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Hello everyone,
another short post by Storm about what’s going on in development for 8.10:
- if all goes well, next patch (8.10) will bring projectiles flying thru destructable objects such as fences and walls

- fixed a bug where in the tooltip for the loader on IS-7 it was
displayed that the crewman can’t train radioman skills, apparently this
bug caused a lot of butthurt

- fixed a bug where the average XP for crewmen was displayed as two
times lower than on the tank itself. It’s a visual bug, not the crewmen
getting less XP, don’t worry :)

- increased the turret rotation speed on Maus by 2 degrees/sec (eg. by almost 15 percent)

- changes for Lowe: upper side armor is 20mm thicker, -2,5 tons of
weight, +40 shells in ammo rack, depression buffed by 2 degrees
The Japanese are being worked on, maps are being reworked – work is in full swing.

From the discussion:
- there is not enough data yet whether top Waffenträgers are OP or not

- for now, only destructable objects will be penetrable, tests have
shown that while a 120mm subcaliber shell penetrating 10 huts in a row
is realistic, it changes gameplay on some places significantly

- for penetrating destructable objects there will be a loss of penetration for the shell

- the loss of penetration will not be a big one, it will be the same for all objects

- it’s not planned for shadows of objects to provide camo bonus

- the Lowe gun elevation will also be buffed despite not being listed above

- Storm states that the Maus turret rotation buff is important, as the turret rotates really slowly

- E-100/Maus “Tiger-II-like” turret with a 128mm gun is a complete fake

- in the future, shells will be flying through buildings too

- Storm states that the reason for this change is for the gameplay to be “more understandeable”

- there will be “non-linear loss of penetration with each hit of the object”

- Storm is not aware of any FPS drop issues in 8.9

- the penetrated objects won’t have see-through holes in them apparently

- rocks and stones will not be penetrable

- T-44-85 will not come in 8.10

- KV-1S will not be split in 8.10

- player statistic bug will be fixed this year (SS: not sure which one is meant)

- the destructable object penetration mechanism is already developed, the only thing to decide is in which patch will it come

- info about 8.10 and two new Soviet tanks will come soon

- Japanese tanks will come “in the next month”

- it’s too early to tell whether the T7 Combat Car is too weak

- improved graphics (partial, 9.0) will come around New Year

- in 8.10 there will (apart from the Japanese) be also the color filters

- there are no plans for changes of E-100 and other vehicles on its bases apparently

- KV-5 is doing fine statistically

- the shells penetrating destructable object will destroy it too (SS:
so, like now, just that the tank behind it will get hit, the shell won’t
get eaten)

- North-West map has really positive feedback, most players like it

- gold shells for credits won’t be removed

- for now the HEAT damage reduction is not planned

- there is no plan to implement XP gained by crewmembers into the post-battle statistics

- optional hulls will come in 2014

- no plans for material gun barrels (SS: as in, gun barrels that don’t clip thru objects)

- no plans for other Maus gun changes

- there will be more varied gun sounds (no more 150m and 120mm sounding the same)

- M48 gun model will be fixed

- T2 LT won’t get better MM than it has now Ftr.wot-news.com

Two important things first:
- as you might noticed, FTR experienced some trouble for last few
days, resulting in almost not being available yesterday and earlier
today for some players. Edrard investigated and the culprit has been
identified as the Hupso share buttons plugin. Edrard disabled it and now
everything works fine. However, in order to fix other things, Edrard
will be doing deep maintenace in the night. So, from like midnight till
early tomorrow (no exact ETA, depends on Edrard), the server will be
taken offline and will have its bugs fixed. So don’t panic if you won’t
ba able to log on, FTR will be back tomorrow afternoon.
- because there is a prolonged weekend in Minsk (from tomorrow till
Sunday), Cannoneer wrote me that people won’t be working since tomorrow
and the FTR QA answers will be delayed. I will submit them later today,
but the answers will not be available sooner than on Monday.
- WoT for OS X to appear earlier then War Thunder for OS X? “Time will tell”

- WoT is not considered a “historical” game according to SerB

- Q: “Are you doing something to improve the quality of the game? How
much do you respect the work of your team, when you treat the game like
this?” A: “Everyone knows we found the game in a dumpster and now are
just cashing in”

- Q: “Who is the game made for, developers of players?” A: “Not idiots, that’s for sure!”

