"In landing operations, retreat is impossible, to surrender is as ignoble as it is foolish. above all else remember that we as attackers have the initiative, we know exactly what we are going to do, while the enemy is ignorant of our intentions and can only parry our blows. We must retain this tremendous advantage by always attacking rapidly, ruthlessly, viciously, and without rest." - General George S. Patton, Jr.

0 comments by ʇɐuʞɐʇǝp on Jun 3rd, 2013


- currently, the spare tracks attached on the armor have no influence on
armor thickness, because theoretically after first hit they'd have to
fall off. The developers will first implement client physics (spare
tracks falling off after being hit) and then will rethink the whole

- Q: "I heard a rumor that you will change the Maus frontal turret armor
from 240mm to historical 250mm, is it true?" A: "The truth is that
historical frontal turret armor thickness was 210-240mm" and "You can go
to Kubinka and measure it yourself - simple as that :)"

- apparently, weakened armor zones after being hit by a shell to that spot won't be implemented

- Q: "Regarding the Superpershing issue, how many people would have to
lift their voices for developers to consider their opinion?" A: "Well, I
think 5 percent of active users would make us at least pay attention to
the issue. That's like - 500 thousand. As in: get 500 thousand

- SerB confirmed that new reward system is being tested (as in special
rewards for archievements), it won't be however active on regular basis

- SerB regarding the question, whether 112 (which is really good on
supertest) will be nerfed after it comes out: "If we make a mistake, we
fix it. If we don't, we don't. Simple as that."

- SerB can't promise, what the number of HAVOK patch will look like, whether it will be one of the 0.8.X series, or 0.9

- dynamic collision model will come hand in hand with its visual
respresentation (SS: As an example, if a part of original hitbox "falls
off" using Havok (for example a piece of box, or external tanks), the
hitbox will change too"

- tanks with shell ejectors won't have any special bonus for that, it will be counted in the vehicle's overall characteristics

- apparently, the ground resistance for hard, medium and soft soils (as
in: good, medium, bad terrain) is roughly (in ratio of) 1,2,5

- drowned tanks can't be shot at, because developers consider their full destruction (all modules gone) sufficient

- basically, SerB confirmed GW Tiger P is a fake - he confirmed they
basically used the development order for 210mm mortar Elefant and rough
dimensions of the vehicle to deduce it was an artillery vehicle (more on
that here).

- in connection with midtier derp nerf, midtier HE shells will not be buffed

- improved ventilation for M53/55? "Tests will show"

- regarding the aforementioned client physics implementation, it's being
worked on, it will work so that for example Schmalturm Panzer IV's mesh
side armor (Schurzen) will fly off after being hit, it's possible that
after its implementation, there will be additional armor implemented,
such as sandbags

- SerB on Superpershing nerf (if there will be any): "Tests will show" -
SerB also states that after the HEAT and APCR shell changes,
Superpershing's armor was actually increased (SS: and thus he implies
that armor nerf would actually bring it to pre-8.6 level of protection)

- US T71 was chosen for a number of reasons (SS: nothing specific), as for T92 implementation: "no comment"

- there are no plans to introduce the possibility to actually sell garage slots, for silver or for gold

- T23 to return? "no comment" (SS: a few days back there was an
interesting post on US forum: one of the players was ranting on how he
wants the T23 back as a premium vehicle, on which The_Chieftain (US
developer) replied: "I know something he doesn't know.... 
But I'm not allowed to tell")

British arty preview

Source: TheJoves' video

A short preview of British arty, that is somewhat confirmed to come in
8.7 (but it's also possible they will postpone it to 8.8, nothing is
confirmed totally).

