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Tatsur0 May 19 2014, 2:26pm replied:

See a bit of it with Jessica, Eugene, and Marcus as well.

+1 vote   media: NEW Enhanced Contagion - SFM Launch Trailer
Tatsur0 Apr 16 2014, 5:49pm replied:

We understand that to and will do our best to be patient, explain, and leave it to them to understand or not. Can't force ppl to understand.

+1 vote   article: Contagion - Full Release out now!
Tatsur0 Apr 15 2014, 10:31am replied:

Contagion may be Full Released but we have our budget set aside to continue working on the game for a good long time while including our Free DLC (New characters, weapons, maps, and game-modes). This may or may not help -

Animations are limited by the current system but we're working on a more advanced layer system for the 1000+ Player/AI Survivor and Zombie animations that we will continue to add in with our updates like the SDK for our modders this Sunday. We couldn't hide behind "Early Access" forever and are use to ppl ignoring the AAA bugs and forgetting we don't have their numbers or budget. Still I understand your view point and promise you won't feel that way for long. We're quite dedicated.

+5 votes   article: Contagion - Full Release out now!
Tatsur0 Dec 18 2013, 7:26am says:

death: got you covered there too :)

+1 vote   article: Contagion - IndieDB IOTY Game-Play Trailer
Tatsur0 Aug 26 2013, 6:02am replied:

Definitely not. We are confident that the price will definitely be accepted as both affordable and fitting.

+1 vote   article: Contagion Beta Teaser Trailer, Screens, and more!
Tatsur0 Aug 26 2013, 5:35am says:

The Scope posed quite an issue with a number of shaders. We were determined to resolve this and Dec did a fantastic job working non-stop.

+2 votes   media: Contagion 2013 Beta Screens
Tatsur0 Jul 5 2013, 9:59am says:

It was our pleasure. Was great seeing everyone's expression especially those that got the game they REALLY wanted by chance haha. We will of course be doing another one in the future as it's a bit of thing for us. We love Indies.

+2 votes   article: INDIEpendence Day Giveaway
Tatsur0 May 18 2013, 8:50pm replied:

We agree and this won't be an issue on release.

+3 votes   article: Contagion's Steam Shop, Release Announcement, and Official Group!
Tatsur0 Apr 30 2013, 9:03am replied:

A gutted and mostly rebuilt version of Source. The things you can do once tiers are available to you.

+4 votes   media: Suburbs Preview
Tatsur0 Mar 11 2013, 6:06pm says:

Good stuff D

+4 votes   article: Developer Log - The First
Tatsur0 Dec 25 2012, 3:51am says:

Great list. I really want to try Miasmata

+1 vote   article: IOTY Editors Choice 2012
Tatsur0 Dec 11 2012, 2:11am replied:

Kickstarter is something we are still discussing but FPS's have had poor luck with it and unlike many others we want to be very clear what the funds would be used for and how they benefit those pledging. Appreciate your support!

+1 vote   article: Contagion - Sneak Peak New Trailer, Media, and More!
Tatsur0 Aug 30 2012, 8:54pm says:

That it is, hope to hear some of you have a chance to visit our booth!

0 votes   article: Contagion at Pax Prime!
Tatsur0 Aug 14 2012, 8:41am replied:

Drop unused ammo means ammo for any weapon not in your inventory.

+2 votes   article: ZPS 2.3 Update Live!
Tatsur0 Jun 25 2012, 12:44am says:

Appreciate the positive responses and thank all those who have been patient with us as we focus heavily on getting all sorted for PAX and the playable demo.

0 votes   article: New Media and News!
Tatsur0 Mar 7 2012, 11:59pm replied:

Can adjust settings in options if you feel that way, though obviously we prefer it as is. Scale wise and design wise they're nearly perfect and were redone repeatedly for accuracy alone. Glad you like!

+3 votes   media: GDC2012 - Contagion Alpha Gameplay Trailer
Tatsur0 Mar 5 2012, 8:35pm says:

The team is looking forward to seeing you guys at GDC as well as revealing the media prepared for our attendance later this week on IndieDB!

+3 votes   article: ModDB/IndieDB GDC Attendence
Tatsur0 Dec 25 2011, 5:32am says:

I'm happy to say I own most of these and those I don't I'm very interested in checking out. Great list and congrats to all of those in the Top10 as you bloody well deserve it!

+8 votes   article: IOTY Players Choice - Indie of the Year
Tatsur0 Dec 19 2011, 11:59pm replied:

We do not currently have a release date but when we have one it'll be hard to miss and listed on our profile. It is an Indie game and not a mod. As for the AI I'm sure you'd feel differently if you had a chance to play but we're still in Alpha so the final product should feel just about right for most.

+1 vote   article: Alpha Game-play, New Site, and more!
Tatsur0 Dec 18 2011, 9:08am replied:

Yes they 'can' :)

+3 votes   media: Contagion - Alpha Game-play 2011
Tatsur0 Dec 1 2011, 6:13pm replied:

Can't argue that, but won't stop us from getting caught up in this years awards and sharing content through the month of December. Looking forward to seeing much more from other Indie Developers and Modders myself.

+1 vote   article: Contagion - IOTY Phase One is only the beginning
Tatsur0 Oct 30 2011, 7:12pm replied:

It doesn't resemble any part of ZPO_Subway with the exception of stairs but I agree it resembles it more than it does L4D

+3 votes   media: Contagion - Subway Concept Art
Tatsur0 Aug 30 2011, 3:11pm replied:

do not listen to this man! Next thing you know we'll have zombie sharks with with shark tooth knives and lasers (major points deducted!)