- WoT won’t be converted to OpenGL anytime soon

- Hurricanes (as in the British planes) will appear in WoWp

- new city maps maps Minsk, Kharkov and Konigsberg will appear in random battles too

- WoT API works on OS X using emulators (SS: no idea what that means or whether it is important)

- KV-4 in game is based on N.Dukhov’s design. It was picked because it is “most distinctive”

- there might be optional hulls even for “paper” tanks: for example it’s
possible the E-50M will become an optional hull for E-50 and both will
move to tier 10, but “paper tanks will have unlockable hulls only when
really necessery”

- Object 430 prototype: “When it’s done it’s done”

- plans to use PaK 36(r) from Marder on other vehicles? “If there are any, I will tell”

- in historical battles the T-34/76 won’t be buffed to compete with Tigers in 1943 battles: “Either flank, or use ISU-152″

- FCM36 Marder I gun module too heavy? “How terrible”

- apparently perks rework don’t have exactly high priority

- the “detrack” XP bonus (shared XP) doesn’t apply when you knock out opponent’s engine and not tracks

- Dicker Max and Sturer Emil have identical guns, but their weight is different. The reason for it are different gun Ftr.wot-news.com

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Source: World-of-ru.livejournal.com everyone,today (roughly 2 hours ago or so), there was a stream with Storm, LJ user magnus_25 made a summary of what Storm said (well, partial). Here it is:- map “Kharkov” is being made with all sorts of nice historical fluff, like fires, smoke in the distance and airplanes passing overhead. Apart from Kharkov maps, there will be Minsk and Königsberg historical city maps. They will have historical buildings modelled specially for those maps. These maps will be built on historical sources.
- Japanese tanks will not be OP – don’t expect imbalanced vehicles. But many Japanese tanks will have really good depression
- there will be no special maps for assault and encounter modes
- maps will be made more “life-like” and atmosphere will be added – burning tanks and such, so the player feels like he’s on a battlefield
- there will be a HD client with lots of graphic improvements, like turrets and pieces of tank (like boxes) being ripped off by fire, reflections etc. The amount of polygons and quality of textures will be improved. There will be new layers of textures, that will look properly under different light – grass will be grass, mesh will be mesh etc. There will also be independent suspension. This will be possible to disable, new computers will be able to work with it, old computers will be able to work with graphic level as it is now
- 7/42 started very well and a LOT of players play it, more than WG expected.
- garage battles will come (in some special way, not just as garage battles)
- small things currently only in mods will also be added, such as traverse angles in aim circle, improved tank selection (carousel) in garage etc.
- WT E-100 is not overpowered: it gets oneshotted and dies soon
- apparently, the developers managed to fix the bug, where you don’t see a silhouette of enemy tank when hiding behind a wreck, it will be fixed in a patch (next?)
- WG understands that the players are fed up with nerfs and tries to find a better way of balancing vehicles
- there is a plan to reduce HEAT shell damage: they will penetrate more, but damage less, but is just one of the options and it will happen in very far future
- top Japanese vehicle will resemble the Leopard
- Japanese heavy top tank will come later
- there are plans to increase the render range and to increase the gun range: “If the tank gets to shoot on 700 meters, the gun accuracy value will be much stronger”
- CW will be integrated into the client
- there will be a new mode for clans, for participation in it “the clan won’t have to have many people and very skilled players”
- hardcore mode “like in War Thunder” is not planned for now, but not completely scrapped either
- WG is working on new sounds
- lowtier arty will get another buff, but not much (there is a fear of overbuffing)
- there are statistic issues with some vehicles, WG is aware of that and will consider solutions
- according to Storm, especially autoloader tanks are very skill-sensitive
- visual will be reworked, various limits will be removed, like roadwheels not being covered in camo
- according to Storm, the accuracy buff had some unintended consequences, but as a whole it was necessery
- camo system will be reworked, for example bushes will no longer be boxes, but will have round shapes for camo purposes
- WG will try to make it so that players, using mods have less problems with each new patch. It’s possible a special source for “approved” mods will come next year
- patches in 2014 will be mixed, eg. along with new tanks there will be interface changes (SS: in 2013 there was a formal division between “technical” and “content” patches)
- one of the reasons hardcore mode won’t be implemented are cheat mods
- there are plans for American medium branch, French mediums and heavies, British medium branch, Sturmtiger branch – those are the groups from which the tanks will be picked for 2014 patches, in 2014 we will see approximately 3 new branches
- the reason for not so many tanks being implemented is that the rework of old tanks to new models is in motion, plus WG understands that before new tanks are added, it’s needed to deal with current issues
- there will be TD assault guns! With them the option of disabling the horizontal autoaim will come, so you can lob huge slow powerful shells over hills
- WG is waiting for more infos from German archives, as it is believed more German monsters are hiding thereAnd from discussion (Storm appeared even there, he’s everywhere!)- there will be an active rangefinder (measuring range to everything, not just enemy tanks)
- new Chinese will most likely not come in 2014 at all
- the disabled horizontal autoaim will be a separate aiming mode “like in Battlefield”


