 11 2006, 7:43am says:

Can i re-post the news from here?
I think this profile is like dead, I want to contribute somewhat :D

+1 vote   member: Alientrap
Tei Jul 14 2005, 9:48am says:



I hope more team finish sci-fi mods for Morrowind. I like sci-fi much more than the medievel thing. But looks likea amazing big job to make a sci-fi mod for morriwind. Neat and nice work team!

+1 vote   article: Exclusive ModDB Screenshots
Tei Jul 5 2005, 8:56am says:

Sounds like a dev's upgrade, usefull for dedicated server and maybe for guys what need bot support.

Looking forward for next versions!

+1 vote   article: Nexuiz 1.1 Released
Tei Jun 16 2005, 12:11pm says:

done, its real.
Nothing to see here!.. move along. Everyone go home. The work its done. This is true REAL.


+1 vote   article: First pic of our new engine
Tei Jun 15 2005, 12:16pm says:

its slighty disney on head, I like more the concept design.

+1 vote   media: Low Poly Cerberus
Tei Jun 14 2005, 2:25am says:

Gamers Manifesto:

+1 vote   article: A Gamer's Lifestyle
Tei Jun 2 2005, 8:42am says:

Great gameplay!

+1 vote   article: Nexuiz Released!!
Tei May 18 2005, 9:55am says:

po po poop

+1 vote   media: SOUNDS!
Tei May 16 2005, 8:30am says:

Established: 1,111 days ago

Happy Birthday Moddb!!!!!!111111111111!1111

4369 days on!!

+1 vote   article: Latest ModDB Features
Tei May 5 2005, 12:46pm says:

Maybe this guy will know if BF2 its already out here or not. I guess its gold EONS ago because everybody and my dog its doing mods for this engine and even know insigts about the technology behind ( BFV, python, etc..).

What are these guys waiting? All Gore inventing Internet2?
AMD128? Bill Gates releasing a OS withouth ms-dos?

Its terrible because YOU and me know that BF-ONE its really hot, but lack of real flexibility to make ANY mod you can dream. BFV its slighty better, but still not-flexible. The new thing will be still cool, not much gameplay change, even better graphics, but will able ANYTHING. So I bet will be The Better engine for modding. And nowdays everybody and my dog its doing mods (except Valve that its doing mods ..of mods (CS:C) )

Maybe these nice guys can work on the BF2 engine to able run on nowdays computers and release NOW. I myself will buy my DVD of BF2 as posible :D

+1 vote   article: Riccard Linde- Art Director for Dice Canada new book
Tei Apr 12 2005, 8:29pm says:


not impresed:
not my tea cup
not that amazing
not that good render

new gameplay style
good style of render
good story (?)


guys impresev by Splinter Cell requiered here, please fill the box below:

+1 vote   article: Chaos Theory Added / Reviewed
Tei Apr 9 2005, 7:29am says:

Why its not the download link on the new page? the bbcode dont support torrent links?

+1 vote   article: The Sharpest Point v0.10b release!
Tei Apr 8 2005, 9:14am says:

looking god!

except the q3 alike shell.. I dont like much :D

+1 vote   article: Vengeance r2
Tei Apr 4 2005, 3:54pm says:

Oh dawn ! thats lotsa hot!!!

+1 vote   article: USA Cameos and Map Contest Winners
Tei Mar 22 2005, 4:35pm says:


+1 vote   article: The Hunted Chronicle - 2 Media Update
Tei Mar 20 2005, 9:39am says:

coolnesss :)

+1 vote   article: New version.
Tei Mar 9 2005, 8:20pm says:

Doom? Its you?

+1 vote   media: Sewers 5
Tei Feb 28 2005, 10:07am says:

<i>Frantic fighting, gruesome zombies, interesting puzzles and spooky scenery, all on a standalone engine. What more could you ask for to keep you entertained on a lazy Sunday afternoon?</i>


Can I have girlfriend AND The Hunted cronicles?

+1 vote   article: February's Belated MOTM
Tei Feb 25 2005, 3:58pm says:

Great work guys!

+1 vote   article: AFF: TC - Big F'n Media Update
Tei Feb 16 2005, 9:12am says:

- good music
- good frags, imho
- good engine configuration
- great syncro animation/music
- no theme other than 'jawnmode' but that its a good theme :D

A good and fine, fun, movie.

+1 vote   article: Precision
Tei Feb 9 2005, 9:59am says:

nice website design.

+1 vote   article: Brawl Update
Tei Jan 30 2005, 8:03am says:

This version its much much stable. So Its much easy to get a alive server with open slots.

