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Report RSS 22.4.2013

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- the transmission cover plate on frontal T-70 armor (the rectangular cover on the left side from your POV) is 35mm thick, just like the rest of the frontal upper plate

- in Russian 0.8.5, Sexton I did not appear in the shop. The reason is that it's not balanced properly

- when bigger maps than the current ones are introduced, the teams will
get bigger too (how much bigger is not yet decided, but more than 15 per

- it's possible there will be a new (separate, different) platoon search
engine (SS: from rough description something like the WoW dungeon

- the impact of repair skill on track repair time is not going to be changed from what it is now

- recent Malinovka re-work saw the windmill arms turning, this change will be implemented to other maps with windmills

- the devs have considered to reduce the amount of XP needed to train 4th and 5th crew skills, but decided not to do it

- Type 59 and WZ-120 are identical vehicles

- it's not yet known whether the decals will be re-worked so they on tanks after their destruction

- patch 0.9.0 is supposed to be something big, but it's secret for now

- there seems to be a new 0.8.5 low FPS issue (FPS drops 10-20 on some
computers), it's unknown when (or whether) this will be solved

- new desert and winter maps will come

- according to Storm, developers do listen to both regular players and
top known streamers, there are special people who collect the public
opinions in the developer team

- Object 263 vertical gun range has not been improved

- T-70 on supertest recieved its historical crew number (2 instead of 3)
- but the 2-man turret remained, it's completely possible that it will
be replaced in future with another turret, such as Dedkov's cast turret.

- a platoon doesn't have any extra MM weight

- if two identical tanks have a platoon, their MM will be calculated according to the "older tank in the platoon".

- Jagdpanzer 38t "Hetzer Starr" is not planned for now (SS: this
question was confusing, because the player claimed there was some sort
of Hetzer with a "105mm launcher tube". I have no idea what that is,
there was never such a project as far as I know, apart from the
rigid-mounted 105mm L/28, which was the Starr mount AFAIK, perhaps the
player was referring to PAW, but AFAIK there was no such project either,
PAW went to 38d)

- it's possible the Hetzer in game will be renamed to Jagdpanzer 38t

- apparently extra consumable giving more power to diesel engines is not planned

- it's possible IS-4 will be renamed to (historically correct) IS-4M

- metal sheets on Ersatz Panther won't be implemented as spaced armor

- 2nd branch of Sovied medium tanks won't come this year

- 2nd branch of German TD's will come this year

- 2nd branch of French TD's will come eventually

- premium tanks of the same tier have the same moneymaking coefficient,
regardless of their type (T5 premium med has the same coefficient as T5
premium TD for example)

- according to Storm, no tanks are designed primarily as gold ammo shooters

- Storm is very happy with Object 907 performance

- there are premium tier 8 medium tanks coming (SS: unclear, whether in 0.8.6 or later)

- until 0.8.6 is out, no additional arty nerf/limit is planned

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