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First, some more answers from Storm's article mentioned in earlier posts:

- Ruinberg streets will be made more flat in 0.8.6 (SS: this change was promised last 2 patches already)

- Marschig (another WG developer) explains the mechanics of the shell flight: "(SS: when calculating shell trajectory,) the game doesn't take air resistance, Earth surface curvature or rotation and other ballistic details into account. Shells do fly according to the physics schoolbook, chapter "movement of an object, thrown horizontally under an angle". Thus, for calculating the trajectory, you need only speed, elevation angle and gravity freefall acceleration. According to the same schoolbook, on flat surface you get maximum range when using the elevation angle of 45 degrees. The trajectory is symmetrical, eg. the elevation angle equals the impact angle.
For tank shells, the gravity freefall acceleration is 9,81. For arty shells, it works differently - the initial shell velocity ("speed") and gravity freefall acceleration can be estimated independently. It is based on an abstract artillery vehicle with maximum range of 1000m under the 45 degrees angle and the shell flight time of 4 seconds. If you - when changing the speed/velocity - want to keep the range a constant, you have to change the gravity freefall acceleration.
In other words: with the unified maximum range, the trajectory of the shell doesn't depend on muzzle velocity and is always the same.

- based on what Marschig wrote, Storm confirms that in the game, each shell has a gravity freefall acceleration parameter set independently. All tank shells have it as 9,81, with arty it varies.
- in 0.8.6, maximum range of some weapons will be changed
- in 0.8.6, some sound effects will be changed, notably: increased the difference in impact sounds between AP and HE shells, sound of tank destruction, sound of AP shells hitting hard surfaces, sound of tank getting hit by HEAT shell and sounds of tanks being hit by AP and HE shells in general
- more info on 0.8.6 changes will come on Wednesday
- the info on tier 10 reward tanks will come "later"

Regular answers from the Q&A thread:

- the 5 arty hardcap won't be removed in 0.8.6, because first the developers need to assess the impact of the patch on arty numbers
- even though SU-26 will lose its 122mm, the XP spent for it won't be reimbursed to players
- patch numbers are selected "according to our internal wishes"
- in 0.8.6, accuracy will increase both when standing and when driving around
- the chance for accuracy nerfs of already accurate guns post-0.8.6 is zero
- for now, Leopard prototype B will not be implemented into the game (as a premium vehicle), there isn't enough info on it for now
- even if the 0.8.6 patch doesn't solve the arty flood issue, stricter arty hardcap won't be implemented
- changes in Clanwars are not tied to patches, since they don't need client updates and are made online, eg. introduction of CW Seasons is not tied to 0.8.6
- the shell velocity is constant throughout the whole time of its flight

- camo will work the following way from 0.8.6 (simplified):
Old: Camo = vehiclecamo*(camoskillcalculation)*1,25*1,05 (25 percent camo net, 5 percent bought visual camouflage)
New: Camo = vehiclecamo*(camoskillcalculation) + 0,25 + 0,05

SS: in other words - in the same situation, if we take for example vehicle camo factor of 0,5 (let's disregard camo skill and the demasking while moving or shooting effect for purpose of demonstration),
Old: 0,5*1,25*1,05 = 0,65625
New: 0,5+0,25+0,5 = 0,8 (21 percent increase)

- 0.8.6 map won't be a city map, it'll be a village map
- at this moment (before 0.8.6) it's not possible to simply change the XP and cred-earning coefficient for TD's
- there will be no compensation for the difference between earlier and post-0.8.6 TD XP income
- developers don't have a "special" version of the game with detailed graphics
- 0.9.0 camouflage mechanism re-work confirmed (SS: apparently even Russian players now take FTR as a source, I am glad :) either way, the mechanism change announced by SerB will take into account partial vehicle cover)
- camo coefficient bonuses given by camo nets, visual camo etc. will be reworked

Well, that's it today.

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