Tier 2 unknown arty (SS: I think it's Universal Gun Carrier - a light howitzer on Universal Carrier chassis)

- the blogger speculates that it might have good horizontal arc and if I
understood this correctly, he said that the whole British arty branch
will be characterized by good traverse angles

- It's gun is a 76mm 13pdr, pen 42, damage 165

Tier 3 - Sexton (SS: I think this is the Sexton, basically a M7 Priest with a 25pdr )

- its gun has following gold shell: 87mm AP, 180 dam, 92 pen, regular shell: 180 dam, 71 pen AP

Tier 4 - Birch Gun (SS: very early SPG (which is odd), great traverse)

- this vehicle has a 180 degrees turret

- basically it has the same gun as tier 3, it also has a HE shell - 280 dam, 44 pen

Tier 5 - Bishop (SS: basically a Valentine chassis with a 25 pdr gun)

- historically the gun could traverse only 8 degrees

- 114mm gun will be available (450 dam, 57 pen HE) 

Tier 7 - unknown arty (not yet textured, looks American)

- gun: 139mm 80pdr, 900 dam, 70 pen HE

Tier 8 - unknown arty (SS: "FVsomething" - experimental SPG?)

- gun is 152mm something, 1250 dam, 90 pen HE

Tier 9 - unknown arty (SS: is that the Centurion suspension?)

- the gun is 182mm,  1750 dam and 92 pen HE

Tier 10 - unknown arty (SS: It was supposed to be the FV4005 stage 1, this is not it. Definitely a Conqueror chassis tho)

- gun is 233mm, 2200 dam and 117 pen HE

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- there will be more Soviet tanks implemented in general (SS: possibly one medium and one more heavy branch at least)

- the first game SerB ever played was "Skeet shooting" from 1974 on BESM-6

- eventually, shells will be able to penetrate a whole tank and damage targets behind it

- Prokhorovka in game doesn't have to resemble the real Prokhorovka: "There are many Prokhorovkas in the world"

- SerB doesn't care about the "In development" portal section

- SerB spends one hour or two per day on forums

- SerB answering, whether he saw the War Thunder tanks: "We've seen it. I'll see, what will exactly be in the game. And when."

- historical battles won't come anytime soon

- SerB on War Thunder: "We - unlike competition - actually heavily
prefer cybersport, that's already a done decision. And 'historical
battle mode' like the competition has - with MiG 15 over Stalingrad -
doesn't make us happy in particular. To do this right is very

- SerB on War Thunder realism: "The same damage system (as in WT) on
tanks - so that a tank will be detracked and won't move for another half
an hour? And if you get hit in the gun - that's it, you won't shoot
until it is fixed on the base? No, we don't need such a mess. Very few
people want it that way in fact - see how few players play the
"realistic battles" in War Thunder."

- SerB does drink tea and does smoke

- it's possible British arty will have HESH shells

- various nations don't have to have similiar light tank branches

- US full light tank line will most likely happen, Soviets don't have enough vehicles for a full line yet

- there is no plan to allow light tanks to be taken as "free slots" in
Clanwars (SS: as in each team would have a few extra slots exclusively
for light tank scouts)

- SerB expects that in 0.8.6 the scouts will remain roughly the same,
arty will have more hard time hitting them, so their number might rise

- Q: "Is this your reaction to the fact that Gamebox is countersuing
World of Tanks?" (SS: the Chinese company that made the WoT copy)

A: "No comment :)"

- not all the maps that were developed made it to the game, some didn't pass the tests

- according to SerB, the map rotation works okay

- the minor arty name changes (Object 212 to Object 212A) are apparently for historical reasons

- in 0.8.6, arty shell trajectory will remain the same despite arty velocity nerfs

- it's possible, but not yet sure, that arty might be the top tank of the team

- there will be new soundtrack implemented into the game, but not many tracks

- British artillery is practically ready

- Sexton I was delayed because the devs need to implement and balance the tier 10 arties first

- T71 model fix (SS: currently, T71 is not historical, it's a mashup of two various projects) doesn't have a priority atm

- special effects such as rain and snow will eventually come

- press-accounts can choose which map they want to play, they can also disable maps from rotation

- various times of the day during battles will be implemented (SS: dusk, dawn, noon etc...), but they won't be tied to real time

- there most likely won't be more maps for new players (tier 1-2), it would be too complicated for newbies

- arty shell velocity was nerfed, because the devs feel it's too easy to shoot moving and maneuvering targets

- the idea to reduce terrain passability when the tracks are damaged was never considered

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- the reason why the new XL spall liner will be changed from large to XL
only after it gets removed from a tank and put to your depot is that
the XL one will be heavier and under certain circumstances (stock tank
for example), by leaving it on the vehicle it could actually overload
the suspension (eg. the vehicle weight would be bigger than suspension

- spall liner will be removed from tanks even if the suspension has enough capacity to allow it

- all the tanks of all the nations have the same shell distribution
within the aim circle (SS: well, apart from arties in 0.8.6 that is)

- France has a superheavy tank candidate, China doesn't

- French "monster" tanks á la TOG II will be implemented (SS: Char FCM etc.)

