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Ugh, SerB is in fulltroll mode today.

- This applies only for RU for all I know: it's possible that e-sports
and tournaments (including Clanwars) will get their own dedicated server
with separate statistics

- Storm on the amount of rage the "First campaign" generated
(specifically the fact the reward tanks will be available only for
clanners and not good players in general, despite the fact some good
clanless players already paid a lot of money for free XP and are loyal
to the game): "Well, if you don't dare to enter a clan and prove you
play better than others - we can't help you. Loyalty has something to do
with it? What - was it necessery to give those vehicles to everyone for
free?" and "If we made the vehicles available for all random players
but with such difficult conditions that only a few thousand most skilled
players would be able to get them, you would still whine because you
still wouldn't be able to get those tanks (looking at your stats)."

- devs made the Campaign event so more players would enter clans and play the Clanwars

- devs consider the post-patch competitions ("Art of War") to be a
random equivalent of the Campaign (SS: apparently, since the devs get
allegedly thousands of questions "how do I get Type 59" every day, they
consider it an equal prize to the new T10's)

- the new reward tanks won't be stronger than the regular T10 vehicles

- there won't be a public test of those new T10's, "they have already been tested"

- SerB (SS: as an answer to a particularily dumb physics question):
"Hurry to school. Learn physics from like 6th grade. Or was it seventh?
In other words: uninstall the tanks and learn, learn, learn. And then we
wonder why our rockets are falling from the sky..." (SS: "Learn, learn,
learn" is a known Russian V.I.Lenin quote)

- SerB doesn't consider it an archievement to unlock a whole branch (or tree) to elite status

- SerB to player complaining that there will be no random rewards: "And why should we indulge your whims?"

- while an engine (or transmission) can be set on fire by ANY hit (SS:
this was limited for lowtier rapidfire autocannons to reduce the amount
of lowtier fires), the vehicle catches on fire only from completely
destroyed fuel tanks

- on the forum, according to SerB, Storm plays the "good cop" and SerB
the "bad cop" - this is a tactic they developed based on experience with
the community

- the T10 tanks won't be available for collectors, because "you can't
get the full WoT tank collection anyway, because Panzer V/IV or KV-220
were available only as supertester rewards"

- SerB states that there were actually no developer actions, that wouldn't start a wave of forum whining

- the new T10 tanks won't count towards the expert medals

- SerB is not afraid that people with the special T10 tanks will be
teamkilled more often out of envy: "We'll ban the retards and the game
will be cleaner."

- the fact that the best players in the game are getting the new T10
tanks will be taken into account, when analyzing the stats of these

- Storm states that in order to match the same level of difficulty when
obtaining the new T10 tanks in random, the players would for example
have to have an 85 percent winrate over 1000 battles

- regarding the 0.8.6 patch, the developers are happy with the new shell distribution and won't delay the patch any further

- 2nd German TD line will come this year, possibly in autumn, but Storm is not sure yet

- there will be a really small piece of info released today on 0.8.6

- ricochet check happens before normalisation is taken into account

- when making some calculations that work with gun caliber (SS: for
example overmatch), the gun caliber and its shell caliber are always
equal (SS: eg. subcaliber shells are not taken into account)

- test 0.8.6 won't start tomorrow

- no plans for Marder II new gun

- the new T10 tanks will be (just like premium tanks) usable with crews
trained on another tanks from the same class (SS: eg. M48 crew will be
usable in M60 etc.), they won't have increased income

- according to Storm, there is a patch plan for this year till 2014 and by now, it's being followed quite accurately.

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