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Tei Mar 9 2005, 8:20pm says:

Doom? Its you?

+1 vote   media: Sewers 5
Tei Mar 7 2005, 8:49am says:

This remind me "Back to the Future" filme, and.. Wait!!.. He can't touch himself!!.. The universe (or a small subarea) will implode!!!.. Will be a Gallactic Disaster!!!

+3 votes   media: Old meets new
Tei Feb 28 2005, 3:13pm says:

Or you can replace the zombies on Hunter by "the playboy house" models. And pain and suffer sounds by play sex sounds.
I have to play again, this dawn machinery, the jail, the burning zombies. The moddb article say something about puzzles. Maybe exist some way around these dawn zombies, are dawn dificult to kill, arggg!!

+1 vote   news: February's Belated MOTM
Tei Feb 28 2005, 10:08am says:


+1 vote   feature: February's Frightening Mod of the Month
Tei Feb 28 2005, 10:07am says:

<i>Frantic fighting, gruesome zombies, interesting puzzles and spooky scenery, all on a standalone engine. What more could you ask for to keep you entertained on a lazy Sunday afternoon?</i>


Can I have girlfriend AND The Hunted cronicles?

+1 vote   news: February's Belated MOTM
Tei Feb 25 2005, 3:58pm says:

Great work guys!

+1 vote   news: AFF: TC - Big F'n Media Update
Tei Feb 25 2005, 3:58pm says:

nice work :D
original! yai!!! yai !! :D :D :D

+1 vote   news: New models compleet Iron Grip : The Oppression!
Tei Feb 25 2005, 8:56am says:

What a BAD way to spooil yourself future Valve works!

poor bastards, I feel VERY sad for these guys.

+1 vote   news: Dystopia Visit Valve
Tei Feb 21 2005, 2:18am says:

I use Firefox.

+1 vote   news: WTF are those big ugly ads?
Tei Feb 17 2005, 12:01pm says:

On my country a skycrapper just burn, haha.

So.. backup often, backup all :D

+1 vote   news: Missing Mod Images
Tei Feb 16 2005, 7:22pm says:

Fortunnaly enough ITs not my porn colllection.

+1 vote   news: Missing Mod Images
Tei Feb 16 2005, 9:12am says:

- good music
- good frags, imho
- good engine configuration
- great syncro animation/music
- no theme other than 'jawnmode' but that its a good theme :D

A good and fine, fun, movie.

+1 vote   news: Precision
Tei Feb 14 2005, 9:02am says:

The first whas a Quake1 mod, "Monster on Parade", 10-01-1996

maxplayers 4
map mob2

Have fun!!

+2 votes   news: Live and Direct! EscOnLine The Club is now Open!
Tei Feb 12 2005, 8:26pm says:

The COOL!!!

+1 vote   news: Garry's Mod version 7 released
Tei Feb 9 2005, 5:13pm says:

good work

+1 vote   news: Our First HL2 Map
Tei Feb 9 2005, 9:59am says:

nice website design.

+1 vote   news: Brawl Update
Tei Feb 6 2005, 8:33am says:

Too late. But the retards on Lucasart finally release a SDK.

You can download here:

+2 votes   game: Star Wars Battlefront
Tei Jan 30 2005, 8:03am says:

This version its much much stable. So Its much easy to get a alive server with open slots.

The rocket launcher its now the favorite weapon for newbies and lammers. This whas a advancement because that avoid the spammming of before. BUT often result on lammers rpg-ing everything everywhere. Maybe can be removed the "FAST" mode, offline on my computer the fast mode its that fast that crash my computer!.

Heee... I see new maps everywhere, interesting new maps.

Hee.. Now with the ability to change player model whe have something!.. Its posible to put the player name on the player head?.. that will help a bit.