- SerB sees the possibility of tanks with twin-linked D-25T on tier 9 -
as for the issue that the pen is too low for such a tier, he states it's
possible for such a tank to fire HE, or to fight medium tanks

- additional equipment and consumables? "If there is such a thing planned, I will tell you"

- the MTLS tankette twin-linked 37mm doesn't work with a twin-linked gun
mechanism in game, it simply acts as a single gun firing very fast, in
the case of autocannons it doesn't matter according to SerB, but two big
guns would have to work differently

- the twin-linked guns are just an option at this point, there is no
guarantee such tanks will come, the main issue is to develop the recoil
mechanism, how the guns will fire (one at a time?) etc.

- the 0.8.6 shell velocity nerf doesn't mean the range will be nerfed too, devs will simply change the gravity acceleration

- crew skills for gold won't come

- tests will show, whether the E-25 will be on tier 7 or 6

- 0.8.6 test will last at least a few weeks

- balance weight of vehicle doesn't depend on its configuration (stock/elite)

- apparently, there are some references to GAZ-74b in the game files.
According to SerB, it's a Soviet self-propelled gun (tank destroyer),
basically not yet implemented, a predecessor (first version) of SU-85B,
its model was not yet implemented

- the tank damage model (client-side physics) will possibly include
equipment such as boxes, machineguns or logs getting ripped off by enemy
fire from the tank, devs are working on that

- Q: "Will we see realistic simulated environment like destructible
bridges?" A: "Yea, how about a 25kg heavy Wii joystick to simulate
reloading the IS-2 shells?"

- change of MM weight won't be displayed in official patchnotes

- Caernarvon won't recieve the Centurion 105mm, it would be too OP

- the system for more reward for potential damage will be implemented

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1 comment by ʇɐuʞɐʇǝp on May 28th, 2013


A lots to translate today, but first, thanks to Cubayashi for gold donation :) Much appreciated.

The official 0.8.6 public test will start this Thursday (May 30th)

From player Taifuuni, a demonstration of how the new dispersion in 0.8.6 will look like:

Edit: to prevent confusion, disregard the "scales", they don't represent
the circle size, but sigma deviation. Unless you really want to bother
with statistics, consider them two same circles.



- SerB has roughly 50 vehicles in his garage and it takes him 5 seconds to sort thru it

- 5.1 sound is not yet implemented into the new sound engine, but it is planned, along with the 7.1 sound

- echoes from distant explosion/cannon fire (for example in valleys) will be implemented eventually

- better sorting of the archievements will be implemented eventually, but it has very low priority

- some vehicles have AAMG and some don't (resp. Type 58 doesn't have
it), because "machinegun model consists of too many model details (SS:
SerB said specifically "triangles", I am pretty sure there is an English
term for what he meant: is it "vectors"?)

- the E-100 turret was moved in 0.8.6 30cm forwards, because it's historical

- German E-10 ingame will be implemented as a TD, not LT

- SerB doesn't consider the "In development" section necessery

- arty won't recieve bigger firing angle than 45 degrees (SS: a player
was asking, whether it is possible to implement the arty to be able to
hit a certain target using two different trajectories - one for below 45
degrees and one for above 45 degrees elevation)

- according to SerB, the best account protection is using your brain, for example not using "password1234" as your password

- fog of war was considered for random battles, but it won't be implemented for now, same goes for companies

- Q: "SerB, how is it possible you have so many battles played, yet your
effectivity sucks?" A: "That's because I prefer to improve in real
world and to only have fun and relax in the virtual one. Which is
something I recommend to you too."

