Freelance 3D modeller and games artist. Commenced my games industry career over 10 years ago, starting out at Warthog on the sci-fi FPS Mace Griffin: Bounty Hunter, and a space shooter of Battlestar Galactica. Most recently worked in house for Sumo Digital on a Tennis release for Sega, Virtua Tennis 2009 for PS3, Xbox 360 & the Wii, and I also worked on Sonic & Sega All-Star Racing. I have recently begun to teach 3D modelling and how that relates to games at several educational institutions including the University of Bolton on a part-time basis. Mod work includes development team leader, lore advice and modelling work for the Battlefield 2142 Star Wars themed mod First Strike.

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TALON_UK Dec 10 2014, 10:46am says:

GameRanger is a facility which circumvents the need for the EA Master Server to be active to play multiplayer EA games, it basically emulates a LAN game if I understand it correctly. It works for BF2142, but there is no current workaround for mods of BF2142, so you can play BF2142 in some form via this, but not First Strike, Dnamro was in contact with the people with GameRanger at one point to see if they would continue their work on BF2142 to add more fidelity to the on-line experience for that game (not sure if the unlocks worked correctly in the last version I tested), and see if they could work specifically on getting First Strike to work, not sure if that went any further though.

+1 vote   article: First Strike: A Year in Review 2014
TALON_UK Apr 16 2014, 7:06am says:

As mentioned elsewhere it is just a prop, but we might look at adding some form of appropriate gameplay related functionality to it, so watch this space.

+1 vote   media: Security Holocam
TALON_UK Feb 11 2014, 1:51am says:

Cool, yeah, if you follow those instructions you should be all good.

+1 vote   download: New First Strike Launcher Installer
TALON_UK Feb 9 2014, 6:16am says:

Heh, this mod has been out for years, check the initial release date. Though we have taken rather a long time to get this latest update out. I hope you enjoy.

+3 votes   article: First Strike 1.6 Released!
TALON_UK Feb 1 2014, 2:39am says:

Our website is back up, so hopefully we should be able to re-establish full service soon.

+1 vote   article: First Strike Suffers Cyber Attack
TALON_UK Oct 31 2013, 9:18pm says:

Nice work guys, excellent to see this material getting the Cry Engine treatment, looks awesome.

+6 votes   media: Hoth (WIP) Preview - Star Wars: BattleCry
TALON_UK Sep 7 2013, 9:11am replied:

I reckon if we get enough signed up, or have at least 8 a side on the day we might be able to go with the 32 player version on Jundland which features more assets. Call everyone you know and get 'em signed up people!

+1 vote   media: FS Campaign 2 Galaxy Map 01
TALON_UK Sep 4 2013, 7:27pm says:

Yeah. If we had better numbers we'd do the larger version, but with these numbers we'll playing the16 player version.
Which means no Sentinel :-(

+1 vote   media: FS Campaign 2 Galaxy Map 01
TALON_UK Aug 20 2013, 8:17am replied:

Heh, I don't think we'll be doing anything quite so elaborate as having a Dejarik (holo chess) mini-game, but we may put a hologram display over the main projector featuring an AT-AT Walker or tactical representation of the Hoth battlefield or something.

+1 vote   article: Battle of Hoth: Echo Base Update
TALON_UK May 5 2013, 2:31pm says:


+3 votes   media: Fleet trooper
TALON_UK Jan 26 2013, 1:03pm says:

Aye, next campaign round is this Sunday, maps to be played this week are mentioned in the tail end of the news update. The matches start at 8pm GMT.

We definitely need more players, so if you like what you see head on this Sunday. If we get more players we might fork out for a larger server which means even more epic battles.

We have been around for quite a while now, and the base game BF2142 is quite old now which is why we have less players than we used to, but new people are discovering it all the time. So try it out, and the more of you that do this the more likely you'll be able to find people on line more regularly for games. Right now the campaign nights are your best bet to find a load of people on.

+2 votes   article: Rebel Defiance Campaign: Round 4 Results
TALON_UK Jan 16 2013, 1:26pm says:

Hi GeneralOkar, just follow this link to get signed up for the event:

You can also just turn up on the night and play, but there are advantages for your team if you are fully signed up.