The rocket launcher its now the favorite weapon for newbies and lammers. This whas a advancement because that avoid the spammming of before. BUT often result on lammers rpg-ing everything everywhere. Maybe can be removed the "FAST" mode, offline on my computer the fast mode its that fast that crash my computer!.

Heee... I see new maps everywhere, interesting new maps.

Hee.. Now with the ability to change player model whe have something!.. Its posible to put the player name on the player head?.. that will help a bit.

I like the new stuff you can spawn. I love to span oaks and characters and to something very evile with ropes. I also like the utility pole and trains. You can build something really big with combine trains! :D

I think for 0.7 will be a good idea to add trace_path and characters or something similar, to populate "home made building" or something. If finally spawning characters become stable and not crash servers.

Looks like Manhacks still crash servers, for some reason guys fear manhacks. I have not tried myself, but humm.. that.

Tei off///

+1 vote   article: Garry's Mod Interview
Tei Jan 27 2005, 3:20pm says:

too much smoothneess, but its a good start .

+1 vote  
Tei Jan 27 2005, 8:42am says:

*cough* I see a dog here *cough*


+1 vote  
Tei Jan 25 2005, 7:17pm says:

Often very rich engines fail, and become vaporware. Please be reasonable and try to finish something as soon has posible, then try to add stuff.
No one write a 3 millions dolars engine from nowhere, nors the Cristal Space team, nors Valve, nors you.

+1 vote   article: Drag(en)gine specifications
Tei Jan 22 2005, 7:32am says:

Interesting. But the skybox its undetailed and the map its somewhat bussy. I suggest adding a vehicle burning and decals or blood. The map looks somewhat unrealistic clean.

+1 vote   media: city_conflict by dark marine
Tei Jan 22 2005, 4:35am says:

Good Idea, Still Not That Good Images.

I have see impresive shots on steamforums, gbmod site and jbmod site.

+1 vote   article: Half-Life 2 - A Gallery
Tei Jan 20 2005, 8:59am says:


Here its a enginecoder thats have fun coding his modification.

This whas modding whas about, having fun coding.

Good luck with your engine, Entar!

+1 vote   article: Big release!
Tei Jan 19 2005, 9:32am says:

<B>Cheapalert's hard drive was formatted completely and the source code of the project was lost</b>

Backup Often
Release All

+1 vote   article: New media, and project restart
Tei Jan 18 2005, 2:46pm says:

Nice mods, but you need a million dolars on manpower/hour to finish it. Maybe Its time to try doing smaller mods.

Think small!!

+1 vote   article: First news of the year from Jedi: Timeline
Tei Jan 17 2005, 9:07am says:

Other older "speedmods":

The "centerprint wars", resulting on fun ascii games that use the centerprint messages to play. The winner whas FrikaC with a nice version of Tetris. (maybe you can search the forums for it)

Yet older,... whas one around "The 8 ball", with mods that use this model, or something similar. I forget. The winner whas Coffee with a very nice 1vs1 footbal mod against very interesting bots (Coffee its our bot genius)

Looks that even more and more speedmodding contest whas in the past, originated on #qc at gamesurge, but I am not a irc boy, so I dont know much about.

Because I have that bad memory, most if not all the info here is unaccurate.

+1 vote   article: #00 Quake Speedmods Released!
Tei Jan 11 2005, 2:44pm says:

Good Luck Crytek!

Will this company continue with the FarCry engine? whas a good engine, imho, both on interiors and outdoors.

More modability on next productions willl be better. I see cool Battlefield 1942 mods, like Desert Combat, but not Farcry ones. Why?

Also the game browser whas somewhar mediocre. Nowdays the internet-thingye and multiplayer its very important because you can play the game from a pirate copy ALLWAYS, but with deathmachs and internet play its a problem not owning a legal copy. So people that play on interent buy box, while singleplayers somethimes can avoid that.

Again its important modability, and If this is not posible, at least a good SDK to generate maps.



Good Luck with your hirings. I hope you get fresh blood, but maybe not :/ its dificult always to hire the better people.

+1 vote   article: CryTek seeks Animation & Programming Interns
Tei Jan 10 2005, 7:52am says:


+1 vote   article: Nord1C Portal Launched
Tei Jan 4 2005, 9:51am says:

StandAlone mean a lot more work, but much more people can play the thing. You may also try to attract more people. Has your mod will run on DP only, and DP support md3, you can use 3ds models convert to md3, so you can ask help from modelers.