The Second World War and its many years of occupation led to stagnation
of the French tank building school. The ARL-44, planned for production
in 1944, was already obsolete compared to tanks of the USSR, USA, or
Germany. French engineers had to quickly develop a tank that could deal
with modern war no worse than a Tiger or IS.

Compared to their colleagues from other countries, the French had less
experience in building tanks. However, instead of picking apart a
captured tank and copying it, they decided to experiment. The result was
very interesting.

While they did not copy anything outright, the French borrowed some
technology from their "inherited" German E-series documentation. The
first prototype, named AMX M4, was reminiscent of the King Tiger. It had
the same suspension, with interleaved road wheels and internal shock
absorbers. However, it had a rear engine and transmission. The tank was
never built in metal.

A decision was made that the new tank had to have a more protected
turret and a more powerful 100 mm gun. The French put the gun in an
oscillating turret. The turret was composed of two parts. The gun was
fixed in the upper part, and has no mantlet. Vertical aiming was
achieved by moving the entire top part of the turret up and down.
Horizontal aiming was done by rotating the lower part of the turret.
This allowed the turret to be very small, due to a lack of gun elevation
mechanisms. Additionally, one crew member could be eliminated by
installing an automatic loader.

The first autoloader used a revolver drum-like cassette. The cassette fit 6 rounds, which had to be refilled manually.

The new tank was indexed AMX 50 100. Aside from the new gun, it received
a better suspension, 120 mm of front armour, and a 1000 hp gasoline
engine. In theory, the tank was supposed to accelerate to 60 kph, but
tests never managed to get it over 51 kph. Even that result was pretty
good for a heavy tank.

In 1951, during continued tests of the AMX 50 100, a new 120 mm gun was
developed. The model with this gun was called AMX 50 120. The tank was
developed as a counter to Soviet IS-3 and T-10 tanks.

Like its predecessor, it had an oscillating turret and an autoloader.
The hull was changed. The front was "piked", like the IS-3. Aside from a
120 mm gun, the turret had 7.5 mm machine guns, to combat enemy
infantry. The hull was cast, which increased its durability. The
increase in mass decreased maneuverability. The French wanted the tank
to accelerate to 65 kph. This would have required a 1200 hp motor, but
the French never managed one that could achieve more than 850 hp.

The increase in caliber had a downside. While 100 mm shells were still
serviceable, manually reloading a cassette of 120 mm shells was hellish

The French were proud of their new tank. They considered it as mobile as
a Panther, as powerful as an IS-3, as reliable as a Sherman. Even
Germany was interested in this new tank, and made a preliminary contract
to buy some AMX 50 tanks.

However, if you look past the developers' optimistic views, the AMX 50's
real life applications were questionable. Its mobility and autoloader
would give it an edge in quick battles, but its weak armour and large
size made it completely unsuited for prolonged combat.

AMX 50 never made it to mass production. Only five of these very
interesting vehicles were built. Many opinions exist as to why. Some
historians claim that the tank was insufficiently protected, especially
against HEAT. Due to the oscillating turret, it was difficult to protect
the crew against chemical weapons, or radiation. Finally, oscillating
turrets were not compatible with NATO's standardization plans.