- according to SerB, there are no server-side cheats (SS: for example someone advertised a cheat for instant aiming)

- SerB was banned only once in WoT, it was a trolling from someone

- it's possible that the T69 gold ammo (300 pen) penetration will be
nerfed (despite the fact SerB claims that the 300 pen is historical)

- the crew national voices might still appear

- the E-100 turret move forward does not mean improved depression or elevation

- SerB is playing the VK4502 Ausf.B (30k XP left to Maus) and is happy with its gameplay

- historically, ST-I shouldn't even have the M62-T2 gun, eg. it's
pointless to compare its ROF to IS-8 (SerB is joking about replacing the
gun with the historical D-30)

- it's generally possible the ST-II (ST-I with twin-linked D-30) will be
introduced, because the twin-linked gun mechanism is easier to
introduce than for example multiturret mechanism. However don't think it
will simply have double ROF, that would be way too OP. Another
historical option would apparently be two D-10T guns.

- SerB is thinking (SS: but only thinking, no panic!) about removing the
top IS-4 gun (because it's unhistorical) and buffing the shells of the
other one.


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- according to Storm, test server shouldn't be as overloaded as it was in 0.8.5

- 10 percent T10 profitability increase was SerB's idea

- Chinese WZ-111 premium heavy won't be introduced to EU server, because such a tank is already in the regular heavy branch

- if you have Object 212 unlocked from S-51, it doesn't mean you will have the SU-14 unlocked too in 0.8.6

- 0.8.6 camo net won't be tied to various vehicle types

- tracers are removed for re-work

- 0.8.6 won't bring other new vehicles, apart from the arties and the premium Excelsior

- the 10 percent T10 profitability buff is tied partially to the pen reduction

- Credit arty costs in 0.8.6 will be roughly equal to TD costs:

900k  - T6

1400k - T7

2500k - T8

3500k - T9

6100k - T10

- in 0.8.6 it is possible for tier 10 arty to end up as team's top vehicle

- according the SerB, the short guns from the thirties were short
because the engineers didn't know yet how to deal with recoil, and
because HE performance was more important anyway

- there will be no interplayer auction in the game

- in 0.8.6, Wargaming (!) fixed the Nvidia interface crash, after its
release even those who experience crashes can use latest Nvidia drivers

- it's not known whether post-battle statistics in replays and ingame reload timer will come in 2013

- it's possible a function will be implemented into the game to shoot as
soon as the gun is reloaded (there is a mod allowing that currently)

- new French tanks won't come by the time the French celebrate the Bastille day (SS: July 14th)

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- all the promo tanks have the same rules as the premium ones, when it comes to crew

- the AMX-13/Chaffee hybrid will go to the nation, "to which it is more convenient"

- whether it is introduced: "no comment"

- if Object 430 is ever introduced, it will be tier 10

- in the next patch, the HEAT mechanic won't be changed further, after that - "no comment"

- British tanks won't have HESH rounds replaced with HEAT

- the turret and hull hitpoint changes reason is better HP distribution when switching turrets

- 0.8.6 won't be the last 0.8.X series patch

- devs consider the "newly researched tanks get better MM" a proper thing

- T-43 lost the 100mm gun (long time ago), both because it wasn't historical and for balance reasons

- 100mm D-10T won't return to the Soviet medium tanks on tier 7

- T-43 won't get an alternative gun in the future

List of superheavy tanks (for the purpose of extra large spall liner):

USSR: KV-4, KV-5

Germany: GW E, JT88, Jagtiger, Jagdpanzer E-100, VK4502 Ausf.B, Maus, Lowe, E-75, E-100, VK7201

US: T95, T110E3

UK: Tortoise, FV215b, TOG II

- devs are permanently fighting illegal mods

- there will be no game mode without arties

- it's possible that Walker Bulldog will be implemented as the US light tank one tier higher than Chaffee

- if you have a spall liner on Maus or other superheavies installed, it
will be uninstalled automatically, changed to extra large and moved to

- 8.7 will apparently bring US rebalance + British arty (SS: earlier it
was said that 8.7 will come very soon after 8.6, possibly within 2

- 8.8 will not contain German TD's

- there is no plan to introduce decals for kills (SS: such as the German rings on barrel, or skulls like the fighter planes did)

- Storm explains the XP for detracks: "It will be only for XP, there
will be no credit bonus. The detrack bonus will be 25 percent at the
most (and not 50 percent like when lighting up).

