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Hello everyone,

a small batch of some supertest info today. However:

1) This 0.8.6 supertest info doesn't come from from my usual source, so I cannot confirm its validity.

2) The supertester himself claims this info
might be outdated soon, because on supertest, vehicle properties are
changed between each round. It's just here to demonstrate the way
Wargaming is thinking

- arty will get a rate of fire nerf of roughly 15-40 percent: GW Panther will (with its top gun) fire once per 31 seconds

- accuracy and aiming time will be nerfed: Some examples - russian B-4
cannon had 8 sec aiming time and 0.8 accuracy as of the supertest. GW
Panther had 0.7 accuracy

- Aim dispersion on the move and while moving the gun increased by 100%

- Many arties get new stock modules.

- SU-26 loses it's 122mm cannon and gets a new 76mm one.

- Most of them get their visibility range and speed nerfed slightly.

- S-51 gun horizontal traverse nerfed from 6 degrees to each side to 4 degrees to each side

- arty tiers shifted around a lot (they are still experimenting with this, so I wouldn't take this anywhere near granted):

For American arties:

M7 Priest -> Tier III.

M37 -> Tier IV.

M40/43 -> Tier VIII.

M12 -> Tier VII.

T92 -> Tier X.

French arties:

AMX 105AM -> Tier V.

AMX 13F3 -> Tier VI

Lorraine 155 50 -> Tier VII

Lorraine 155 51 -> Tier VIII

BatChat 155 - Tier X.

German arties:

Hummel -> Tier VI.

Bison -> Tier III

Sturmpanzer II - Tier IV

Grille - Tier V

GW Panther -> Tier VII

GW Tiger -> Tier IX

GW Typ E -> Tier X

USSR arties:

S-51 -> Tier VII.

SU-14 -> Tier VIII.

SU-8 -> Tier VI.

Obj. 212 -> Tier IX.

Obj. 261 -> Tier X.

Furthermore, regarding the shell changes: APCR and HEAT nerfs are apparently planned, HEAT shells might get reduced damage.

GW Panther

- gets kicked from T6 to T7

- top speed limited to 46km/h

- stock suspension turnrate reduced from 26 to 24, 2nd suspension turnrate reduced from 28 to 26

- gun spread caused by turning increased for both suspensions

- loading time and gun accuracy nerfed

- stock engine was removed

Lorraine 155 50

- hitpoints slightly improved

- moved one tier up

- terrain passability nerfed

- gun spread from turning increased

- turnrate improved for both suspensions

- ROF nerfed

- radios reworked


- speed nerfed (by 2km/h)

- more HP

- moved one tier higher

- both suspensions got terrain passability nerfed

- both suspensions: more gun spread from turning

- followed by SU-14 for 146k XP

- gun traverse nerfed from 6 to 4

- stock gun now has twice as much ammo and a bit better reload time

- B-4 has 25 percent higher reload time, spread and aim time increased (nerfed) by 50 percent

US M12

- mover one tier up

- maximum speed nerfed

- the suspension spread nerf is apparently planned


- moved one tier up

- agility and mobility buffed

- armor was apparently made historical


- guns weren't touched at all

- mobility nerfed a bit


- moved to tier 10

- buffed turned rate

- engines were reworked

- maximum speed was nerfed

Batchat 155

- moved to tier 10

- added new stock suspension

- 2nd suspension had its terrain passability nerfed a bit

- turnrate was buffed

- gun spread from turning was increased by 50 percent

- viewrange nerfed to 380

- autoloader reloads 10 seconds longer

- aim time increased by 10 percent

- new stock engine

Object 261

- moved to tier 10

- speed was not nerfed

- new stock suspension

- 2nd suspension has better passability in bad terrain

- influence of turning on spread increased by 50 percent

- hull turn rate buffed to 24

- view range buffed to 390

- reload time increased from 29,7 to 35

GW Tiger

- terrain passability slightly buffed

- turnrate buffed by 2 degrees on both suspensions

- spread from rotation increased 2 times

- viewrange buffed by 10 meters

- 210mm accuracy nerfed by 1/3, reload time nerfed by 20 percent

Ammunition changes:

150mm Gr.39 HE (for example Bison) - damage from 300 to 450 (HEAT stays at 300)

150mm Sprg. L. erz. (Bison) - damage from 200 to 350 (HEAT stays at 200)

122mm OF420SO (current SU-26) - damage from 270 to 420

122mm OF420SOMSH (current SU-26) - damage from 150-300

152mm 52OF500 (SU-5) - damage from 360 to 450

Other shells have not been touched for now.

Apparently HEAT shells got reduced penetration with distance added (WTF?).

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