There is another version. The tank was "buried" by corrupt officials.
After the Korean war, America had a surplus of tanks, which had to be
sold to someone quickly. Some French military officials made a
profitable deal, and France got M47 Pattons instead of AMX 50s.

Original article available here.

The design of the Maus tank started way back in 1942. Before the "45"
ton Tiger (that swelled up to 57 tons during development) hit the
battlefield, Porsche was already developing the VK100.01(P) (first 100
ton class prototype, Porsche). The tank weighed 100 tons and had a 15 cm
KwK L/40 gun. This was roughly analogous to the KV-4 and KV-5 designs
the Soviets were producing a few years prior, with 120 mm of front
armour. However, the process of inflation already began, as Hitler
already decided to increase the mass of the tank to 120 tons.

Blueprint #3381, dated June 4th, 1942

The newer, larger, Maus (then called Typ 205) blueprint was ready on
June 17th, 1942. The mass of the tank was 140 tons, while the engine
remained the same. Much like in many of the KV-4 designs, a top turret
was added, with a 7.5 cm KwK L/24. The armour grew to 150 mm.

Blueprint #3382, dated June 17th, 1942

The result was a bit of a mess. Krupp, rightfully, wanted to redo the
turret, and Porsche the suspension. As a result, the whole thing was
scrapped in July, and the PzKpfw Mauschen started development. The new
Krupp turret included a 15 cm L/31 gun with a coaxial 7.5 cm L.24 gun.
The mass of the tank grew to 150 tons. In response, the tank got a new
900 hp engine and four tracks. The tank looks pretty close to what we
recognize as a Maus today.

Typ 205A, PzKpfw Mauschen, October 28, 1942

First, to all American readers: Happy Independence Day!

Anyway, before the 8.7 gets downloaded on my comp (if I manage to log in, I’ll post pictures/stats of all the new vehicles), a quick Q&A session:

- in 8.7, the gun accuracy will be the same as in 8.6
- 112 was removed from patch 8.7, because it needs further balancing
- since 0.8.6, the Fjords map winrate of both bases was 50 percent (no disbalance)
- there were rumors that the new Soviet branch will bring a Maus-style Soviet heavy tank (SS: no idea where the Russians got this from), those rumors are false
- the three most important factors for WoT’s rating system are winrate, average XP per battle and average kills per battle
- the IS-6 ingame has mechanical transmission. A player stated that the mechtrans IS-6 had historical maximum speed of 43km/h instead of current 35 km/h, SerB will investigate
- 8.8 patch tier 10 Object 430 will not have the 122mm gun (Object 430U)
- other premium vehicles in the past were not possible to sell for gold, because they were never changed seriously enough
- when counting cover, two fallen trees count as one (their camo bonuses don’t stack), but two bushes in one line do stack – however, one bush and one fallen tree don’t stack
- the VK100.01 is a real project, based on one German book, allegedly, Yuri Pasholok was one of the first people to get that book in the former USSR
- regarding the Panther changes: “Expect a small buff to tiers 7,8 and 9 of that branch”
- WoT won’t have for example completely destructible all objects, there would be a problem with server synchronisation and load
- in order to pay for itself (without no profit), WoT has to have at least 50 thousand players around the world
- during the hull unification, T-34 and T-34/85 apparently won’t be unified, T-34/85 and Type 58 will both stay on tier 6
- the reason various trees of various nations don’t have the same tech order (for example one tree has arty branch on the top, while another on the bottom) is to make transitions between branches better visible
- both 112 and 113 have 68 degrees frontal armor slope
- apparently, WoT Generals account will also be unified with WoT


Just a reminder, guys, the 8.7 test apparently starts tomorrow. On
one hand I am surprised that almost nothing has been leaked about it, on
the other hand, the source of this info is very reliable.
- links from and to the British arty branch? “Wait for open test”

- IF the E-50 tanks are unified (definitely not sure), E50M will simply become a hull option for the E50

- a “Wittman-like” medal (for a big number of kills) won’t be
implemented specially for lower tiers, because the developers don’t want
to encourage experienced players to go hunt newbies, tier 5
(Walters-Radley medal) is already not sealclubbing/pedobearing