Anyway I think its better to avoid slide to a giganteous proyect that will never finish. Its better to start something small, finish, then restart to something much bigger.

If you ever need help, try asking here, on i3d, on quakesrc, or on

Good Luck!

+1 vote   article: Standing On My Own
Tei Jan 2 2005, 6:19am says:


+1 vote   article: JMode's First Birthday
Tei Jan 1 2005, 7:26am says:

nice models :D

+1 vote  
Tei Dec 31 2004, 5:53pm says:

I like glow effect, atts lots to athmosphera.

Great work on engine (congratulations LordHavoc!) and on artistic stuff. And of course leadership :D

Good work! :D

+1 vote  
Tei Dec 30 2004, 7:22am says:

This game its incredible, and modders are freakin freaks!
I love this! :D

+1 vote  
Tei Dec 29 2004, 2:30pm says:

Nice terracota.

+1 vote  
Tei Dec 26 2004, 1:51pm says:

Good test! :D

+1 vote  
Tei Dec 26 2004, 1:48pm says:


+1 vote  
Tei Dec 26 2004, 1:47pm says:


+1 vote  
Tei Dec 25 2004, 4:48am says:

Continue a new mod

+1 vote   poll: What Is Your New Years Resolution Going To Be?
Tei Dec 21 2004, 10:27am says:

dragoons are always cool :D

+1 vote   media: Winged Hydra
Tei Dec 15 2004, 3:05pm says:

cool work, I like this proyect, and videos are always stunning :D

+1 vote   article: Progression
Tei Dec 9 2004, 7:47am says:

This has been done ok in 2 games:

The arcade way:


The strategy way:


+1 vote   article: Special Schpecial
Tei Nov 30 2004, 3:49pm says:

This game its a failure to emulate Battlefield 1942.

Its crap because:
- No level editor
- No SDK
- Lots of bugs
- Need a Intel codec that intel as retired for free
- Inport limitations of console on pc

Of course, that can be fixed with:
- A decent map editor
- Fix the FATAL errors
- Provide another codec or a patch for the videos thing
- Provide a serius game browser
- Provide a dedicated server for linux

Of course NOTHING of this will occur. My suggestion its to avoid this game has posible and buy Battlefield 1942, Battlefield Vietname of Battlefield.. instead.

0 votes   game: Star Wars Battlefront
Tei Nov 17 2004, 4:05pm says:


+1 vote   article: Frikbot Support for JTeams
Tei Nov 17 2004, 4:04pm says:


+1 vote   article: Uskaarj RTS Mod first beta released
Tei Nov 14 2004, 2:05pm says:

looks impresive.

+1 vote   article: Dustwars TC website launch
Tei Nov 10 2004, 2:15pm says:

I to be happy want a truck
I to be happy want a truck
having the body tatoo
and eating tabacco

I to be happy want a truuuuck....
I to be happy want a truuuuck....

Spiting the police,
to the chicks sex ofender.

I to be happy want a truuuuck....


+2 votes   article: New UnWheel Media & Update
Tei Oct 26 2004, 2:55pm says:

that model is classic :X

+1 vote   media: Dual Pistols
Tei Oct 26 2004, 9:28am says:

Preemptive Operations? so.. dead neutrals will be... colateral damage?

I hate war, and love wargames.

+1 vote   article: Wallpaper Contest 1
Tei Oct 26 2004, 2:31am says:

NO!.. I kill then ALL!, THE nightmare HAS STOP!

+1 vote   article: Doom 3 Expansion Pack
Tei Oct 25 2004, 4:05pm says:

Congratulations to LordHavoc for this GREAT engine, and Vermeulen and all the Nexuiz team for this great stuff!

+1 vote   media: Shadowing
Tei Oct 20 2004, 6:46pm says:

I am writting a similar Tutorial:

"Mastering Pimping", its less Moddb centric and give tips about ALL news sites.
This one, of course, Its better. I will try to enhance mine, as posible.

+1 vote   article: modDB News posting
Tei Oct 15 2004, 2:40pm says:

good work !


+1 vote   media: Final luger p08
Tei Oct 11 2004, 3:50am says:

As usual, very elegant and highdetailed artwork: fantastic work.

But I feel mappers may have is own ideas, and you can work to generate mapmodels or something to negate topics:
- tigh metal corridors
- crates
- more crates

I myself, think can be cool adding flags here and there, with a vent near, and a animation. Also can be a good idea to think about the phisics interactions hl2 engine provide. Maybe you can have HUGE HUGE HUGE corridors with halffways on sides,... hallways that huge that defender robots can patrol it. Or something heerrr... something.