+2 votes   article: Short Story Competition
Tatsur0 Aug 26 2011, 10:30am replied:

As we stated in the description everything you see has been updated, as for the number of zombies I set a limit through our unique spawning system for sake of convenience and again not to reveal too much. As for damage while it's still being tweaked zombies are quite tough but you'll notice I aim for the head which we felt was important when every bullet will count and you won't have all that ammo sitting around. Though that being said again we do have an Ideas & Suggestions thread for exactly this sort of post so it doesn't get lost in traffic. We look forward to revealing more soon.

+3 votes   media: Contagion Early Alpha Game-Play Teaser Video
Tatsur0 Jul 3 2011, 7:13am says:

Best of luck guys, you really seem to be giving it your all and as fellow Indie I would love to hear an awesome success story with both titles.

+2 votes   article: Warm Gun - First Impressions - iOS Screens
Tatsur0 Jun 10 2011, 8:14am replied:

You can view some of the sculpting done on this character in our videos section but I will also ask Josh our Lead Character Artist when he has a free moment (we rarely do but we try :D) to possibly go into a bit more detail in explaining the process.

+1 vote   media: Contagion - Police Chief Nick Wallpapers
Tatsur0 May 17 2011, 4:55am says:

Same here, nice work guys. I like how FF is leaning a lot more in their own direction.

+4 votes   article: 2.42 Teaser
Tatsur0 Apr 13 2011, 7:50pm says:

Keep up the good work guys.

+3 votes   article: Stone Rage - Media Teaser 1#
Tatsur0 Mar 19 2011, 2:51pm says:

The donations and aid (not aids Awesome_ninja) is appreciated. Doing what we can from Kyoto ourselves. A few friends lost theirs places but they're safe and with family.

+5 votes   article: We're PHANs of Japan
Tatsur0 Mar 16 2011, 2:40am says:

Was a big fan of the mod Age of Chivalry and this definitely looks like a much more attractive version. Will definitely keeping an eye out for a demo/free weekend *hint hint* to see what else is new. Congrats and keep up the great work.

+2 votes   article: Chivalry: ALPHA INGAME TEASER
Tatsur0 Feb 18 2011, 9:28am replied:

We did this to both support Desura and for those who prefer it. We will continue to update both Steam and Desura with future patches, it's up to you which to use. I think Desura is a great application and appreciate it's goals and honestly don't see the harm.

+2 votes   article: ZPS 2.1 Now On Desura!
Tatsur0 Jan 3 2011, 5:39pm replied:

Glad to hear it as that sounds quite a bit more interesting and appreciate the clarification in regards to whether or not a card game heh. Would be interesting to learn more about the team, goals, and what you're looking for in regards to development. It also helps if you post whether it's a paid position or not (though I assume like my own Corporation our initial game is out of pocket and not yet funded like so many Indies). Tracking and loooking forward to more.

+1 vote   game: Bun Bun Strip 21
Tatsur0 Jan 3 2011, 5:36pm replied:

Could be to feel the waters in an attempt to gauge interest, provoke curiosity in people like Moci so one may be talked in helping develop the project, or just creating a profile so it's there with the bare minimum and ready for when they put out proper announcements and/or media. Though I agree it does feel a bit early since a lot more could be done by a writer alone.

+2 votes   article: Bun Bun Hyper Kill, officially entering production.
Tatsur0 Dec 2 2010, 9:48am says:

Very impressive. Definitely getting my vote for IOTY. Well done.

+3 votes   article: The Spire – 2010 Teaser Trailer
Tatsur0 Dec 1 2010, 9:56am replied:

Quick, delete your reply before the spam! heh

+1 vote   article: Top 100 Indies of 2010
Tatsur0 Dec 1 2010, 6:39am replied:

They've never shown how many votes a game or mod received. I'm not sure that'll change this year.

+1 vote   article: Top 100 Indies of 2010
Tatsur0 Oct 19 2010, 5:43am says:

Looks great, i'm sure it'll be another hit for Tripwire and I look forward to seeing more from Teotl Studios.

+1 vote   article: Pre-Orders! Trailer!
Tatsur0 Sep 3 2010, 4:25pm says:

Remember guys this is here as a resource and just to emphasize what others may be thinking there are other methods of rigging and in fact our in-game weapons were all rigged and animated by Swolf while this tutorial was done by Marks the man behind all our weapon models in the hope of helping those interested in learning. We hope that you find our tutorials insightful, for others enjoy the accent.

+1 vote   media: Contagion Mossberg Rigging Tutorial
Tatsur0 Aug 20 2010, 11:55am says:

Guys, read the description. These are old WIP in-game vids. We aren't ready to reveal our current setup. Enjoy.

+1 vote   media: Contagion Mossberg 590 In-game (WIP)
Tatsur0 Jan 30 2010, 7:11am says:

Dys...Eufloria would be my choice. Zeno Clash was attractive and definitely original but I lost interest fairly quickly. Eufloria is both unique and provides plenty of entertainment. Was a great idea.

+5 votes   article: Editors Choice - Best Indie Game
Tatsur0 Jan 21 2010, 9:46pm says:

Awesome stuff Benn...

