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tassitassi Aug 26 2011 replied:

1. The highlighting style has been influenced by the original Outcast (1999). I think keeping details like these helps for capturing the feeling of the first game. What you see here in the video is not final though. We've already improved the animation by making it much smoother.

2. We'll look into this.

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tassitassi Feb 15 2011 replied:

Hi there! Check out our tutorial on how to install: Moddb.com

Have fun!

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tassitassi Feb 10 2011 replied:

Thank you for being so patient with us! We're constantly working with the mod even if there's no life sign from the team. We're gonna start making some more development posts in Twitter since it's a fast and easy way to stay in touch with you guys. Follow us @openoutcast

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tassitassi Dec 9 2010 replied:

Not sure if anyone has contacted you, but if they haven't; please go openoutcast.org/board/ and report it there.


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tassitassi Dec 7 2010 says:

You don't need this patch if you download the full 1.1 version: Moddb.com

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tassitassi Dec 1 2010 replied:

it's all about the details ;)

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tassitassi Sep 28 2010 replied:

1. It's on the list :)
2. It's on the list, as well :)
3. Not a big fan of this either. It should be used with great caution. Thanks for your input!
4. We'll look into this.
5. This is a major part of Outcast, and we'll definitely improve in this area.
6. If included at all, it would be for the final game, not the tech demo :)
7. This is a tricky one. Try to find someone who works for free, is american, have professional recording equipment, is a good actor, a great team member and of the right age. We found a guy that was all this, except for the age-part. We're pleased with him, but are open for applications if you know someone who does it all ;)

/tassitassi, eternal outcasts

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tassitassi Sep 22 2010 replied:

It's an update to our first tech demo. This one adds:

* free travelling between different regions
* advanced 3rd person camera
* Journal
* Dialogue choice screen
* Custom HUD

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tassitassi Sep 17 2010 replied:

Yep. We're looking into both a gesture and face expression system. Blinking is already implemented in Oasis 1.1, at least for Cutter :)

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tassitassi Sep 14 2010 replied:

We'll definitely have a brief summary in the final version, but it's less important in these tech demos :)

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tassitassi Sep 13 2010 replied:

I recommened you to check out Outcast on Wikipedia: En.wikipedia.org

More than that won't be necessary. Everything you need to know is pretty much explained in-game :)

+2 votes   news: Kicking off the Oasis 1.1 release countdown
tassitassi Aug 16 2010 replied:

Cutter's skin tone has been improved for our next release. We might have to make him even darker though! Thanks for your feedback!

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tassitassi May 29 2010 says:

Absolutely beautiful. Keep it up!

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tassitassi May 29 2010 replied:

The game is based on the HUD's from the original Outcast (1999). They were all green too :)

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tassitassi Mar 30 2010 says:

I like this a lot! Keep it up =)

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