Hope to see you out there.

+1 vote   article: Rebel Defiance Campaign: Round 2 Results
TALON_UK Jun 16 2012, 12:00pm says:

Okay, the time is now 5pm, so the event will be starting 3 hours from the time of this post, see you then, and don't forget to jump on to the BI Teamspeak server for a chat and for info on the rules for the specially themed rounds.

See you in 3.

+1 vote   media: The Black Intel Farewell Gaming Event
TALON_UK Apr 27 2012, 7:26pm says:

Beautiful, I do love your ISD. Your big render of that was my desktop for a while.


+1 vote   media: ISD Render
TALON_UK Jan 27 2012, 7:37am says:

Indeed they did, it all came down to the last battle of the campaign, whoever won that would win the war, and with 200 tickets to play with the Rebels were in the lead up to the point when there were 30 tickets remaining, and then the Imperials made an impressive comeback winning by less than 10 tickets if I remember correctly. Truly it doesn't come much closer than that.

Good games all, and well done all who played.

+1 vote   article: NIC Campaign 2: Battle 7
TALON_UK Jan 7 2012, 3:49pm says:

Okay guys, typically we have had some technical difficulties tonight. Our website server has gone down for some reason, this causes an issue as our mod's launcher connects to it on launch and will not work without it. Anyone who is a tester can get around this by using the new launcher to bypass this problem as it doesn't need to connect to our server, don't worry, we intend to release this new launcher to the public once we have given it a thorough testing.

For now though, public players can circumvent the launcher by going through the community tab in BF2142 which gives you the option to launch a mod. So this is a route you can use to get in game. Apologies for the problems, unfortunate timing with technical issues I'm afraid.

+2 votes   article: Black Intel First Strike Events
TALON_UK Dec 20 2011, 7:57am says:

Yeah, we intend to throw out some additional content via that avenue.

Also, can you ever have too many updates?

; )

To be fair, this update would have gone out this week anyway, being that this campaign ran ( coincidentally, honest!) alongside the MOTY season), it just seemed a shame with all this great in game footage not to get this out there before the MOTYs closed down for the year.

+4 votes   article: NIC Campaign 2: Battle 4
TALON_UK Dec 16 2011, 7:07am says:

Heh, cheers for that, I think we all guessed what it was, still nice to see the final picture though.

+1 vote   article: A Big Thank You!
TALON_UK Oct 28 2011, 1:58am says:

Yeah, the Imperial Heavy Repeater is the weapon, long time players of First Strike will remember this as being an element of our Bounty Hunter pick up kit.

Also, yes that date is in the British format, so the date is referring to next Friday.

+1 vote   media: Become the Hunter
TALON_UK Oct 6 2011, 7:29am says:

The first battles for this new campaign commence this weekend, so if you haven't already, get signed up over at Nations in Conflict for the chance to experience First Strike as it was meant to be played.

See you out there.

+2 votes   article: NIC First Strike Campaign 2 Registration
TALON_UK Sep 12 2011, 6:30am says:

Nice work, and an interesting ship with the look of the Galaxy class but smaller, and swept back pylons in the style of the Enterprise refit, nice. Are those flat cigar shaped modules photon torpedo launchers or something?

+2 votes   article: New Orleans Class
TALON_UK Sep 3 2011, 12:53pm says:

Glad to see you enjoying the update. Regarding explosions and ground quakes and the like, it is not something we're really looking at, in general we'll be looking at some ambient effects such as sound and perhaps particle effects to create drifting snow and the sound of a battle in the distance. To be honest we're more looking at getting the fundamental building blocks of the map before looking at minor details such as this. That being creating the more detailed art assets such as those above, and the gameplay mechanics of the map. Once those are nailed down, then we'll look at this stuff. Basically baking the cake well before worrying about the icing,

+3 votes   article: Summer Hoth Update
TALON_UK Aug 23 2011, 1:10pm says:

Does sound like there are a lot of very impressive goodies going into this game, there is some quite challenging stuff you're talking about there, and I will be chuffed to bits if you manage to successfully complete them all. Also interesting to hear how much of an effect the first person elements of the game will be, at first I thought they were just going to be for cut scenes, but now that I hear that they'll be an integral part of the game I have to say I'm very excited to see what you come up with here.