- the rule that “weak gun = limited MM” applies only for premium tanks

- if Sturmpanzer Bär was introduced into the game (SS: SerB emphasized the “IF“), it would most likely be a part of Sturmtiger’s branch
SS: Sturmpanzer Bär was a superheavy (120t) 1943 self-propelled
mortar project,armed with a 305mm mortar. The project was basically
rendered obsolete by the Sturmtiger project and cancelled. This is how
it would have looked:
- with the introduction of researchable hulls, GW Tiger P won’t
become an optional hull for GW Tiger, because otherwise there would be a
hole in the respective tier

- lowtier tanks, previously leaked from supertest (such as AMR P103, LTP
etc.) won’t be introduced at once, but at different times for each

- new British and Chinese tanks? “will tell when the time is right”

- SerB doesn’t know yet what the Japanese tanks’ base color will be

- JagdChieftain (CTR) in WoT? “No comment”
- SerB won’t disclose the exact mechanism, how XP points are gained
from combat, he only states that the XP gain is judged by active
participation in the line-of-sight tank battle (as in, tanks have to see
each other)

- no plans to give additional XP/credits for protecting allied tanks with your tank’s hull

- it’s too early to tell, what impact the 8.6 had on medium tanks

- SerB states that while the statistics are yet to show, arties are
unlikely to be directly buffed. Instead, devs have ideas about some new
artillery gameplay elements, which would raise the arty effectivity, but
the concept is not finalized yet.

- SerB states that while he doesn’t remember whether the IS-6 in the
game has electrical or mechanical transmission, you can check it
yourself, if the vehicle can turn on the spot, it’s electrical, if not,

- the German 50mm L/60 gun module is too light in the game, it should be heavier, but this has low priority

- terrain passability is counted according to the point, located in
center of the hull (SS: if the center is located on the road, while one
track is located on rough terrain, the game will use the passability of
the road)

- Russian players started massive whining about the T-44 being underpowered after 0.8.6, it was dismissed as… well, whining.

- StuG IV in WoT? “No comment”

- SerB believes he does have the T92 light tank documents/drawings,
because The_Chieftain (US forums history expert/developer) sent him a
lot of stuff

- SerB considers the “miniquest” (combat task) principle okay, but its implementation was a bit off.


Well, I am sure a lot of you have heard already, so… the 8.7 open test starts this Thursday (unless something happens that is)
- T57 Heavy nerf? “Will nerf, if needed. If not needed, I won’t nerf.”

- there is exactly one difference between Chinese tanks 111 and 112

- according to SerB, autoloader tanks didn’t break the battle balance

- Object 263 has subcaliber shells instead of HEAT shells, because the developers haven’t found historical HEAT shells.

- tier 8 heavies fighting too often in T9/10 battles? “How terrible…”

- SerB wants to have a close look at Churchill GC and reduce its tier by 1

- Japanese top arty will apparently have a short range 300mm caliber gun, Chinese top arty has not been found yet

- it’s possible that the VK4502 Ausf.A and B will be united as one tank
in the future (specifically, both will become hull options for the
VK4502), developers already started to work on this feature

- as a part of the aforementioned feature, it’s possible that the T-50-2
hull will return as a T-50 hull option, IS could recieve a streamlined
frontal armor as its second hull option and the US T23 medium might
appear as another tank’s hull option also

- removing of the top unhistorical Panther engines apparently does
concern other vehicles on their bases (Jagdpanther I and II), they might
get an improved terrain passability, “if needed”

- the fire damage is tied to the projectile it was caused with. In other
words, if someone sets an enemy on fire and that tank is spotted by
someone else, the fire damage that “ticks” while the vehicle is spotted
will not count towards spotter’s XP

- regarding the hull module impementation (as mentioned above),
Centurions and Panthers will most likely not be unified as one vehicle…
Okay, you will like this:
- there is an idea (SerB emphasizes, just an idea) to actually push
the E-50 to tier 10 (and to unify its hull with E50M) and make the
“Turbopanther” a new tier 9 (SS: apparently a GT101-equipped Panther is
meant – for those who don’t know, GT101 is a JET turbine, hehe)
- one of the hull module variants for Panzer IV is one with additional side armor (“schürzen”)