- there will be more premium tier 8 tanks in 2013, they will be introduced gradually (not all at once)

Also, you might have noticed there are basically 0.8.6 changes out
already officially - allegedly, it's because the developers are certain
that by the time the "finished" 0.8.6 hits the last phase of supertest,
some supertester would leak the info anyway. In this sense, the leaks
worked to open the "WG kitchen" a bit more.

The EN translation is not exactly top notch either this time (for
example EN "flight velocity of shells for short mortars will be nerfed
by 50 percent" RU: "UP TO 50 percent") but it's okay. Big changes then.
Here's what Storm commented under his article.

Following changes were done to the economy  - rebalance of gold shell prices:

- with each gold shell, its effectivity was considered (taking into
account its damage and penetration) and its price was changed to match
its effectivity

- subcaliber shells were sometimes made more expensive, sometimes cheaper

- HEAT shells were almost all made more expensive, because they proved
to be cheaper for the same performance of the subcaliber shells

- premium HE shells were practically not touched, apart from some exceptions

- dynamic camera does mean that the camera will stop that nasty twitching, when the tank is going over the railway

- there will be no special opportunity to buy new camos (camo reset + price refund)

- 0.8.6 will come in June

- the Korea map will use winter camo

- Storm has no info on the Nvidia crash bug yet

- France will (as seen on the previously released pictures) have more modern camos

- the E-100 armor nerf reason is "unification" (SS: with Jpz E-100 I think)

- railway tracks were not yet sunk into the ground (as Storm planned to do) in 0.8.6

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Ugh, SerB is in fulltroll mode today.

- This applies only for RU for all I know: it's possible that e-sports
and tournaments (including Clanwars) will get their own dedicated server
with separate statistics

- Storm on the amount of rage the "First campaign" generated
(specifically the fact the reward tanks will be available only for
clanners and not good players in general, despite the fact some good
clanless players already paid a lot of money for free XP and are loyal
to the game): "Well, if you don't dare to enter a clan and prove you
play better than others - we can't help you. Loyalty has something to do
with it? What - was it necessery to give those vehicles to everyone for
free?" and "If we made the vehicles available for all random players
but with such difficult conditions that only a few thousand most skilled
players would be able to get them, you would still whine because you
still wouldn't be able to get those tanks (looking at your stats)."

- devs made the Campaign event so more players would enter clans and play the Clanwars

- devs consider the post-patch competitions ("Art of War") to be a
random equivalent of the Campaign (SS: apparently, since the devs get
allegedly thousands of questions "how do I get Type 59" every day, they
consider it an equal prize to the new T10's)

- the new reward tanks won't be stronger than the regular T10 vehicles

- there won't be a public test of those new T10's, "they have already been tested"

- SerB (SS: as an answer to a particularily dumb physics question):
"Hurry to school. Learn physics from like 6th grade. Or was it seventh?
In other words: uninstall the tanks and learn, learn, learn. And then we
wonder why our rockets are falling from the sky..." (SS: "Learn, learn,
learn" is a known Russian V.I.Lenin quote)

- SerB doesn't consider it an archievement to unlock a whole branch (or tree) to elite status

- SerB to player complaining that there will be no random rewards: "And why should we indulge your whims?"

- while an engine (or transmission) can be set on fire by ANY hit (SS:
this was limited for lowtier rapidfire autocannons to reduce the amount
of lowtier fires), the vehicle catches on fire only from completely
destroyed fuel tanks

- on the forum, according to SerB, Storm plays the "good cop" and SerB
the "bad cop" - this is a tactic they developed based on experience with
the community

- the T10 tanks won't be available for collectors, because "you can't
get the full WoT tank collection anyway, because Panzer V/IV or KV-220
were available only as supertester rewards"

- SerB states that there were actually no developer actions, that wouldn't start a wave of forum whining

- the new T10 tanks won't count towards the expert medals

- SerB is not afraid that people with the special T10 tanks will be
teamkilled more often out of envy: "We'll ban the retards and the game
will be cleaner."