Nice work chaps, and I look forward to seeing the finished product soon (TM) otherwise known as, when it's done it's done.

; )

+2 votes   article: Excalibur Conference Q&A
TALON_UK Aug 4 2011, 11:03am says:


+3 votes   article: NIC Campaign The Final Battle
TALON_UK Jun 29 2011, 5:48am says:

These are updates and reports on an ongoing campaign that has weekly matches.

The additional exposure shows people the mod at its best, and encourages new players to join up, which is only a good thing.

With regards to Hoth, don't worry, work is progressing, but it is slow, we have a relatively small development team at present. Have no fear, when we have a considerable amount of new content to show? It'll get posted here straight away.

+1 vote   article: NIC Campaign Battle 3
TALON_UK Jun 18 2011, 1:33pm says:

You can still be interested in it. A lot of people have bought BF2142 on the strength of this mod alone.

Next battles are tomorrow night, so get signed up people.

+2 votes   article: NIC Campaign Battle 1
TALON_UK Mar 9 2011, 5:59pm says:

Check out our forums client support section, we have a thread there to help deal with any issues that may have been thrown up by BF2142 1.51.

+1 vote   article: First Strike Community Games
TALON_UK Feb 27 2011, 3:50pm says:

Excellent work as always, that is one sweet looking ISD you've got there. Very good normal mapping job.

+1 vote   article: Imperial Star Destroyer normal map and other things nice
TALON_UK Feb 9 2011, 11:48am says:

Excellent news, good to hear that Desura is ever expanding and going from strength to strength. Nice one.

+2 votes   article: Crysis mods get Desura support!
TALON_UK Jan 23 2011, 7:09am says:

Aye, just a Photoshop gag peeps, saw the new Sandtrooper in the shops and noticed that it was the first version to include the MG-15 blaster rifle which we use in the mod, it is rarely seen elsewhere, though recently there has been I think it was a Gentle Giant, Artefex or Sideshow Sandtrooper statue that also included the weapon. Also more recently as it has gained more recognition it has finally been given an official name (we called it an MG-15 based on it's real world weapon the blaster is based on as it had no Star Wars name at the time), the RT-97C.

I like to think that it's high profile role in our mod helped raise awareness of this particular weapon and got it a bit more love all round.

Anyhow as I said, saw it in a store and saw pure comedy gold in the making.

; )

+4 votes   media: Star Wars First Strike Sandtrooper Action Figure
TALON_UK Dec 10 2010, 12:41am says:

Regarding the Death Star surface, we had to drop the lightmaps from that due to the complexity of the Death Star surface model, it just created too much of a strain client side when we added lightmaps. Without them you got a much improved framerate and it allowed us to make the map playable for a wider variety of players. So slightly less visual pizzazz, but much better gameplay because of it. Sometimes these sacrifices have to be made, and believe me the Death Star surface still looks incredible.

+3 votes   article: The Galaxy is our Battlefield
TALON_UK Nov 28 2010, 9:40pm says:

Very nice, excellent job guys.

+2 votes   article: v0.6 Preview Trailer & Shortcut Setup Tool
TALON_UK Nov 28 2010, 6:39pm says:

Damn you with your more recent engine than our mod!


Looking very pretty guys. Keep up the good work.

+1 vote   media: mp_jundland WIP
TALON_UK Nov 28 2010, 6:46am says:

The Hoth map is the next thing on our to-do-list, we've done a lot of development on it over the years, but it is such a massive undertaking that it is tricky to pull off with our currently limited resources, but with many parts coming together such as working Imperial AT-AT Walkers and an extensive Echo Base already well under way, we really just need to focus and get all these elements completed and blended together to form a cohesive whole.

We're getting reasonable numbers at the weekend, but we really need to push and get more people playing this mod regularly, I too long for the time when you can just fire up First Strike any time you want and find a full server. We hope to see that again soon. Spread the word about how good First Strike is, and let's see those servers fill up again.