Again: your work is fantastic!

+1 vote   article: Eternal-Silence 2 - Map Concepts and Hack Box
Tei Oct 9 2004, 3:48pm says:


+1 vote   article: Prediction: A JawnMode Movie
Tei Oct 6 2004, 6:03pm says:

Heee!!.. that "weapon" from the screnshot is a nailgun :D

I know because I have one:

+1 vote   article: October Update!
Tei Oct 6 2004, 6:00pm says:

Its a informative interview, not really new stuff is revealed, but general info about the project.

Anyway having interviews here and there always help, because more people know about the project and can give help has needed. Even file hosting for beta tests is sometimes terrible helfull.

+1 vote   article: Interview of Eternal-Silence 2
Tei Oct 6 2004, 5:56pm says:

somehome has post the bomb :D

+1 vote   article: Half-Life 2 Steam Offers Ready Thursday
Tei Oct 5 2004, 8:44am says:

I hate that detail texture pcx.

+1 vote   media: MODs Menu
Tei Oct 3 2004, 4:58pm says:

Humm... I have played a lot Battlefield 1942: Galactic Conquest on space maps, and, Its fun to drive or protect enormeous motherships. I have also play Star Wars: Battlefront with a much less enjoyable experience because maps where smaller, maybe by engine limitations.

I have strong positive feelings about this mod, but I am unsure about the engine decision. Good luck, anyway :D

+1 vote   article: Capital Ship Renders & New Concepts
Tei Oct 2 2004, 9:14pm says:


+1 vote   article: Progress Update
Tei Sep 26 2004, 10:09am says:

blizzard suckermothers

+1 vote   media: Special Force - Hunting Blizzards Anti-Piracy-Team
Tei Sep 16 2004, 10:19am says:

unrelated comments:

Vehicles may save any engine to be another Tribes clone except the Unreal serie engines.

The problem with Unreal is the original default media set is too much scitfy and somewhat unealistic. Dont feel right.

Anyway I am a Quake fanboy so my opinions are heavily biased.

Humm... Cool work :D

+2 votes   article: ShatteredOasis-UT2004 v 2.50 Released!
Tei Sep 10 2004, 7:48pm says:

Random comments:

excesive use of "shot behind a door" effect.

What is the engine? lack of stainmaps and good particles effects (but,..HELL,... the better engines have the worst particles ;D )

Please change the door sound, Its too much Counter-Strike-ish

Grenades? much autoweapons, but.. hell.. I havent not played this mod, maybe its fun this way.

Korrect models.

not much more.

Thanks for the video ;D

+1 vote   article: Hostile Intent trailer
Tei Aug 30 2004, 2:14pm says:

Looking good.

Good work guys!


+1 vote   article: The Finest Hour: Major Update
Tei Aug 29 2004, 5:21am says:

What gamers what is wider support for features, and RAW speeds, AND good drivers. So the nVidea strategy choices (to write better drivers and wider support) its better. Bu I actually own a ATI because is cheaper and easy, and because the name system is consistent. A example: GeForce4 MX is lower card than GeForce 3, so its a FRAUD from nVidia to lie and convince some people to buy a fake GeForce4.

Demon lies in details.

+1 vote   article: nVidia SM 3.0 List Includes H-L 2
Tei Aug 9 2004, 3:13pm says:

Bill Gates promise me, personally, that SP3 will open the secret:

Windows NT is build around a Linux kernel.

Bill and Linux work as a team in high school, and all this stuff is a GIGANTEOUS joke ( I promise).

So, Do you think SP3 will make your computer safe and disable Active-X forever?

Yes...errh... No!.

While this ocrurr,,.. you can try to disable Active-X with SP2 and....unsuscefully..

+1 vote   article: Windows XP SP2 Released
Tei Aug 7 2004, 4:56pm says:

looks interesting, I have buy a cheap copy of DX, but ITs actually uninstalled, but If I reinstall DX, will get that map and test, also the other awards looks fun :D

+1 vote   mod: Hotel Carone
Tei Aug 7 2004, 11:13am says:

Ground Control 1 its a good strategy title. Its a recommend download (full for free at fileplanet). I have buy Ground Control 2 its somewhat disapointing, because its too fast and the missions dont care. Why capture zones? its too much "Z - Soldiers" and 0% ground control, and you have to fight the camera ALL THE GAME!!!.. this is odd for some reason, I remenber Good and Evil game with a strange camera, but you learn fast, with GC2 the camera is bad forever. :(

I expect mods for this game ( I own original ) fix these problems, so the game return to strategy fun, and avoid mindless deathmachs.