- the fact that the best players in the game are getting the new T10
tanks will be taken into account, when analyzing the stats of these

- Storm states that in order to match the same level of difficulty when
obtaining the new T10 tanks in random, the players would for example
have to have an 85 percent winrate over 1000 battles

- regarding the 0.8.6 patch, the developers are happy with the new shell distribution and won't delay the patch any further

- 2nd German TD line will come this year, possibly in autumn, but Storm is not sure yet

- there will be a really small piece of info released today on 0.8.6

- ricochet check happens before normalisation is taken into account

- when making some calculations that work with gun caliber (SS: for
example overmatch), the gun caliber and its shell caliber are always
equal (SS: eg. subcaliber shells are not taken into account)

- test 0.8.6 won't start tomorrow

- no plans for Marder II new gun

- the new T10 tanks will be (just like premium tanks) usable with crews
trained on another tanks from the same class (SS: eg. M48 crew will be
usable in M60 etc.), they won't have increased income

- according to Storm, there is a patch plan for this year till 2014 and by now, it's being followed quite accurately.

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0 comments by ʇɐuʞɐʇǝp on May 20th, 2013


First, some more answers from Storm's article mentioned in earlier posts:

- Ruinberg streets will be made more flat in 0.8.6 (SS: this change was promised last 2 patches already)

- Marschig (another WG developer) explains the mechanics of the shell flight: "(SS: when calculating shell trajectory,) the game doesn't take air resistance, Earth surface curvature or rotation and other ballistic details into account. Shells do fly according to the physics schoolbook, chapter "movement of an object, thrown horizontally under an angle". Thus, for calculating the trajectory, you need only speed, elevation angle and gravity freefall acceleration. According to the same schoolbook, on flat surface you get maximum range when using the elevation angle of 45 degrees. The trajectory is symmetrical, eg. the elevation angle equals the impact angle.
For tank shells, the gravity freefall acceleration is 9,81. For arty shells, it works differently - the initial shell velocity ("speed") and gravity freefall acceleration can be estimated independently. It is based on an abstract artillery vehicle with maximum range of 1000m under the 45 degrees angle and the shell flight time of 4 seconds. If you - when changing the speed/velocity - want to keep the range a constant, you have to change the gravity freefall acceleration.
In other words: with the unified maximum range, the trajectory of the shell doesn't depend on muzzle velocity and is always the same.

- based on what Marschig wrote, Storm confirms that in the game, each shell has a gravity freefall acceleration parameter set independently. All tank shells have it as 9,81, with arty it varies.
- in 0.8.6, maximum range of some weapons will be changed
- in 0.8.6, some sound effects will be changed, notably: increased the difference in impact sounds between AP and HE shells, sound of tank destruction, sound of AP shells hitting hard surfaces, sound of tank getting hit by HEAT shell and sounds of tanks being hit by AP and HE shells in general
- more info on 0.8.6 changes will come on Wednesday
- the info on tier 10 reward tanks will come "later"

Regular answers from the Q&A thread:

- the 5 arty hardcap won't be removed in 0.8.6, because first the developers need to assess the impact of the patch on arty numbers
- even though SU-26 will lose its 122mm, the XP spent for it won't be reimbursed to players
- patch numbers are selected "according to our internal wishes"
- in 0.8.6, accuracy will increase both when standing and when driving around
- the chance for accuracy nerfs of already accurate guns post-0.8.6 is zero
- for now, Leopard prototype B will not be implemented into the game (as a premium vehicle), there isn't enough info on it for now
- even if the 0.8.6 patch doesn't solve the arty flood issue, stricter arty hardcap won't be implemented
- changes in Clanwars are not tied to patches, since they don't need client updates and are made online, eg. introduction of CW Seasons is not tied to 0.8.6
- the shell velocity is constant throughout the whole time of its flight

