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TavicusTheWise Dec 8 2010, 12:12am says:

I have a perfect song for this video, one I've made ^^

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TavicusTheWise Dec 8 2010, 12:06am says:

I've made you guys a song =)

mail me at if you want it, and I'll mail back it to you ^^

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TavicusTheWise Nov 3 2010, 12:37pm replied:

In the Nexus site, you should download not only the main files under "Files", as well as the files under "Mirrors", that includes the .esm file, which is the source file for the other files of the mod. Remember that ;)

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TavicusTheWise Nov 3 2010, 12:00am replied:

Go to the Chapel in Chorrol and pray to ALL the gods, in all the altars, you'll find the spells ^^

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TavicusTheWise Nov 2 2010, 11:03pm replied:

Gandalf? I could swear it was Bilbo, and not Gandalf, who managed to save himself from those trolls when the sun came up... am I wrong??? O.o

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TavicusTheWise Nov 2 2010, 10:56pm replied:

Hey Benjamin. The fact is:

This is a BETA, so it is impossible to get inside any house for now (as far as my outsider-to-the-project knowledge goes, for there might be some houses you can enter by now, somewhere in the Middle Earth, lol.)

Also, you can get some armor in Minas Tirith, on its top (you can use the teleportation spell ".esp" to get there.

I'll put a dirty translation to Norwegian, cant tell if you'll understand it, lol:

Hei Benjamin. Faktum er:

Dette er en BETA, så det er umulig å få inn noen huset for nå (så langt som min outsider-to-the-prosjektet kunnskap går, for det kan være noen hus du kan skrive inn nå, et sted i Midgard, lol .)

Du kan også få noen rustning i Minas Tirith, på sin topp (du kan bruke teleportation spell ". ESP" for å komme dit.

cool, lol

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TavicusTheWise Nov 2 2010, 10:46pm replied:

I am brazilian, as well as gui, and would like to ask any of the dev's to take a look at my thread as soon as possible +D

This mod is the catch, I'm telling you!

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TavicusTheWise Nov 2 2010, 10:42pm replied:

Ok, if any mod add me in msn, I can give you a print screen of this weird bug I'm having.
the msn is in the thread I've made in the forum (this is on purpose, so someone can read my thread, lol)

But anyway, I've explored the old forest, it's very good. There are those normal things, like... many trees are there, but are not. I mean, you can walk tru BIG trees, I know it is a game problem with the scale, last time I checked, there is nothing you can do about it but placing a stone inside the tree, lol, that's what a friend of mine back in TESsource did.

Also, a little bit more of variety when it comes to the ingredients we find would be nice =) well, unless you have different ingredients for the many other forests in Middle Earth right? Then this should not change, for it makes sense.

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TavicusTheWise Nov 2 2010, 8:38pm says:

Ok, I'm back. Something is terribly wrong! well, placing the files in the load order the way they suposed to be seems to have worked a little bit... but not all is candies...

The fact is, something is wrong with the LOD, don't know if it's my PC or the mod, but when I activate the LOD, I can't stare my screen, it's so sad! The far far away mountains are there, but the distant land has a strange texture, its a mixture of black with some coloured squares, it's a big fat bug! I want so much to be able to see the scenery like the screenshots show them, help please?

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TavicusTheWise Nov 2 2010, 8:18pm says:

I it normal the missing grounds? When I use the teleport spells, I appear into places that have almost nothing. Normaly I fall into a great water emptyness, than I use TCL to go up and I reach some snowy mountains, with a few trees, but thats all, the mountains are in an isle, and there are LOTS of flying trees that form what I believe was suposed to be a mountain?????????

Anyway, I've just wrote down the coordinates to teleport to places I've seen in the screenshots, so I can see for myself if my problem is a bug or only not fully implemented areas.

But the rest, the spells, the map, and the town, Minas Thirith, incomplete, but works, as well as the armor and etc put there by the esp.

I hope This time it will work cya later all

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TavicusTheWise Nov 2 2010, 8:12pm replied:

Xelono, Yo percebí que tu es español, espero que ejo, con un "portunhol" consiga explicar eso.

Un "clean save", "Juego grabado limpio", es una "limpeza" de su juego grabado, o sea, es retirar la influenza de los otros mods que tienes. O sea...: se tienes Omod, que es un programa que facilita el proceso de limpeza,
ese es el processo de limpeza:
abrirlo(Omod), desactive todos los mods, cerrar el programa, abrir el juego, carga una partida guardada y ahora camina en el espacio abierto (al aire libre) de tamriel(Cyrodiil), guardar el juego de nuevo, y entonces cerre lo TES: Oblivion. Pronto! TIENES Una Limpia grabacion.

Ahora, abra el Omod y marque(ative) los arquivos del MERP mod en la sequencia dada pelo tutorial.

Compreende? Entende? Did I helped you? Hope so =)

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