+2 votes   article: 21/01/10 Update!
Tatsur0 Jan 13 2010, 8:47pm says:

The good ol days. I played way too much ZP:HL

+5 votes   download: Zombie Panic! v1.0
Tatsur0 Oct 31 2009, 8:30am says:

Awesome list. Think this fits better than last years popularity contest :)

+8 votes   article: ModDB Halloween Extravaganza!
Tatsur0 Oct 28 2009, 9:29pm replied:

He was asked to reskin (what you see is the reskin) so it didn't make it into this patch but will be available for v2.1 in maps. Will be hitting you up soon razor but now I must sleep x.x appreciate the compliment :D

+1 vote   article: ZPS v2.0 Available Now on Steam!
Tatsur0 Oct 24 2009, 1:41am replied:

Total conversion on the ep1 engine.

+1 vote   article: NT° Client Patch 10.23.09 and more released!
Tatsur0 Jul 11 2009, 12:02am replied:

Actually been putting time into Sourcemod support. Visit our IRC and/or Forums for more information.

+4 votes   article: NT° Server Patch
Tatsur0 Mar 22 2009, 12:40am says:

Survival Horror is dead? That's just silly nonsense.

+2 votes   article: Survival horror is dead, but our love is not.
Tatsur0 Feb 22 2009, 2:24am says:

Wow, really great list. I'm finding it very hard to pick one from any of these :/

I'm really looking forward to Curse the most though. But anyone of these I could see winning.

Looking forward to seeing the pick, good luck.

+3 votes   article: Editors' Choice: Best Upcoming Mod
Tatsur0 Jan 19 2009, 9:29pm says:

Very interesting read. Definitely like to see more of these.

+8 votes   article: Pirates are customers too.
Tatsur0 Nov 28 2008, 5:26am replied:

Far from it! :D

+5 votes   article: Developer Banter: Neotokyo
Tatsur0 Nov 12 2008, 3:15pm replied:

Nope, when zombie died a lil cube would drop. You could pick it up and it would show up in first person as zombie hands. heh though it was fixed (broken) so it's no longer avail :)

+1 vote   article: Zombie Panic! Source v1.4 out now!
Tatsur0 Nov 11 2008, 4:24pm replied:

Funny in early testing you could pick up the zombie arms when they died and use em as weapons heh

+1 vote   article: Zombie Panic! Source v1.4 out now!
Tatsur0 Oct 3 2008, 5:25am replied:

No but seriously, talked to some of the other developers and i'm very very excited to try out their mods once released on steam.

Exceeded 5 mins and couldn't edit my previous post :P

+2 votes   poll: Which Steam-delivered mod will you play first?
Tatsur0 Oct 3 2008, 5:07am says:

I'm personally gonna play _Not my mod_ first. Honestly I've missed 2 titles of the 5 only because I've spent all my time working, modding, or raising my kids. But will definitely be trying them all out this weekend.

+2 votes   poll: Which Steam-delivered mod will you play first?
Tatsur0 Jul 30 2008, 12:36pm replied:

1.2 - 1.25

+1 vote   download: ZPS Windows Patch v1.25b
Tatsur0 Jun 21 2008, 2:15pm replied:

Doom :)

+1 vote   article: Noesis Presents ModTV: Eternal Silence Interview
Tatsur0 Mar 22 2008, 9:25am says:

Thanks guys :) and yes recently just found out.


+1 vote   article: Gamefire Interview and details of upcoming patch
Tatsur0 Feb 15 2008, 8:52am says:

Thought it interesting that this would rank #1 today on Valentines day. Exactly 1 month from V-day is White Day in Japan. I wonder if its the same in Korea. The mod looks great, could use some work on textures, level design, and sounds but the over all atmosphere is great and very creepy. I love the style and can't wait to see more soon.


+2 votes   mod: Whiteday : Source ** Develop Canceled **
Tatsur0 Jan 5 2008, 2:55pm replied:

I know there are a few "mods" imitating Zombie Panic for Half-Life. Including Zombie Survival. I was pointing out that I thought it funny that our Source version should be accused of imitating mods that imitated the mod that started it all which is ZP.


+1 vote   mod: Zombie Survival
Tatsur0 Nov 25 2007, 12:24pm replied:

Yes, but Zombie Panic: Source has taken the time to resolve this issue (vets grabbing all the best weapons). As for head shots being the only means to killing a zombie, it may be the most popular way but isn't the only.


+2 votes   mod: Viral Outbreak
Tatsur0 Oct 1 2006, 6:48am says:

Yes it is a Kukri machete thus why I labeled a machete and not knife. But always a pleasure for those who try to educate.


+2 votes   article: Zombie Panic:Source September Media
Tatsur0 Dec 25 2012, 3:49am says:

Hahah transformice was sooooo much fun back in the day. Great list of indies here all a lot of fun to play. Congrats :)

+4 votes   article: Indie of the Year 2012
Tatsur0 Dec 25 2012, 3:29am replied:

There were only 3 CoH mods much fewer than years past when it was pretty much nothing but Source mods due to the popularity. I'm liking the variety this year. Congrats and looking forward to trying some of these out. Congrats NMRiH for another Honorable mention!

+14 votes   article: Mod of the Year 2012
Tatsur0 Dec 23 2012, 2:01am says:

forma.8 looks quite promising.

+3 votes   article: AOTY Players Choice Upcoming 2012
Tatsur0 Dec 23 2012, 1:57am says:

Looks like a lot of work went into these. Congrats to all :D

+4 votes   article: MOTY Players Choice Upcoming 2012
Tatsur0 Dec 23 2012, 1:55am says:

Congrats to the top 5. Looks like we have a new trend! Looking forward to seeing these released.

+2 votes   article: IOTY Players Choice Upcoming 2012
Tatsur0 Dec 22 2012, 9:51pm replied: Upcoming is announced on the 24th. This is nothing new except DesuraNET seems to be a lot more organized this year. Cheers to the team and their hard work.