+1 vote   article: First Strike 2010: A Retrospective
TALON_UK Oct 31 2010, 11:25am says:

Just a quick reminder to people who might want to attend the Community Games that the time in the UK has changed back to GMT now, (the clocks went back for us last night) which means that from now on the Community Games will be held at 8pm GMT rather than BST.

In the simplest terms this means that the event will now occur an hour later than before. So this translates as 22:00 CET, 15:00 EST, 13:00 PST. Hope that is clear enough, and I look forward to seeing some of you around later tonight. just about 4.5 hours from now if you require further clarification.

See you out there.

+1 vote   article: Community Games Reminder
TALON_UK Sep 1 2010, 9:16am says:

Cheers Sushi. Just checked out the vids, fantastic work, nice attention to detail with the fragments spinning off and having their own little explosions, really quite epic.

+2 votes   article: New models and new effects!
TALON_UK Feb 20 2010, 6:55am says:

It has been a while since our last major release, so things are getting a little quiet, but people are still around, check the posts below for details of when the Community Games are played, and the general times that you'll find FS players on line.

+1 vote   article: Jundland Wastes Backstory Revealed
TALON_UK Jan 18 2010, 10:17pm says:

We expect a resurgence of players with the next release, it has been a while since our last which is part of the reason for low numbers of players right now, but head for the Community Games on weekend nights at 8pm GMT and you should find plenty of players on.

+1 vote   article: Introducing the Sentinel Landing Craft
TALON_UK Jan 10 2010, 7:36am says:

(Use the free 7Zip tool to extract into the game's mod folder)

Backup your levels folder since many of the maps are now a seperate download. Only the supported First Strike maps are included with the mod download now. 14 First Strike maps now have bot support.

install into the game's mod folder. Which will probably be here:

C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Battlefield 2142

or here

C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Battlefield 2142 Deluxe Edition\mods

it will create an FS_SP folder under the \mods folder like this: \mods\FS_SP

Maps go in the \mods\FS_SP\levels folder

Conversions for the BF2142 maps are also included with improved SP support in a seperate download.

The Northern Strike booster pack maps are supported in a seperate download.

For more information head here...

+1 vote   download: First Strike singleplayer mod
TALON_UK Feb 1 2009, 7:22am says:

Nathanius, we have an unofficial Community Game on Friday's which is more geared towards North American players and has a more US friendly time. I'm not sure of the exact details of this at the moment, I don't know if the times that that is on will be any better for you. I know we don't currently have any Australian servers (that we know of) but I'm sure as the word spreads they will start to pop up all over the globe.

+1 vote   article: New Sunday Community Games
TALON_UK Dec 12 2008, 9:12am says:

Get down to your local game shop and get BF2142 out of the bargin bucket, or purchase it on-line which will be pretty cheap by now. Believe me you won't be the first to pick up that game just for this mod, and I'm sure you won't be the last.

Also if you think these new maps look good, just wait until next year when we finally release Hoth. Yup, certainly a lot to look forward to in 2009.

I look forward to seeing you guys in game soon.


+2 votes   article: Fast Approaching Release of First Strike 1.4
TALON_UK Mar 9 2011, 11:13am says:

Would be nice, but I'm afraid it is not looking good as far as mod tools and the Frostbite Engine are concerned.

+1 vote   article: First Strike Community Games
TALON_UK Mar 9 2011, 4:20am says:

The viewer has the Defiant, Intrepid (Voyager) and Romulan Warbird, so you can take your pick, though I did miss a good old fashioned Klingon vessel in the mix. Out of all the ships on show the Galaxy looks the most impressive due to the sheer scale of the thing, I don't mind the design of the thing myself, but yeah, there are much better Trek starship designs out there.

+1 vote   article: NanoFX Graphics Renderer 1.7 Preview
TALON_UK Mar 9 2011, 4:15am says:

Indeed. We're hoping for a good turn out this weekend, I love the smell of blaster fire in the morning, smells like...



+1 vote   article: First Strike Community Games
TALON_UK Mar 7 2011, 11:55am says:

Aye, very nice.

