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- female voices for WoT are not planned

- US tier 7 or 8 premium TD, Russian tier 6 premium arty? "If necessery"

- it's not realistic to expect retroactive medal awards

- Aufklärungspanzer Panther "will get a Mk.103 30mm cannon if the
players who ask for it find a proof such a cannon was planned for it -
really was planned, not just "could fit"", statistically it's fine
according to SerB

- Batchat arty shell velocity was not nerfed

- apparently, Matilda BP was not changed lately (SS: some player complained about lower toughness of frontal armor)

- when a module is damaged - but not damaged enough to reach a yellow
status, it is not repaired. Module autorepair activates only when the
module is yellow (50 percent HP) and works until its HP reaches 50

- wet stowage module works by simply adding more HP to the ammorack
module, that's why the ammorack module gets yellow later. Cyclone filter
works on the same principle.

- apparently there is a bug on the new Pearl River map, some players experience nasty fps drops when playing it

- new ammo types (for example incendiary) are still planned, but works on them have not yet begun

- Q: "Will there be a tank heavier than 200 tons in game?" A: "Ratte won't be implemented"

- gas turbines won't be implemented (SS: damn, I really hoped for the GT101 at some point)

- woodgas engines (used by German for training tanks) and steam engines
(allegedly there was a steam-powered KV) won't be implemented

- track module HP of T-62 was not increased in 0.8.5

- no info yet on the new tier 10 vehicles

- Q: "What about the difference between Russian and European gift shop offers?" A: "Envy is bad."

- if a player meets SerB in battle and teamdamages, blocks or swears at him, we will get banned

- removed speed governor consumable doesn't remove a fixed amount of hp
per second, it removes a percentage of HP - eg. addind cyclonic filters
doesn't make the engine turn yellow later according to SerB

- winter maps will come soon, more desert maps will come... not so soon

- sixth sense is not bugged, it lights up correctly, according to SerB
cases where you get damaged when not lit up can be caused by blind fire

- physical shells (with mass) aren't planned, not even for rocket tanks like Sturmtiger

- SerB confirmed that players will be banned for the "modpack" (SS: the stuff I posted about earlier)

- in future, it will be possible for various server clusters (Americans,
Europeans, Russians, SEA) to fight each other via a "roaming" system

- the Japanese superheavy (SS: tier 10) tank weights 140 tons

- the info about VK2002DB comes "from the Germans"

- "smooth ride" perk doesn't make shells fall near the center of the aim circle more often, the distribution is always the same

- Storm is aware of the cheat mod issue, WG is investigating it.
Measures will be taken - it's not however yet decided what kind of
measures, they are still discussing it. According to Storm, the cheats
in the modpack are "not really that terrible".

- one of the cheat solutions considered is a portal with "certified" mods - only certified mods would then work with the game

- 2-3 reworked maps have (arty cover) problems, one of the problematic maps is Highway

- according to Storm, most players like the new map, it won't be taken down

- devs considered the possibility to transfer free XP to crew XP, but refused because they feel it's "pay to win"

- it's not known for now whether the amount of XP needed to train skills/perks will be reduced

- Storm does see the lack of high-end content as a problem, WG is working on it

- 8.6 will bring a solution for ride over bumpy terrain affecting the aim circle spread too much ("gun jumping")

- no "leagues" will be implemented

- the rate of tanks being implemented has been reduced roughly two times

- WG is pretty pissed about the Nvidia-caused bugs

- 0.8.6 will introduce a "hot feature" regarding game optimalisation

- deathmatch won't be introduced

- 25 percent random factor won't be reduced

- sort of "battle miniquests" for players are planned (SS: no details,
but what I understand from the context, it's something like "kill X
tanks of type Y")

- in 8.6, heavily armored tanks in general will be changed (SS: as in buffed)

- in 8.6, "there will be changes in armor mechanics"

- Storm agrees that the social aspect of the game is underdeveloped

- there will be more attempts to introduce "fair environment" and "fair play"

- 7 vs 7 battles will be implemented (SS: 7/42)

- looks like Storm isn't too hot into the (WarThunder) garage battle
mode (SS: as in when you die in one vehicle, you enter the same battle
in another) - "what if you enter a garage battle and in first minutes
you realize your teammates are retards and you will have to lose several
of your vehicles?

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