+2 votes   article: IOTY Genre Award 2012
Tatsur0 Dec 22 2012, 8:27am replied:

A fan of both games but I was happy with the runners up and winner in nearly every category. Mark of the Ninja is a blast but of course NS2 being a MP game has plenty of replay value as well once you've finished with your MotN unlocks.

+2 votes   article: IOTY Genre Award 2012
Tatsur0 Dec 19 2012, 11:09am says:

Already got my votes :) Nice work guys!

+12 votes   article: Mod of the Year Awards!
Tatsur0 Dec 19 2012, 10:50am says:

This video shows work done for a promo piece and just happens to be our very first session in the studio. Yesterday we recorded the entire day and are now working on cleaning up animations for in-game.

+2 votes   media: Contagion - Motion Capture Montage
Tatsur0 Dec 18 2012, 4:14am replied:

Done. Keep in mind though with annotation you are pretty limited to what style/scale during timeline and youtube links so not every video is available but most are. Hope it helps track the work :)

+1 vote   article: Contagion - 2012 End of Year Recap (Video)
Tatsur0 Dec 18 2012, 3:44am replied:

Shrike, not a bad idea and one shared about another community member. Will get on it.

+1 vote   article: Contagion - 2012 End of Year Recap (Video)
Tatsur0 Dec 10 2012, 4:43am replied:

Have a MoCap studio and a couple of their experienced actors yes :) Trying to tackle the usual Indie issues the best we can on our out of pocket budget :)

+2 votes   article: Contagion - Sneak Peak New Trailer, Media, and More!
Tatsur0 Dec 9 2012, 9:46pm replied:

Haha thank you! No, this is definitely not a triple A title though I'm sure most of the guys wish we had that kind of budget. All out of pocket Indie. We hope to get it out to you guys ASAP but are avoiding rushed work.

+2 votes   article: Contagion - Sneak Peak New Trailer, Media, and More!
Tatsur0 Dec 9 2012, 8:04pm replied:

For me it's always been about the setting and a good modern day post apocalyptic setting has a good number of cars and with each environment taking place at a different point in time we get to do a lot of fun stuff with them. The time and work that goes into these assets make them something I love to share.

Still we thought we should share some of the MoCap & SFM this week to show that's not all we're working on. The game is coming along fantastically and we've got a lot of surprises to share throughout December and into the new year.

In other words, I'm selfish and posted what I like to see :D Will be sharing more of what we've been up to soon.

+3 votes   article: Contagion - Sneak Peak New Trailer, Media, and More!
Tatsur0 Dec 3 2012, 3:18am says:

Contagion is a commercial Indie. We have not announced a price yet but like most Indies will be quite affordable. It is not a free mod or a f2p game. Hope that helps :)

+11 votes   game: Contagion
Tatsur0 Dec 3 2012, 12:47am says:

Quite intrigued. Will definitely be tracking this game :D Really enjoyed the art and music and looking forward to more.

+1 vote   game: STEALER
Tatsur0 Nov 30 2012, 6:38am says:

Man, the year goes by so fast.

+5 votes   article: MOTY Kickoff
Tatsur0 Nov 20 2012, 2:42am says:

Updated with livestream info

+1 vote   article: Contagion - Happy Thanksgiving Media, Comic, and Giveaway!
Tatsur0 Nov 19 2012, 2:42am replied:

It's a render. No limbs were removed from the poor thing.

+3 votes   article: Contagion - Happy Thanksgiving Media, Comic, and Giveaway!
Tatsur0 Nov 19 2012, 12:16am replied:

Which shotgun? If you mean in game, yeah we mentioned the 600+ new animations and while it would be easy to say "Well lets not name <insert triple AAA title>" we haven't even touched on the polish phase. If it was something in this post I'm drawing a blank, but mostly cause i'm taking care of an infection and am not sleeping well this week. Cheers.

+2 votes   article: Contagion - Happy Thanksgiving Media, Comic, and Giveaway!
Tatsur0 Nov 18 2012, 12:13pm replied:

Right back atcha from JPN!

+3 votes   article: Contagion - Happy Thanksgiving Media, Comic, and Giveaway!
Tatsur0 Nov 6 2012, 6:57pm says:

Congrats! Will be keeping in mind when we release ty.

+1 vote   article: Post-Launch Post-Mortem & Patch Notes
Tatsur0 Nov 2 2012, 5:11am replied:

It has come up in discussions. We'll see :)

+1 vote   article: Contagion - Trick or Treat
Tatsur0 Nov 1 2012, 5:56pm replied:

Computer wasn't the issue, the fact I just got out of the hospital and forgot to max out video settings before taking those screens is. So thanks for the heads up.

+1 vote   article: Contagion - Trick or Treat
Tatsur0 Nov 1 2012, 5:51pm replied:

That you can. Contagion is a different game but there is definitely an influence that was intentional and the ZP fans that played the game at PAX agreed it had a similar feel but was a different game. Hope the answers your question without giving away too much heh :)

+1 vote   article: Contagion - Trick or Treat
Tatsur0 Nov 1 2012, 3:35am replied:

From these WIP screens of our Alpha build I'd agree. In-game feels different and of course once we finish implementing the new sound system, animations, and reveal the massive amount of new content (All the vehicles got a face lift) and polish we hope more will feel differently. On release however I have no doubt that this won't be the case. Ty for your support :)

+1 vote   article: Contagion - Trick or Treat
Tatsur0 Nov 1 2012, 12:53am replied:

We all eventually make room for others. But there is still plenty of content and fun to be had. The guys are working hard and more is to come.

