Hi guys, tat from roblox, blockland, moddb, deviantART (can't activate my account), minecraft, minecraft pocket edition and club penguin! (On club penguin, tatemporary1), I love staying at moddb cus I stay there for updates, you can visit my website if you like to: www.tatemporarywebsite.weebly.com

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welcome to TAT's Moddb Blog!
feel free to post anything, if you dudes have ideas, post it here or just message me!
with this blog, i can see whats inside the blog and see posts, oh and dont spam here, idk what i make, remember, 5 ideas per day!
well, when you see me on the blog on myself, it means reply, update, etc.
post me questions cus i like questions!

for those who want to make there own map, click here to get started and make your own!

it will ALSO show these things like:
-tank updates
-blog updates

news section
tat's oldest creation, the gattling uberlord reached 65 views!
tat's profile visits reached 300+! that's fast, o.o
tat's website reached 90+, good thing im advertising, :P
tat's website reached 100+, thank you so much guys!
gattling uberlord reached 80 views!
tat's profile visits reached 400+!
tat's profile visits reached 500+!
gattling uberlord reached 100+ visits! this is getting less popular!
the blog reached 50 visits!
gattling uberlord reached 110 views!
tat's profile visits reached 600+, oh no me close the 666 bro...
tat's profile visits almost reached 666, oh no me close to satan bro...
tat's profile visits reached 666, oh no the number bro...
tat's website reached 200!
Mega Overlord (hyper-heavy tank) reached 1st page! (type hyper-heavy tank on search then there!)
tat's profile visits reached 800+!
tat's profile visits reached 900+!
tat's profile visits reached 1,000+!
tat's profile visits reached 1,100+!
tat's site visits reached 300! oh yay!

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