- SerB is thinking about implementing visually different suspensions (for example narrower tracks)

- visual implementation of camo net is complicated, according to SerB,
the developers haven’t figured out how to implement that yet

- premium tier 8 Centurion is highly unlikely

- apparently, the leaked tier 7 T-44-122 will be a Soviet medium tank in the 8.8 second medium branch (SS: interesting)

- Panzer 38H (“Micromaus”) at the bottom of the team all the time? “How terrible…”

- SU-152 152mm gun has higher damage than the KV-2′s one, because “it uses different shells in the game”

- Q: “How much money would I have to bribe you with to return the 122mm gun to SU-26?” A: “For that you don’t have enough”

- Q: “And if all the SU-26 drivers pooled their money together?” A: “Even so it’s not enough”

- the camo factor in 8.6 still does depend on whether you move or not, no matter how little you move

- Q: “M48A1 is underperforming?” A: “Don’t see its pluses? Don’t play it.”

- limited MM spread is applied only to tanks with weak guns

- under equal conditions, fallen coniferous trees do not give better
camo bonus than fallen trees with leaves, but under some circumstances,
they might (if their silhouette is big enough)

- the developers considered a mode where each side would have more than
one base, but it was rejected, because it’s too complicated for players

- 15 vs 15 random format was selected, because it was considered optimal, when it comes to server load

- basically, if I understood this comment correctly, SerB thinks that
the Gaijin’s plan for War Thunder to unify ships, tanks and airplanes on
one map is BS.

- the beginning of the shell trajectory curve lies in the axis point of
the gun, the position of this axis can change, depending on the turret

- the shell accuracy is not influenced by the level of zoom in the sniper mode

- SerB states that in this situation,
there is no camo bonus difference between both cases, but if the tree
is small and has a complicated shape, it’s easier to be spotted because
one “tank visual checkpoint” (SS: for explanation, see wotwiki,
spotting) might not be covered by the tree

- the abovementioned mechanism was not changed for ages, but it might
change (not anytime soon), if the developers decide to implement bonuses
for only partial vehicle cover

- Foch 155 needs nerf? “Don’t play Foch 155. Or vice versa – play it, noone will mind”

- T-44 needs buff? “Don’t play T-44″

- PVE contant is not being worked on at this moment

- China is the only WoT region, in which it is required by law for the game to force players to take breaks (even by bans)

- if I understand this correctly, it’s theoretically possible to build a
Maus branch with VK4502P and Maus prototypes on tiers 7-10, VK100.01
would be typical tier 9

- premium tanks will not be rebalanced (as a whole category) and they won’t be hardcapped per battle


SerB started doing one really annoying thing: he stopped copying
whole questions, so I have no idea what the player was asking, therefore
I had to skip some nice answers.
- according to The_Chieftain, it’s possible (not anytime soon tho)
that the T29 series of US heavy tanks will eventually be nerfed, because
preliminary measuring suggest that the mantlets aren’t as thick as it
was originally thought

- SerB won’t tell, how EXACTLY is the XP income calculated

- apparently, regarding the earlier announced intention of SerB to
remove the unhistorical buffs of the VK4502P, while moving it down a
tier or two, its replacement could be the “Protomaus” (one of the Maus
prototypes the developers ran across)

- SerB states that while the HESH might be reconfigured for another mechanism, the spall liner will continue to work against it

- no new heavy lines have been introduced lately, because there are few candidates for them. They will come in time.

- it’s possible there might be a new “Interesting mechanics” video, explaining the 8.6 changes

- it’s possible the option (mentioned in March) to retrain various
crewmembers to another role (for example radioman to gunner) will come
in time, but it doesn’t have too high a priority, as there are “more
important tasks” and implementing this would take like a month of work

- random games without platoons are not planned

- there are no plans to nerf tank destroyers for now

- SerB said he predicted that the next target of mass whining will be the tank destroyers – and that he was right

- shells in WoT are not objects, they have no mass or dimensions, they
are basically just dots (so are the points of impact – they are not

- SerB states it’s not true that a shell only has following parameters:
penetration, damage, velocity, he also names caliber, base ricochet
angle, base approach angle, damage to modules and splash. And that’s