+6 votes   article: ZPS v2.4 Halloween Release!
Tatsur0 Sep 28 2012, 7:54pm says:

Cheers! Would be there but doing my own zombie walk to my kids events out here in Kyoto or at least feels that way! Good luck!

+1 vote   article: Community of the Dead #5: Zombie Charity Walk and Onto’s awesome Avonbridge
Tatsur0 Apr 15 2014, 10:22am replied:

As do I. Great times during testing and after. Human bridges/ladders, goldsrc brilliance, and a great deal of nostalgia.

+2 votes   article: Contagion - Full Release out now!
Tatsur0 Mar 3 2014, 8:58am says:

Can't wait for more mon....Mondays... love em :D

+4 votes   article: Contagion - Update 4607 With a new map, ranged weapon, and quite a bit more.
Tatsur0 Feb 27 2014, 10:50pm says:

No this model is available to all. The reward was for the user who pledged this specific tier the chance to help us create a unique melee weapon based off their own ideas and/or designs. The pocket flashlight has reached it's timed exclusive and will be available to all (either already or in next patch haha).

+4 votes   media: Contagion - "The Wrench" Kickstarter Melee In-Game
Tatsur0 Dec 13 2013, 4:18pm replied:

Depends on the crash. Be sure to visit our Steam Group Troubleshooting Discussion and post your OS, System Specs, and detailed information regarding your issue so we can troubleshoot :)

+2 votes   article: Contagion - December 12th Significant Beta Update is out!
Tatsur0 Dec 1 2013, 4:06pm says:

Don't mind the immature down voters. We appreciate the kind words, purchase, and hope you'll enjoy what is to come :)

+3 votes   article: Contagion - Coming Update & Friday Frenzy Series
Tatsur0 Nov 13 2013, 8:23pm replied:

No, it's a full copy of hte game just early access discounted price

+1 vote   article: Contagion - Update with new weapon, optimization, and restructuring
Tatsur0 Aug 26 2013, 5:45am replied:

All very flattering comparisons. But again, you're seeing a teaser which is short lived and meant to grab some attention for the date listed. We almost certain you'll feel differently when we release our full trailer. I can only hope that will be the case as the game plays and feels nothing like the games you've listed.

+3 votes   media: Contagion 2013 Beta Teaser Trailer
Tatsur0 Aug 26 2013, 5:36am says:

I'm quite the fan of NMRiH's hard work so please bring on the comparisons. This map however is inspired by locations we've lived in and a specific iconic location for us.

+2 votes   media: Contagion 2013 Beta Screens
Tatsur0 May 2 2013, 1:02pm replied:

Well I tried :)

+2 votes   media: Suburbs Preview
Tatsur0 May 2 2013, 7:05am replied:

Each vehicle was done by the same artist and scaled to the reference vehicles and one another. Here are some images that should clear up concerns-

1. Ladder has the ability to reach roofs seen here:

2. Vehicle scale from an older image and a top down screen:

@CorporalHicks the car on the far right is clearly not as large or larger than the ambulance.

Hope this helps.

+4 votes   media: Suburbs Preview
Tatsur0 Aug 2 2012, 4:08am says:

Have a blast guys :)

+6 votes   article: QuakeCon 2012 & No More Room in Hell
Tatsur0 Mar 28 2012, 8:54am replied:

The one who was dared to eat some hot chili peppers and has the bright red face for it.

+4 votes   media: GDC 2012 - Day 3 Team Dinner
Tatsur0 Mar 22 2012, 9:02am says:

Trailer is looking good. Was a big fan of Age of Chivalry and looks like we're getting an upgraded version of that. Shame we couldn't meet at GDC but our experience was very much like yours with meetings with many of those mentioned above especially our friends over at Tripwire. We had 8 people running around with all the meeting on day 1 and everyone's legs killing them. Quite exciting and glad to hear we weren't the only ones suffering/enjoying ourselves.

+7 votes   article: Chivalry: Medieval Warfare New Trailer and GDC Experience
Tatsur0 Mar 8 2012, 10:35pm replied:

We just took down the Kiosk as GDC Play is over. We'll still be on there for the last day of GDC tomorrow though. We did not have a playable demo of the game available at the Kiosk no but had one prepared for private meetings. What you find odd about the AR-15 could be the wire that leads to the flashlight. But we'll look into it as soon as GDC is over and we've had time to settle back in.

+1 vote   article: GDC2012 - Day 3 with another video!
Tatsur0 Jan 5 2012, 1:49am says:

Congratulations and hoping all goes well!

+2 votes   article: Katawa Shoujo released
Tatsur0 Dec 25 2011, 5:38am replied:

I could be wrong but after reading the description I thought to myself, that can't be and yet I can't find a single FPTD game that is currently "Released" Do you have another game in mind (besides FPTD which came later)

+7 votes   article: IOTY Players Choice - Indie of the Year
Tatsur0 Dec 19 2011, 5:44pm replied:

If I gave that impression (which I honestly would be surprised anyone would think such a thing) I apologize. I was referring to NS2 and Overgrowth's ability to share the progression of their impressive Engines.

+3 votes   article: Alpha Game-play, New Site, and more!
Tatsur0 Dec 19 2011, 3:22am replied:

If we were to release something showcasing off our awesome Engine we made ourselves or a sequel (rather than spiritual successor with significant differences) of ZPS for example a system like NS2 or Overgrowth might work with pre-orders leading to access to the current build and updates. Unfortunately we've got a lot we want to keep behind closed doors so when we do release it we can blow your minds and enjoy a unique experience and then we can drop another bomb. I'm not saying we won't do pre-orders in the future but for now we think you'll all appreciate the wait and so long as I can afford it out of my own pocket we'll try to keep it that way.

