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I removed the "E-100 armor schematics" post, because Crazytony0 screwed
it up and I didn't doublecheck it before posting. Mea maxima culpa.

- Leopard 1 too weakly armored? "Don't play Leopard1" and "It was really
nice to troll whiners, knowing the armor thickness of this oversized
light tank"

- the solution to nerf gold ammo pen and to increase its price was accepted, because "we consider out approach to be correct"

- Q: "Since there are new (German) camos being introduced, haven't you
thought about new inscriptions, such as 'Gott mit uns'?" A: "Yep. And
'Jedem das seine' and 'Arbeit macht Frei'"

- for now, there are no plans to change the upcoming Soviet tier 7 premium medium tank into something on tier 8

- details about the patch 0.8.6: "Wait for patchnotes"

- developers are not happy with the way the players communicate in game,
it is planned to "educate younger players" (Q: "And do you have plans
to educate children"? A: "Sure. Beating with belt and bread and water
diet.") (SS: here, SerB is trolling, but he also says that parents are
responsible for bringing up their children, it's not Wargaming's task to
educate players to be polite)

- premium account won't be split into active and nonactive parts (SS: a player suggested a hour-based premium account)

- if you have an arty researched and it gets moved to another tier, both
that arty and the arty it gets replaced with will be unlocked (but not

- British arty will come in one of the following patches after 0.8.6

- when you sell a tank with gold (permanent) camo, the amount of money
you get for selling it will be the same as if it didn't have any camo at

- the decision not to make an arty hardcap was taken because of the
reluctance to introduce any hardcaps in general (SS: for those who still
think it's bullshit, there is a post on EU forums about what can happen when hardcap goes wild...)

- Q: "Why is S-51 so expensive and it gets nerfed so hard?" A: "Want justice? Go to Hague tribunal."

- Q: "Why was the Chinese 121 medium tank pen nerfed in 0.8.6
supertest?" A: "We don't comment on rumors, leaks and other things
causing butthurt."

- new methods of illegal mod detection won't be disclosed

- Storm will announce the artillery accuracy changes on monday (SS:
funnily enough, Storm specifically denied WG will mess around with shell
gaussian distribution for arty, so I really wonder what's going on)

- according to SerB, the KV-1S with 152mm howitzer is not historical,
the pictures of KV-1S with a howitzer most likely show the version with a
122mm gun

- Although Leopard 1 is technically a MBT, it's very specific - other MBTs such as T-72 won't be introduced

- OF-40 and similiar tanks won't appear in WoT

- 0.8.6 will come roughly in 3-4 weeks from now

- Q: "Why is Jagdtiger not able to shoot enemies on 1 km distance as in real life?" A: "Want realism? Join the army."

- the L/70 on StuG III not having a muzzle brake is historical (SS:
historically, there was indeed a L/70 project "Ausf.H" to arm StuG III
with StuK 42. The superstructure however was quite different, "regular"
StuG III (even Ausf.G) wouldn't be able to carry it).

- the "2S*" Soviet SPG's (SS: such as the 2S3 Akatsyia) won't appear in game

- dynamic objects on maps will be implemented ("when it's done it's done")

- there is no "biggest maps", 24 out of 34 maps have unified size: 1200x1200m

- there will be other Sherman modifications (models) introduced into the game

- the small "bump" on the backside of the T-34 turret is a porthole for firing crew infantry weapons

- when the T-34 driver's hatch is closed (as in the game), the driver IRL cotrols the tank according to commander's directions

- the Japanese captured tanks in US tree have not been scrapped, they might appear eventually

- water has no influence on arty shell splash


Just. Nerf. The. Fricken. Arty.

Alarm bells should really be going off for WG when in every second game I play, an arty piece gets at least five kills. Regardless of tier.

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ʇɐuʞɐʇǝp Author

Well, arty is being smashes in 8.6

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Although in saying the previous comment I have never actually owned an arty piece. Simply for the fact that from the start I've always regarded it as either a cowards tactic or just to OP.

Of course its all to late now, arty are such a staple of WoT (everyone owns an arty piece, right?) that to simply remove arty altogether would destroy the player base.

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ʇɐuʞɐʇǝp Author

I don't play arty. The only one I played for over 50 battles was the T-57 xD

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Oh well that's nice to hear!

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