X-Com 1/2 (destructible buildings) -> Ufo Aftermach :(

Ground Control 1 (destructive buildings) -> Ground Control 2 :(

+2 votes   game: Ground Control II: Operation Exodus
Tei Jul 21 2004, 9:20am says:


try again.

+1 vote   media: is this funny?
Tei Jul 12 2004, 5:30pm says:

You can actually build a 36 GHz virtual computer with 20 Athlon XP 1800+ to play Quake3 as Ray tracing :D

+1 vote   article: Monday Half Life 2 Goodies
Tei Jul 6 2004, 3:49pm says:

Hi!.. that has.. very pretty eyecandy. No the usual sci-fi alike designs, but somewhat real **new** stuff :D

Do you have a profesional *designer*?

+1 vote   article: Big stuff from Jedi: Timeline
Tei Feb 26 2004, 12:44pm says:

This engine is true AMAZING.

+1 vote   article: Introducing the Ju87D Stuka
Tei Nov 30 2003, 2:20pm says:


+1 vote   article: May be lost and gone forever
Tei Aug 5 2003, 3:54pm says:

Interesting. Scripting events in clientside can help to make some interesting RPG games and other stuff with complex reactions. Surprising most info. Bad that still the base is BSP, but I suppose the valve new stuff will make BSP really usefull nowdays. Interesting that about cvars. Surprising the control over rendering.. will able more and better Total Conversions.... I suppose for some reason the latest big engines block the ability of modder to make TC, or maybe Its because people is CounterStrike obsesed. I want to buy this game.

1 saludo.


+1 vote   article: Valve talks Half Life 2 modding!
Tei Jun 6 2003, 10:34am says:

Check Industri, a cool Tenerbrea mod.

+1 vote   mod: Tenebrae
Tei May 2 2003, 8:57am says:

This explosion with a TNT2 slowdown the engine is explode near you?

+1 vote   media: SFFD (and DNTDP)'s apocalypse launcher
Tei May 2 2003, 8:56am says:

this flare is bad placed, is correct location is 10 units up

+1 vote   media: Toach Flares!
Tei Apr 29 2003, 6:45am says:

I fear corporations actions. All the old modders here remenber Fox vs AlienQuake.

Anyway borg alike assimilation is better than foxing.

+1 vote   article: Day of Defeat goes Gold
Tei Apr 27 2003, 2:18pm says:

Humm.. for some reasons the heighfield code is faster somethimes than the main render. 172 FPS!, I sould have 35.

+1 vote   media: Map SandWorm Desert, from a plane.
Tei Apr 23 2003, 1:30am says:


+1 vote   game: Defeat in Detail 2
Tei Apr 22 2003, 6:30am says:

I like the flak cannon, anyway I admit I am a flakcannon fan from UT, and biorifle fan!

+1 vote   mod: ShubFW
Tei Apr 17 2003, 7:48pm says:

haha.. the KKK will catch you for this mod :D

+1 vote   mod: Ultramatch
Tei Apr 10 2003, 5:38am says:

Wellcome to C++

Try also C.. pure C, Think with C.

Learn too Perl, and maybe Python ("python includes batery" ).

Perl is sexy for huge sets of text data manipulation.

+1 vote   article: Xmas - coding!
Tei Mar 28 2003, 1:24pm says:

maybe you can analize the option to switch to a mature engine, good options can be:

* qFusion, quake2 engine with quake3 level techs
* Tenebrae, quake1 engine with quake3 level techs
* DarkPlaces, interesting quake 1 engine

+1 vote  
Tei Mar 17 2003, 8:21am says:


+1 vote   article: The Modeler is gone
Tei Dec 25 2004, 8:54am says:

Telejano support real heighfield maps with float scale (not practical size limits)

+1 vote   media: a map?
Tei Dec 25 2004, 7:37am says:

Very Cool!

+1 vote   media: upgraded playermodel
Tei Dec 24 2004, 8:29am says:

Cool!.. a new version!

+1 vote   game: Transfusion
Tei Dec 22 2004, 12:30pm says:


After testing lots of horrrible Battlefield 1942 clones I can say:

**please not change the Bf1942 game**

Its superior gameplay and quality.

Of course, able modders to make different gamestyles can help.