- camo will work the following way from 0.8.6 (simplified):
Old: Camo = vehiclecamo*(camoskillcalculation)*1,25*1,05 (25 percent camo net, 5 percent bought visual camouflage)
New: Camo = vehiclecamo*(camoskillcalculation) + 0,25 + 0,05

SS: in other words - in the same situation, if we take for example vehicle camo factor of 0,5 (let's disregard camo skill and the demasking while moving or shooting effect for purpose of demonstration),
Old: 0,5*1,25*1,05 = 0,65625
New: 0,5+0,25+0,5 = 0,8 (21 percent increase)

- 0.8.6 map won't be a city map, it'll be a village map
- at this moment (before 0.8.6) it's not possible to simply change the XP and cred-earning coefficient for TD's
- there will be no compensation for the difference between earlier and post-0.8.6 TD XP income
- developers don't have a "special" version of the game with detailed graphics
- 0.9.0 camouflage mechanism re-work confirmed (SS: apparently even Russian players now take FTR as a source, I am glad :) either way, the mechanism change announced by SerB will take into account partial vehicle cover)
- camo coefficient bonuses given by camo nets, visual camo etc. will be reworked

Well, that's it today.

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5 comments by ʇɐuʞɐʇǝp on May 17th, 2013


I removed the "E-100 armor schematics" post, because Crazytony0 screwed
it up and I didn't doublecheck it before posting. Mea maxima culpa.

- Leopard 1 too weakly armored? "Don't play Leopard1" and "It was really
nice to troll whiners, knowing the armor thickness of this oversized
light tank"

- the solution to nerf gold ammo pen and to increase its price was accepted, because "we consider out approach to be correct"

- Q: "Since there are new (German) camos being introduced, haven't you
thought about new inscriptions, such as 'Gott mit uns'?" A: "Yep. And
'Jedem das seine' and 'Arbeit macht Frei'"

- for now, there are no plans to change the upcoming Soviet tier 7 premium medium tank into something on tier 8

- details about the patch 0.8.6: "Wait for patchnotes"

- developers are not happy with the way the players communicate in game,
it is planned to "educate younger players" (Q: "And do you have plans
to educate children"? A: "Sure. Beating with belt and bread and water
diet.") (SS: here, SerB is trolling, but he also says that parents are
responsible for bringing up their children, it's not Wargaming's task to
educate players to be polite)

- premium account won't be split into active and nonactive parts (SS: a player suggested a hour-based premium account)

- if you have an arty researched and it gets moved to another tier, both
that arty and the arty it gets replaced with will be unlocked (but not

- British arty will come in one of the following patches after 0.8.6

- when you sell a tank with gold (permanent) camo, the amount of money
you get for selling it will be the same as if it didn't have any camo at

- the decision not to make an arty hardcap was taken because of the
reluctance to introduce any hardcaps in general (SS: for those who still
think it's bullshit, there is a post on EU forums about what can happen when hardcap goes wild...)

- Q: "Why is S-51 so expensive and it gets nerfed so hard?" A: "Want justice? Go to Hague tribunal."

- Q: "Why was the Chinese 121 medium tank pen nerfed in 0.8.6
supertest?" A: "We don't comment on rumors, leaks and other things
causing butthurt."

- new methods of illegal mod detection won't be disclosed

- Storm will announce the artillery accuracy changes on monday (SS:
funnily enough, Storm specifically denied WG will mess around with shell
gaussian distribution for arty, so I really wonder what's going on)

- according to SerB, the KV-1S with 152mm howitzer is not historical,
the pictures of KV-1S with a howitzer most likely show the version with a
122mm gun

- Although Leopard 1 is technically a MBT, it's very specific - other MBTs such as T-72 won't be introduced

- OF-40 and similiar tanks won't appear in WoT

- 0.8.6 will come roughly in 3-4 weeks from now

- Q: "Why is Jagdtiger not able to shoot enemies on 1 km distance as in real life?" A: "Want realism? Join the army."

- the L/70 on StuG III not having a muzzle brake is historical (SS:
historically, there was indeed a L/70 project "Ausf.H" to arm StuG III
with StuK 42. The superstructure however was quite different, "regular"
StuG III (even Ausf.G) wouldn't be able to carry it).