+1 vote   article: Alpha Game-play, New Site, and more!
Tatsur0 Dec 14 2011, 9:50pm replied:

Agreed, but we still want to celebrate and are grateful for the support we received thus far leading into Phase two.

+1 vote   article: Contagion - IOTY Phase One is only the beginning
Tatsur0 Dec 1 2011, 7:48am says:

We can't wait to show it off in game in action! Looks even better imho. Thanks for the compliments guys, Oyvind who developed this piece will be very pleased to hear it.

+3 votes   media: Contagion - Bell206 Police Chopper
Tatsur0 Oct 30 2011, 7:10pm replied:

A few of us do. But we've also go full time jobs to pay the bills.

+1 vote   article: Happy Halloween with a video and more!
Tatsur0 Sep 12 2011, 6:54am says:

Honestly the lack of enthusiasm and motivation in your voice has me wanting to recommend against pursuing this. While it is your fanbase that helps fuel you it's up to you to have the drive and you don't sound as if that's the case. This is just my personal opinion but better than getting people excited and dropping the project later when there are hiccups (as there always are). If however you do continue I hope I'm wrong and wish you guys the best of luck.

+2 votes   article: Most apologies.
Tatsur0 Aug 31 2011, 5:03pm replied:

How much are you asking for? (w00t 6 words!)

+1 vote   article: Short Story Competition
Tatsur0 Aug 30 2011, 7:09pm says:

While I enjoy being part of a big triple A title I don't think I'd ever want to give up a small dedicated team motivated to make enjoyable games.

+3 votes   poll: If given chance, would you switch from indie development to AAA?
Tatsur0 Aug 30 2011, 8:15am replied:

Comes to roughly a page and a half to two pages (School Textbooks/Manuals excluded) actually which is more than enough for the competition. I believe #9 explains the reasons behind this but waddlesticks also put it nicely.

+2 votes   article: Short Story Competition
Tatsur0 Aug 29 2011, 8:26am says:

A proper sequel? Or remake? If sequel then the same engine makes sense as not everyone who enjoyed the original will move over to a new engine but if the game is very dated then it might be a good move to promote the sequel on a new engine. If it's a remake then highly recommend a new Engine (again to promote the new version more than anything) but many assume that a new engine always means better. While there are some limitations on older engines it's really up to the developers on the quality of work in a lot of cases and no reason to switch engines especially if you consider the downsides to those new engines as well.

So I suppose it's all about your working knowledge, preference, and/or promotion.

I'm not a huge fan of mods turned indie unless there is a significant change or unless the mod was more of a demo to help evaluate a full game. But of course all of this is my own personal opinion.

+2 votes   poll: Expecting a sequel of your favourite mod?
Tatsur0 Aug 26 2011, 2:32pm replied:

My reply to Alex2the3gr8 should suffice :)

+1 vote   article: Contagion - In-Game Alpha Footage
Tatsur0 Aug 21 2011, 5:52am says:

DLC = Downloadable Content. Same as an "Update" only a term that can be used for monetary gain or to express their generosity when free. The term usually refers to small additions to the story or content packs. Personally I agree anything that adds to the game in a significant way should be considered DLC (lets get over this p2p DLC crap heh)

+6 votes   article: 1187 - Rogue Train DLC
Tatsur0 Jul 29 2011, 11:13am says:

By far one of my favorite renders (If anyone is curious, this is the low poly that is in-game).

+3 votes   media: Sig Pro SP2340
Tatsur0 Jul 10 2011, 1:09am replied:

We've been blessed with an incredible team who are both extremely talented and motivated. Couldn't ask for more (not that I don't heh).

+2 votes   group: Monochrome LLC
Tatsur0 Mar 19 2011, 1:19pm says:

Tweeted -

+2 votes   article: Desura Contests Lives
Tatsur0 Mar 17 2011, 12:16am says:

Awesome deal, if I didn't already own Trine I'd definitely pick it up off Desura! Man love for you guys!

+1 vote   article: Trine released on Desura
Tatsur0 Feb 27 2011, 6:34am says:

Sounds interesting so will definitely be tracking. Looking forward to seeing more :)

+4 votes   article: Announcing Stone Rage!
Tatsur0 Feb 25 2011, 2:48am replied:

I agree that's quite a generous move on Epic's part but not sure I understand what you mean in regards to Steam doing something similar? Steam being a digital distribution application (obviously quite a bit more) and not a game development kit. Do you mean Valve's Source Engine?

+7 votes   article: UDK now royalty free until $50,000 in sales
Tatsur0 Feb 7 2011, 2:25am says:

I'd say it's both a great and terrible thing. There are numerous indies and more so with the UDK out. I've seen small teams do great things (look at Uber Entertainment congrats again to them and Monday Night Combat) and larger teams take on too much. A virtual developer model is also quite difficult as it's very similar to a mod development team where it's easy for some to lose interest after a time and need to be replaced quickly or things can slow to a stop if you're not too careful. In other words it's the dream job but requires a lot of work even for the simplest projects. Good luck Spiral :)

+7 votes   article: The Indie Dream
Tatsur0 Jan 11 2011, 3:12am replied:

I understand that, but by posting on IndieDB it posts on both. You don't have to post news in both IndieDB and ModDB which is why you had identical posts on front page. Someone took notice and removed one, which is why I apologized for the now confusing comment and asked it to be removed :) ModDB post's IndieDB posts on both because they're also trying to merge the two somewhat as IndieDB needs more attention and I only say this because developing "Zombie Panic: Source"'s spiritual successor "Contagion" I also learned this by making the same mistake :) Hope that helps.