I like the new stuff you can spawn. I love to span oaks and characters and to something very evile with ropes. I also like the utility pole and trains. You can build something really big with combine trains! :D

I think for 0.7 will be a good idea to add trace_path and characters or something similar, to populate "home made building" or something. If finally spawning characters become stable and not crash servers.

Looks like Manhacks still crash servers, for some reason guys fear manhacks. I have not tried myself, but humm.. that.

Tei off///

+1 vote   news: Garry's Mod Interview
Tei Jan 29 2005, 11:27am says:

what maintenance wo|

database corrupted, please restore 2002 backup.

+1 vote   news: modDB Network Maintainence
Tei Jan 27 2005, 3:20pm says:

too much smoothneess, but its a good start .

+1 vote  
Tei Jan 27 2005, 8:42am says:

*cough* I see a dog here *cough*


+1 vote  
Tei Jan 27 2005, 8:41am says:


+1 vote   news: Garry's mod version 6
Tei Jan 26 2005, 3:48pm says:

I like the result. My expectations where low, and the result where high. So.. I am happy. Thats the first so this will grown.

Its posible to have a exaustive list of votes?

Mod foo.
323 vote as X
3345 vote as Y

Mod bar:
433 vote as X
545 vote as Y

Will be a long file, but maybe with that file whe can extract our own formula, our unofficial winners. 100 th or 300 th :D

+1 vote   poll: Happy with the Mod of the Year Results?
Tei Jan 25 2005, 7:19pm says:

Vampires are reluctant to use new weapons, this why stilll use some oldish weapons.

+1 vote   news: New domain and media
Tei Jan 25 2005, 7:17pm says:

Often very rich engines fail, and become vaporware. Please be reasonable and try to finish something as soon has posible, then try to add stuff.
No one write a 3 millions dolars engine from nowhere, nors the Cristal Space team, nors Valve, nors you.

+1 vote   news: Drag(en)gine specifications
Tei Jan 25 2005, 6:54pm says:

<b>Good Job with the award! It'll be fantastic to see what you guys will do with the engine license in your hands now. Happy</b>

Or with a Real engine :D
(naaa.. being a bit evil, I like the Unreal engine. Its very good at DM )

+1 vote   news: Red Orchestra wins MSU !
Tei Jan 23 2005, 5:01am says:

Gave Its nice but cautious guy. Most in this interview result on "Can't speak" or "When its done"... so, Its not a terrrible good interview.
Anyway, good work!.

+1 vote   news: Half Rules Q and A with Gabe
Tei Jan 22 2005, 4:54pm says:

<b>The answer to that is the same reason why we have been so successful so far. We want to reinvent the way people play first person shooters, and we have been uncompromising in that goal. I like to think of Red Orchestra as IL2-Sturmovic on the ground. We are reinventing the war-based FPS , much like IL2 reinvented and reinvigorated the combat flight sim.</b>

SORRY, you cant!.

You need to enginecode to do that. The reasons:

- "the way people play first person shooters" its builin on the netcode!!

- "the way people play first person shooters" already work, and other options cause vomits. This is for real, If anyone need a proff, I can provide a Quake engine edited, so the view angle is affected by weapon recall and damage recall. Its imposible to play, but much more realistic. FPS games are GAMES. Can't be more real for a reason.

- You lie. RO still use lots of ideas from the general FPS games. Its really need a revolution, but RO its still evolutive, not revolutive.

My score: 8/10. Excelent mod, but not what you target.

+1 vote   news: Mod Files Interviews Red Orchestra
Tei Jan 22 2005, 7:32am says:

Interesting. But the skybox its undetailed and the map its somewhat bussy. I suggest adding a vehicle burning and decals or blood. The map looks somewhat unrealistic clean.

+1 vote   media: city_conflict by dark marine
Tei Jan 22 2005, 4:35am says:

Good Idea, Still Not That Good Images.

I have see impresive shots on steamforums, gbmod site and jbmod site.

+1 vote   news: Half-Life 2 - A Gallery
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