- SerB confirms that since the RU7 server works with a special
matchmaker version, then yes, at any point the developers can change the
MM mechanism on various servers separately

- the WoWp open beta will be launched on 2nd July, but the unified premium account will come a bit later

- SerB is playing WoWp even for pleasure (not just as a job), he plays with mouse-keyboard and

- apparently, the preferred trees in Baltic countries and in China are Soviet

- it won’t be possible for players to choose their preferable MM spread
(SS: some player actually wanted a -2/+4 spread for his KV)

- keyboard indicator on password screen, tank carousel selection in the
garage and aim sights with timers and colour choices are not considered
too important by SerB

- there are no plans to introduce a “cyclone filter” equivalent for German and American tanks

- Q: “There are too many KV-1S, will they get their 122mm removed?” A: “How terrible…”

- Q: “Will Hetzer lose its 105mm?” A: “How terrible…”

- it’s possible that when the hulls of the vehicles are interchangeable,
the name of the tank will change with them, but for now this won’t be
implemented (SS: there is a plan to introduce a feature that hulls will
be unlockable as modules)

- the “bamboo canes” on Chinese maps provide no camo bonus at all

- more realistic tank destruction model will come

- SerB states that since this answering is not his duty but his free time, he considers it a relaxation

- MT-25 stats? “No comment on leaks, wait for patchnotes”

- your game settings are stored on your computer, not on the server, it’s impossible for now to do it serverside

- SerB confirms: E-79 is a fake tank, invented by the Japanese (modellers)

- this situation is impossible in WoT, as the physical armor in the game is 0mm thick – armor thickness is just a number

- SerB states that while he had some threats with violence, noone never showed up

- no alternative turret designs for Indien-Panzer have been found, if some appear, the devs will add them to the game

- T-44 is moving worse than T-54 (despite having a powerful engine), because “the suspension is obsolete”

- SerB states that the implementation of Japanese tanks into the game
goes slowly. Wargaming did get some data, but SerB is asking players –
if anyone has any additional data on the Japanese heavies, send them

- SU-14-2 elevation angle won’t be buffed

- periodical map changes are based on Wargaming’s interpretation of map
statistics, such as sides winrates, places where tanks die etc.

- the case where a new tank crew member is being added to a tank (the MT-25 case) has not happened before

- Japanese medium tanks won’t be commented for now, but SerB comments on
the Japanese tanks in general: medium tanks are ready (SS: as in all
found), there are some issues with the heavies (not enough credible info
on the O-I variants and the T10 tank), there are still tier 4 and 5
holes (Type 91 and Type 95 are tier 3 max, while the Iwakuro heavy tank
goes to tier 6). As for tank destroyers, those are theoretically all
found, but the developers are looking for more credible info on them
(not the one found on the internet).

- KV-1S will stay on tier 6 and will NOT lose its 122mm

- it’s possible, that the Japanese tree won’t come out with a heavy
branch, but with TD’s and mediums only, or even with a light/medium
branch, without TD’s and heavies.

- Sturmtiger is still planned

- Chi-He and Chi-Nu Japanese tanks will appear as mediums

- SerB confirms that the age of the tanks fighting each other is irrelevant, Leopard 1 fighting a T-44 is just fine

- SerB states that the lower penetration of wartime Soviet guns is
caused not by low quality gunpowder (which was partially imported from
USA, thus being of good quality), but by bad armor-piercing shell design


First, some info on US tanks from US server developer/historian, The_Chieftain
- in 8.7, US tanks won’t probably be nerfed (The_Chieftain stated on
US forums that he is constantly working on measuring the armor of the US
vehicles, but he won’t make it till 8.7): “No significant nerfing of US
tanks is going to happen in 8.7″

- another piece from The_Chieftain: apparently, the M103/T110 won’t be nerfed, when it comes to armor

- The_Chieftain on T57/M103 supposed armor nerf, that was somewhat
hinted at earler: “…..since then I found the army’s ballistic test
report for the T43′s hull, which as near as I can tell is ballistically
identical to the M103′s. Did moderately well, except for the lower front
Some more info from US server, regarding the Missions (aka “miniquests”) and Operations (series of missions)
- Mugsy_: there will be a special Operations (and Missions, aka “miniquests”) interface (UI) in next patch, it’s being developed