+1 vote   article: ‘Play With Devs’ January 2011
Tatsur0 Jan 10 2011, 6:07pm says:

Why are there two identical news posts? I can only assume it was posted in both moddb and indiedb. Might want to remove one? Congrats on the Devs vs Players :)

+1 vote   article: ‘Play With Devs’ January 2011
Tatsur0 Dec 13 2010, 10:43pm replied:

I still haven't had the pleasure to play Uncharted so can only tell you that both that character and Sean Connery were not influences in the design of Nick. But I suppose unconsciously we all love us some Connery :/

+1 vote   article: Contagion - Revealing a bit more for this years IOTY
Tatsur0 Sep 1 2010, 11:50am replied:

Yes! I'll add a link in this section to the download (slipped my mind).

+2 votes   article: Contagion Mossberg 590 UV Tutorial
Tatsur0 Aug 18 2010, 2:04am says:

Keep up the good work :)

+2 votes   article: NMRiH (bi)Monthly Update - June/July 2010
Tatsur0 Aug 10 2010, 5:48am replied:

Definitely leaning more towards ZP's realism over L4D's (intended) arcade like feel.

+2 votes   article: GAMEployment Contagion Interview
Tatsur0 Aug 10 2010, 1:09am replied:

It's a bit of a teaser. I assure you we have quite a number of different zombies/inmates.

+2 votes   media: Contagion Inmate Turntables
Tatsur0 Aug 8 2010, 3:34pm replied:

Actually it is on :)

Thanks for the positive feedback guys :D

+1 vote   download: Contagion Teaser Reveal Trailer - HD 720p
Tatsur0 Aug 7 2010, 9:01am replied:

Contagion is not a free game, but we promise it will be affordable and worth every penny once completed. We are not yet at the point to discuss pricing or release date but if you track us, we will be revealing more information over time.

+2 votes   article: Contagion Revealed
Tatsur0 Jun 18 2010, 9:57pm replied:

We both know you're gonna love it Waz :D Ty again for your support. Will have more to show soon.

+1 vote   game: Contagion
Tatsur0 Mar 7 2010, 3:13am says:

Awesome stuff Gar which is of course expected from you. Tracking

+1 vote   article: ...Presents Overgrown - The Unknown
Tatsur0 Feb 28 2010, 8:12pm replied:

Even some ZP:S in thar

+3 votes   article: Sweet Release
Tatsur0 Jan 11 2010, 10:09am replied:

Heh caught crying on ZP:S profile as well.

+2 votes   member: Rawket
Tatsur0 Jan 10 2010, 5:58pm replied:

It's still the #1 played HL2 mod.

+2 votes   article: ZP:S and the Top 100 Mods of the Year
Tatsur0 Jan 10 2010, 6:22am buried:


Poor Henley :(
The Necrotroph looks straight out of Blade II

-8 votes   article: The Rising MOD - $40 Steam game competition! (Two possible winners!)
Tatsur0 Oct 31 2009, 3:07am says:

As you can see it doesn't really show off much. Just gives you the list. Which btw is described int he Objective list in game. So no real spoilers here. Was more of an intro to the map and something that was done out of love of the community and for fun obviously.

+2 votes   article: ZPS Shreddingfield Walkthrough Video
Tatsur0 Oct 28 2009, 8:55pm replied:

Play both. ZPS and L4D2 are very very much apart as to gameplay. Of course l4d2 did add in melee weapons so maybe l4d3 will be kill off zps! OH NOES! heh It's halloween and everyones releasing. L4D1 didn't hurt ZPS so we'll see :) Already working on our next patch as well.

+4 votes   article: ZPS v2.0 Available Now on Steam!
Tatsur0 Oct 22 2009, 9:30am replied:

PushBAK works at WETA Workshop. You can see his name in the credits of District 9 the movie. But you'll have to guess which one is his :)

+7 votes   article: Gabe Newell says NTSUX
Tatsur0 Oct 15 2009, 2:45pm replied:

Right, I see you're borrowing features from the Nazi Zombie part of CoD:WaW like the electric rifle, mystery box, ray gun, and theme.

+1 vote   article: Media Update 01
Tatsur0 Oct 9 2009, 12:55am replied:

Heh wtf are you talking about? Who said anything about PR?

+1 vote   article: Update on the campaign, release event, and winners!
Tatsur0 May 30 2009, 1:13pm replied:

I have to say that I prefer the "No Katana" T-Shirt the best though.

+3 votes   article: Vote for your favorite Mod DB shirt design
Tatsur0 May 8 2009, 2:37pm replied:

heh you *insert male genitalia here* :P

+1 vote   article: TNM Excites Eidos, gabs with Gamasutra, and pleases PC PowerPlay
Tatsur0 May 8 2009, 3:23am says:

Awesome, still need to get my sexed up copy.

+1 vote   article: TNM Excites Eidos, gabs with Gamasutra, and pleases PC PowerPlay
Tatsur0 Feb 7 2009, 12:56pm replied:

Nah, he was just being a retard. There are better ways to express your opinion without acting like a ignorant *******.

