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TalonRagingRedneck May 7 2009, 12:56pm replied:

Our focus isnt really on the campaign more to bring rock paper scissor back to the MP. The other down fall would be by supporting both Campaign and Multiplayer, there would have to sacrifices made on the multiplayer side to make singleplayer work and we arent willing to do that since our main focus is on Multiplayer. So there really hasnt been any talk on doing anything with the mod as far as the campaign is concerned, sorry. Glade you are enjoying our mod.

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TalonRagingRedneck Apr 30 2009, 4:14pm replied:

Thanks for your reply and constructive comments and idea's

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TalonRagingRedneck Mar 26 2009, 8:57pm replied:

We are currently in a testing phase, we have made several changes now and we are now playing the mod to test the changes, i think we are still going to make a few more changes and play test some more before we release a new version, but what i can say, the Venom Bounce awesome

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TalonRagingRedneck Mar 7 2009, 11:40pm replied:

"tiberium incirnerator - too huge"

Yeah i can see that, it is pretty bulky and big, but i think thats a good balance to having it considering we are going to make it produce more money the longer its in use, so i think taking up build space is the con to it, but would be something to look into with the rest of the mod team

"missing animation nod suicide attacks"

Not quite sure what you mean, the explosion animation is there when the suicide vehicles explode, and no other reports of animation issue at this point, and we have never noticed. But we'll look into it more closely if thats the case

"nod are not terrorists like GLA from Generals"

I would disagree on that, they are terrorists by the definition of there beliefs, but you dont have to be a terrorist to have exploding suicide weapons. But if you where to compare the factions from CnC3 to Generals, GLA/CHina are about the same as Nod in many ways.

"you should add cheap walls and alternate attacks"

Well all factions have the capability to build cheap walls and what other alternative attacks where you think of, cause you get your special powers that juiced up from original game plus they are free, so im having trouble think of what else they need. But if you more specific im might be able to help clarify or look into the idea.

"NOD, stealth attack - NOD, air attack - Scrin repair in tiberium - good idea "

Yeah we really enjoyed how those worked out so far and are tweaking them even more for version 2

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TalonRagingRedneck Mar 7 2009, 11:28pm replied:

We started on updating the mod right after we released it, we still have a long list of changes to make, main goal as of right now is to make each faction balance both on economy and military that way one faction isnt better then the others. Plus many many other changes, ideas and additions. We dont have a time frame when the next version will be released, but rest assured that we are still working to make are mod even better then it currently is, so yes we will be releasing a version 2.0, just dont have a time frame yet

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TalonRagingRedneck Mar 3 2009, 5:37am replied:

Would you elaborate on that a little more plz, what exactly dont you like specifically? The more info. you provide us, the better we can improve the mod

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TalonRagingRedneck Feb 18 2009, 11:39am replied:

Thank You!

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TalonRagingRedneck Feb 17 2009, 12:18pm replied:

As far as special powers goes, we are talking about the idea of having to research the special power in their respective building etc, so there would a be a initial cost for them, but still free after the research has been done, main reason for this is the AI, they like to target one human player and rain hell on you over and over again.

We really enjoyed the outcome of taking AA from Mammoths, makes you have to rely on firehawks and raider buggies

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TalonRagingRedneck Feb 1 2009, 7:00pm replied:

I have my graphics on full, so im not sure as far as anyone else, you may want to make sure you have recent drivers and go from there

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TalonRagingRedneck Feb 1 2009, 6:59pm replied:

What we are looking at doing for the next version of the mod, is to have the units gain rank faster and to add regeneration to help etc with a particular unit is fulling ranked up. From my understand, EA didnt make Kanes expansion mod-able so one probably cant cross there units with regular CnC3

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TalonRagingRedneck Jan 22 2009, 9:45pm replied:

Firehawks in big groups are very effective, but you also got to remember you have to build multiple airfields to have a good effect group of them;

When using NOD you have to focus more on using the stealth capabilities then just rushing in with venom's and avatars; for one the venom's arent as good against buildings anymore, you have to rely on your ground support more when attacking a base, and use venom as cover against enemy ground infantry;

For scrin, there air is pretty strong, i would say stronger then GDI if you do is smart, i build 2 packs and 2 devastators and stomped a base, 1 pack vs. 4 firehawks will take out your firehawks cause the firehawks have to fly in and out to attack where as the packs to storm your firewaks with those like fighters that come off them.

One just needs to think more along Rock, Paper, Scissors, there is always a way to take something out. Ill admit, and it took me some time to adjust, but there is a lot more micro managing that you have to do and thats what i think make our mod great.

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