- the "2S*" Soviet SPG's (SS: such as the 2S3 Akatsyia) won't appear in game

- dynamic objects on maps will be implemented ("when it's done it's done")

- there is no "biggest maps", 24 out of 34 maps have unified size: 1200x1200m

- there will be other Sherman modifications (models) introduced into the game

-  the small "bump" on the backside of the T-34 turret is a porthole for firing crew infantry weapons

- when the T-34 driver's hatch is closed (as in the game), the driver IRL cotrols the tank according to commander's directions

- the Japanese captured tanks in US tree have not been scrapped, they might appear eventually

- water has no influence on arty shell splash

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0 comments by ʇɐuʞɐʇǝp on May 16th, 2013


First, just a thought about the European Q&A. Some time ago (specifically 24.4.2013), there was a post from Quasar, the EU "developer", saying:

35.Have you planned in the upcoming EU tech tree the
tanks from Switzerland like the PZ58, PZ61, PZ68 or the G13, an
adaptation of the Hetzer ?

No such plans.

I was like "WTF? That's not what SerB said", and I did set out to find
more. I contacted a friend, who in turn is in touch with some of
developer-tier employees directly in Minsk. He told me today that he got
told by the devs the following (direct translation):

"Regarding the Swiss, there is a very high chance they will appear,
but understandably noone will give a 100 percent guarantee".

In other words: either Quasar can't speak Russian (god knows who it is
anyway), or he's just pulling the answers out of his ass. Personally, I
find the second option likely. I'd keep this in mind when asking
questions on EU server.

Anyway, back to the translation.

- SerB on War Thunder: "Yes, I played it. But I won't make comments
about it, sorry - we'd do a lot of things differently and some
developers react very nervously on such analysis comments"

- Q: "But did you like War Thunder personally?" A: "As I said, we'd do a lot of things differently."

- premium arties of high tier won't be implemented for now

- battle parameters such as "distance travelled" or "time spent in battle" have no influence on XP/credit battle income

- all the vehicles are balanced separately, not according to some "class parameters"

- regarding the possibility of the change of rules for buying camo/decals: "It there is some, I will tell you"

- the reason for nerfing the penetration in 0.8.6 is "malice" :)

- regarding the premium tanks being able to use only gold ammo for
credits without losing money: "In such a case, they don't fulfill their
primary role - to be used for farming"

- Q: "SerB, what are you doing to do with clans copying the name of
famous clans, who have tons of copycats around?" A: "Imagine, my name is
Sergey, I thought I'd be the only one of my kind, but there turned out
to be a huge number of copycats around! How will I live from now on?!"

- it won't be possible to shoot from water (when the tank is submerged)

- Sturmtiger will be a tank destroyer, not an arty

- it's possible that when the multiturret mechanism is introduced, Churchill will have its hull gun usable

- premium modules for tanks won't be implemented

- regarding the Leopard (LT): when it was moved a tier higher, no other suitable weapons were found for it than the 30mm Mk103

- according to SerB, there is no "ideal setup" for a game, because there are differences in maps, tactics and player skills

- according to SerB, when balancing classes (except for LT's), average damage doesn't have to be the same for all classes

- according to SerB, the reasons (altogether) for not introducing thanks
beyond the 60's are: composite and dynamic armor, smoothbores, fire
control systems, most tanks have similiar parameters, gas turbines...

- regarding the maximum tank render distance limits: "It's there for a
complex of reasons. Principially we could just change the scale - but
then, you will get to shoot at "dots at the horizont" - that's not very
interesting. But we are working on it."

- technically it's possible to put the gas turbine into the Panther or
Panther II, but it won't be done... for now :) (SS: Germans did
experiment with various turbines for the Panther - GT101 to GT103,
around cca 1200 -1500 hp) - however, E-50 or E-75 won't have them, it
was the Germans themselves who historically wanted to keep the regular

- ATGMs wonť be implemented

- SerB is tempted to give the T-62A the improved Object167M hull and 122mm D-83 gun

- there will be no free handout vehicles in 0.8.6