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Posted by ʇɐuʞɐʇǝp on May 16th, 2013


First, just a thought about the European Q&A. Some time ago (specifically 24.4.2013), there was a post from Quasar, the EU "developer", saying:

35.Have you planned in the upcoming EU tech tree the
tanks from Switzerland like the PZ58, PZ61, PZ68 or the G13, an
adaptation of the Hetzer ?

No such plans.

I was like "WTF? That's not what SerB said", and I did set out to find
more. I contacted a friend, who in turn is in touch with some of
developer-tier employees directly in Minsk. He told me today that he got
told by the devs the following (direct translation):

"Regarding the Swiss, there is a very high chance they will appear,
but understandably noone will give a 100 percent guarantee".

In other words: either Quasar can't speak Russian (god knows who it is
anyway), or he's just pulling the answers out of his ass. Personally, I
find the second option likely. I'd keep this in mind when asking
questions on EU server.

Anyway, back to the translation.

- SerB on War Thunder: "Yes, I played it. But I won't make comments
about it, sorry - we'd do a lot of things differently and some
developers react very nervously on such analysis comments"

- Q: "But did you like War Thunder personally?" A: "As I said, we'd do a lot of things differently."

- premium arties of high tier won't be implemented for now

- battle parameters such as "distance travelled" or "time spent in battle" have no influence on XP/credit battle income

- all the vehicles are balanced separately, not according to some "class parameters"

- regarding the possibility of the change of rules for buying camo/decals: "It there is some, I will tell you"

- the reason for nerfing the penetration in 0.8.6 is "malice" :)

- regarding the premium tanks being able to use only gold ammo for
credits without losing money: "In such a case, they don't fulfill their
primary role - to be used for farming"

- Q: "SerB, what are you doing to do with clans copying the name of
famous clans, who have tons of copycats around?" A: "Imagine, my name is
Sergey, I thought I'd be the only one of my kind, but there turned out
to be a huge number of copycats around! How will I live from now on?!"

- it won't be possible to shoot from water (when the tank is submerged)

- Sturmtiger will be a tank destroyer, not an arty

- it's possible that when the multiturret mechanism is introduced, Churchill will have its hull gun usable

- premium modules for tanks won't be implemented

- regarding the Leopard (LT): when it was moved a tier higher, no other suitable weapons were found for it than the 30mm Mk103

- according to SerB, there is no "ideal setup" for a game, because there are differences in maps, tactics and player skills

- according to SerB, when balancing classes (except for LT's), average damage doesn't have to be the same for all classes

- according to SerB, the reasons (altogether) for not introducing thanks
beyond the 60's are: composite and dynamic armor, smoothbores, fire
control systems, most tanks have similiar parameters, gas turbines...

- regarding the maximum tank render distance limits: "It's there for a
complex of reasons. Principially we could just change the scale - but
then, you will get to shoot at "dots at the horizont" - that's not very
interesting. But we are working on it."

- technically it's possible to put the gas turbine into the Panther or
Panther II, but it won't be done... for now :) (SS: Germans did
experiment with various turbines for the Panther - GT101 to GT103,
around cca 1200 -1500 hp) - however, E-50 or E-75 won't have them, it
was the Germans themselves who historically wanted to keep the regular

- ATGMs wonť be implemented

- SerB is tempted to give the T-62A the improved Object167M hull and 122mm D-83 gun

- there will be no free handout vehicles in 0.8.6

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