+2 votes   game: Battlefield 2
Tei Dec 20 2004, 5:38pm says:


This will push DarkPlaces developmment even more than Transfusion, Nexuiz, Nehara and other games :D so this is ultra-good news for both the standalone camp and the quake* camp.

+1 vote   article: SF:WE becoming Standalone
Tei Dec 20 2004, 1:30am says:

Good Luck!

This game REALLY need mods.

+1 vote   mod: Star Wars Expanded Universe
Tei Dec 13 2004, 8:21am says:

Or maybe I am wrong (as usual).. I suggest you to contact the openquartz guys about the question.

+1 vote   mod: Mystic Fields
Tei Dec 12 2004, 2:59pm says:

Harb its active! :D

+1 vote   game: Defeat in Detail 2
Tei Dec 9 2004, 8:53am says:

Remember Carrier Command?

Yes, I own the Commodore 64 version, hehehehe...

+1 vote   article: Hostile Waters website is live!
Tei Dec 7 2004, 9:04am says:

<b>Kinda ironic EA being a sponsor for a modding award thing when they have never released an SDK for any of their games.</b>

I guess $$$ will force EA to change, because A LOT users buy **PC** games that has modability because.. HEE!!.. you love mods and new more better maps!.

Looks "Star Wars Battlefield", the default maps are CRAP, designed for console limits, so on PC are absurd, withouth a SDK its imposible to generate good maps that fix that problem. So less people will buy this game, and will buy other guys game.

If EA not get that money, other company will grown with that money.

+1 vote   article: 2004 Mod Award Sponsors
Tei Nov 22 2004, 3:17am says:

1- Game developping as developped to a industry. And some creativity has been lost in the process. Releasing more titles, even pointless titles, its needed for this industry.

2- You dont need reasons to mod, but exist tons of reason. From fun, to get popularity, to get money, etc.. etc.. etc.

3- The problem with some games its not unfinished work, but not having Soul. You will mod for a engine popular (half-life), or for a engine with soul (Morrowind), but you will not mod for a engine withouth soul and unpopular. Except for fun, and for etc..etc.. etc...


+1 vote   article: Unfinished Games?
Tei Nov 16 2004, 2:33pm says:

Run Quake its a style of gameplay IMHO that important than TeamFortress and CTF. So ALL games and all engines sould have a Runes mod.

+1 vote   mod: Rune Quake
Tei Nov 15 2004, 2:10pm says:

we may need to collect more people here to vote
maybe we can post news about this on a BIG website (yahoo? heee.. ?)

+1 vote   poll: Have you voted in the Golden Spanner Mod Awards?
Tei Nov 9 2004, 4:21pm says:

Its creative, but you need much more than creativity to make good videogames.

+1 vote   article: 2004 Golden Spanner Mod Awards
Tei Nov 3 2004, 2:52pm says:

Yes enginecoder, because I can be creative but not original. I can make engine stuff, but not good mods :(

+2 votes   member: Tei
Tei Nov 3 2004, 2:44pm says:

Whats about your new avatar? hand draw?

+1 vote   member: leilei
Tei Oct 27 2004, 3:11pm says:

bronce medal in what discipline?

first posting olimpic

+1 vote   game: Epsylon
Tei Oct 27 2004, 3:10pm says:

I think I can mod a Tomazquake engine to REALLY render flat textures. That may mean rewrite the render path to avoid all texture related code. Or, maybe better, use rscript files to set texture colors, and use that colors for flat textures.

Or even better, write a REAL wireframe engine and install 4D into it :D

+1 vote   game: 4D Shooter
Tei Oct 26 2004, 4:28pm says:


There has been an error with your request.

This may be due to your browser settings. Please check your security settings and try the link again. Or, go to Tools/Internet Options in your browser and choose Delete Files button. Close all browser windows and try the link again.

Should you reach this error again, please contact Customer Support.

+1 vote   game: 4D Shooter
Tei Oct 26 2004, 4:25pm says:

downloading new version!

+1 vote   game: 4D Shooter
Tei Sep 30 2004, 6:23am says:

Maybe its posible to overwrite the default css that moddb use with a global one, or somthing similar. Please, a css hacker in the theader?.

+1 vote   poll: Does modDB v2 r0x ur j0x?
Tei Aug 5 2003, 3:58pm says:

I doubt the mod will run with the demo. Buy the game, Its fun.

+1 vote   game: Half-Life
Tei Mar 6 2003, 9:37am says:

Humm... Interesting how "Gloom"-alike mods or TeamFortress mods where soo fun :D

+1 vote   mod: Natural Selection
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