+3 votes   article: Top 100 Voting
Tatsur0 Jan 30 2009, 10:19pm says:

one can hope :D

+1 vote   article: UT3 + Steamworks
Tatsur0 Jan 23 2009, 6:28pm says:

Love the podcasts. Between ModDB and Podcast17 getting a lot of insight and updates to our favorite mods and games. Also appreciate you discussing the ZP:S Media Release as it was sorta buried quickly heh. Just to clear some things up. NMRiH content includes the map Harvest which was donated by Darth_Brush and is being completed by the team. Cabin Fever which is still in development by SlimZ who is now completing it for ZP:S. But Darth_Brush also sent us the ZP:S map he was working on DeadCity which is also being completed by the ZP:S team. The Animations however were created by the incredibly talented Swolf who is a ZP Team member.

Looking forward to the next show.

+1 vote   article: Podcast17 - Transmission 10909
Tatsur0 Jan 17 2009, 7:27am says:

This is in fact "Cabin Fever" a map that was being developed originally for NMRiH but is now being developed for Zombie Panic: Source by the very talented SlimZ

+1 vote   media: ZPO_Cabin - By SlimZ
Tatsur0 Jan 6 2009, 2:56pm replied:

That it does and openly.

+1 vote   media: NT_Ghost Map Preview
Tatsur0 Dec 12 2008, 7:00am says:

Game looks incredible. I'll try and grab this asap when some times frees up. Thanks for the reminder as i've been watching this title for a bit.

+2 votes   article: Aquaria Turns One
Tatsur0 Dec 1 2008, 7:55am says:

Correction- I'm not officially the PR guy for either Zombie Panic: Source or NeoTokyo: Source.

Zombie Panic: Source - I'm the Co-Founder/Lead Developer/Lead Artist

NeoTokyo: Source - I'm an environmental artist

Panic - Was always part of Zombie Panic (HL1) and Zombie Panic: Source (HL2)

Hehe really enjoyed the modcast and can't wait to try out Lugaru

+3 votes   article: Modcast S02 E03
Tatsur0 Nov 30 2008, 9:51pm replied:

It's available on the downloads page.

+3 votes   media: NeoTokyo 101 - Annul
Tatsur0 Nov 30 2008, 12:47pm says:

You'd be crying about Tat's sweaty v-ball sweat had I been playing with you guys :P.

+1 vote   article: I'll show you a real Tunnel Snake!
Tatsur0 Nov 28 2008, 7:57am replied:

Sorry I didn't mean to say ZP:S faded away. I was trying to say that it got locked in with Media releases and would have been better for us had we not put out so many.

On NeoTokyo we focused more on the development side and it was a lot less stressful. Lesson learned from both mods.

+4 votes   article: Developer Banter: Neotokyo
Tatsur0 Nov 28 2008, 5:22am replied:

Think you misunderstand. What was said was a lot of mods would post untextured works (really in this case you shouldn't) and just fade away and never release. ZPS is a good example of this so of course some of us on the team can relate. Once you start giving people gifts of media they want more and more and if you don't satisfy them they often turn on you and so we chose not to do this and instead focus on the mod.

For others they need to attract other developers and releasing media is one way of doing this but has it's price.


+7 votes   article: Developer Banter: Neotokyo
Tatsur0 Aug 3 2008, 4:03am says:

Just to keep the ModDB community up to date. We stopped accepting entries and have been actively testing the maps we received before the deadline.


+1 vote   article: ZPS LD Competition nearing the end
Tatsur0 Aug 1 2008, 2:22am says:

"5 digit number"

"IT'S OVER 9000!!!!"

Seriously... I hope you're counting change in that number otherwise I don't think it fair to tack on your "segway and faygo" budget :P And seriously... You have no problem spending "5 digit number" on a mod that shouldn't have cost you more than at most "very low low 4 digit number" this all going to a lifetime supply of ramen?!

seriously lol


+1 vote   article: Dystopia: July Update - Throw us a bone here, we've thrown many!
Tatsur0 Jul 17 2008, 3:24am replied:

Of course it's getting harder but growing. It started out with simple mods like reskins and what not. Then mod teams built their own ideas which back then was a lot easier to manage than it is today. Of course modding is a lot more accepted and practiced and so there are tools developed for the purpose of modding but as a team the public demands quantity and quality and that means those of us who first got started over a decade ago have had a lot of studying to do heh.

Definitely harder than before but growing. I just assume anyone voting anything else is new to modding :)


+4 votes   poll: In my opinion, modding is.....
Tatsur0 Jun 2 2008, 10:29am replied:


+2 votes   member: TheAssassinator
Tatsur0 Feb 4 2008, 10:49am replied:

I really like the style and art direction.

+2 votes   article: Editor's Choice Winners Showcase
Tatsur0 Jan 5 2008, 3:38am says:

imperialguard: Um only similarity to Hidden: Source is the 1 hit kill with knife which isn't really considered stealing in any way. The only game this resembles closely (in which case I'm really not all that upset. was a neat game to play the week I gave it) is our mod Zombie Panic which we released on HL1 back in 2004. Funny how people think ZPS is imitating CSS:ZS lol.

ZPS Co-Founder/Lead Developer

+1 vote   mod: Zombie Survival
Tatsur0 Dec 31 2007, 4:55pm replied:

Mind you the only complaints about stability are poorly setup Listen Servers. All dedicated servers run perfecly :)


+1 vote   media: ZPS Fan Vid
Tatsur0 Sep 5 2006, 8:11pm says:

They usually edit to fit front page news. But just wanted to say NightFall is looking great! Keep up the awesome work!


+2 votes   article: NightFall Media Update
Tatsur0 Aug 1 2006, 7:17pm says:

Replacing everything with custom content including animations and poses.


+4 votes   media: Ingame02
Tatsur0 Jun 18 2006, 3:03am says:

Sent you an Email to your freefbo account.

ZP:Source Development Team

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