- missions can be considered WoT equivalent of Warcraft’s daily quests

- gold as a reward won’t be used too much until the testing of the whole concept is complete

- Operations (series of missions) will be historically themed series of missions (for example a “Battle of Kursk”)

- missions where you have to “do damage equal to 3-5x of your tanks health” are not technically possible now
BTW: I am not sure, whether Operations as such will come to EU
server. It’s an American server thing, essentially (they have been
running these for a while now, just not using this special reward
system). We’ll just have to see.
Overlord’s info from his blog:
- 8.7 supertest has recently started, it’s possible that we will see 8.7 public test in like two weeks

- WG still plans to release one new map per update

- day/night battles and weather are being worked on

- T-50-2 will be replaced completely, it will not become a premium tank á la T34
And regular Q&A:
- according to SerB, TD’s aren’t OP now (“statistics don’t confirm”)

- patch 8.6 is considered “nice”

- there were (and are) no plans to reduce the HP damage done by HEAT shells, while increasing their effect against crewmembers

- spall liner doesn’t work when the vehicle armor is (fully) penetrated by HE

- SerB states that Soviet RPG-7 can penetrate Abrams, it happened in
Iraq and one of the crewmembers was wounded, Americans then tried to
blame some “secret gun”, but it was just a RPG

- it’s possible that the Superpershing will not be nerfed in 8.7 (there might not be enough time to make it)

- old tanks (such as Panzer 35t) have detailed suspension collision
models, while the new ones have less detailed ones. This is intentional –
the developers considered the situation and found out less detailed
models are sufficient for the game, while reducing the load on the

- the “miniquest” mechanism wasn’t implemented earlier, because developers simply had other things to do

- map “Stalingrad” will not be apparently implemented under this name,
but something like Stalingrad (a map of that type) will come

- as for silver- and XP-awarding events (like the Russians had recently
with the miniquests), SerB generally doesn’t like such events, because
he thinks people should play to win and not to fulfill the mission goals

- SerB is also not fond of lowtier premium tanks, because they support
pedobearing/sealclubbing (SS: experienced players preying or newbies),
which means Bronetraktors (SS: armored improvised tractors, the Ni tank
being the most famous) probably won’t appear

- it’s very rarely possible for a hightier tank to appear in lowtier
battles, happens late in the night, when there aren’t enough vehicles to
fill the slots and MM adds vehicles from other tiers to the battle

- there will be no “free tank” (or other reward) for changing the VK3601H into a heavy

- SerB’s comment on 0.8.6 MM: “It’s not that bad”

- it’s possible the VK4501B will recieve historical parameters within a
year, that is it gets much less armor and loses the 105mm and 128mm guns
(and gets dropped down a tier or two), it was made tier 9 because WG
didn’t find a historical proper T9 candidate

- SerB on why there is no British autoloaded arty on tier 10: “Oh well,
evil Zlobny conjured up something else, happens. (SS: here, SerB used
the word “нашаманить” – I am not sure what it means, some slang word for
find or conjure up?)

- you won’t have to probably manually remove the crew from T-50-2 before its switch, but watch the patchnotes just in case

- it’s possible that the second German TD branch (0.8.9) was changed
compared to the early version that was made public last year, SerB will
tell when the time is right

- there are no plans to introduce the IS-7 with 152mm at this moment,
but if it is introduced, it will probably be a heavy tank, not a TD

- when the new French heavy branch comes, its tier 10 tank will most
likely not be the AMX50B, but something new (SS: earlier 2012 trees
showed both heavy branches ending with one tank, the 50B)

- there are plans to add the possibility to change the e-mail your account is registered to

- it’s possible HESH will recieve its own mechanism, but SerB doesn’t see it as an important issue, it has low priority

- neither Ferdinand nor Jagdpanther II will most likely lead to the new
German TD branch, SerB will not share details about any merges or splits

- Q: “Why is the capture much faster on new Encounter maps?” A: “How terrible…”

- default German emblem will not be changed

- new emblems: “if necessery”

- according to SerB, in surveys, players actually prefer only partial
city maps, not completely covered with streets, so that’s how the devs
will do it

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