+1 vote   media: Klingon Birds-of-Prey
TALON_UK Mar 7 2011, 11:53am says:

Pretty sweet when you drop a few Warbirds and Federation starships in there and watch them duke it out. Who will come out on top?

Heh, and it's also good to check the beauty pass shots of the vessels to check them out, really look good in the engine. Though one error I noticed was the bump/normal mapping on the moon, need to reverse the effect as the craters on the surface look more like bubbles rising up rather than sinking into the surface as craters should. Other than that? Looks great.

+1 vote   article: NanoFX Graphics Renderer 1.7 Preview
TALON_UK Mar 6 2011, 5:43pm says:

Nice. Will check this out, great looking work.

+1 vote   download: Model Viewer v1.6a
TALON_UK Mar 6 2011, 5:34pm says:

Heh, nice.

+1 vote   media: Star Fiction
TALON_UK Mar 6 2011, 3:28pm says:

Bird of Prey is one of my fave Star Trek ship designs, and you've done a great job of it here, you've really done it justice.

Great work.

+1 vote   media: Klingon Birds-of-Prey
TALON_UK Mar 6 2011, 3:25pm says:

Probably meant to be more Star Trek 3: The Search For Spock, or Star Trek 6 for that matter. They had Bird of Prey vs. Enterprise encounters.

; )

Very cool, and very classic. Nice job guys, though I always prefered the original darker colour scheme for the Bird of Prey over the brighter green paint job from the Next Gen versions.

+1 vote   media: Klingon Birds-of-Prey
TALON_UK Feb 25 2011, 3:20pm replied:

Hoth will be a while off yet, but we are aiming to get it out sometime this year all being well. We've got 17 maps and the co-op/singleplayer functionality to keep you occupied until then. Plus some nice new community led event developments in the works. More news on that soon.

+1 vote   mod: First Strike
TALON_UK Feb 25 2011, 3:17pm replied:

No need to make servers, the only change required is that the servers update to BF2142 1.51, the First Strike code stays the same. More of an issue is availability of Linux (which a lot of servers use) unranked server files for 1.51, but the links for these files are starting to surface now, so anyone running a First Strike/BF2142 server using Linux should now be able to update their server.

Runekn, what is it that doesn't download for you? The First Strike launcher update?

+1 vote   article: First Strike Now BF2142 v.1.51 Compatible
TALON_UK Feb 17 2011, 2:37pm replied:

Bobbing on at around 8pm GMT (in about half an hour from now)tonight to see how the 1.51 patch translates over to First Strike if anyone fancies joining me? The Rebel Defiance server has been updated to be compatible with BF2142 1.51.

Check the post below to see how to manually make your First Strike client BF2142 1.51 compatible and come on in. (also note that a new BF2142 1.51 client patch came out on the 15th to replace the original one that EA released last week which was faulty, so you'll have to reinstall and download the new version of 1.51 if you haven't already)

What will be of most interest will be the improved hit detection that 1.51 is supposed to include. And of course for most people the highlight will be the lack of a need to have the original BF2142 disc to make the game run, should bring a few more people to First Strike with any luck, especially if this means BF2142 will soon be made available on Steam.

See you out there.

+1 vote   mod: First Strike
TALON_UK Feb 16 2011, 8:40am says:

Excellent job guys, following your work with great interest, plus DS9 was always my fave trek show.

; )

+1 vote   article: Galor Class vs Scorpion Fighters
TALON_UK Feb 15 2011, 3:38pm says:

Nice, very impressive what you've managed to do with the old girl (engine that is ;) ).

+1 vote   article: Normal and Specular Mapping comes to Freelancer
TALON_UK Feb 14 2011, 1:16pm says:

I have that issue of the Insider too, I thought it was named in the article? They probably won't have it in their catalogue for a while yet, I got the impression this wasn't going to be coming out till near the end of the year, though I could be wrong. Interestingly it looks like there will be two versions, one with an older looking Ewan McGregor portrait and one with a younger looking Alec Guinness likeness. Looks like either will be a great addition to anyone's Star Wars collection.

(Just checked and they mention the piece as Obi-Wan as Tatooine Desert Nomad, no idea if that will be the final name for the statue)

+1 vote   media: Obi-Wan Kenobi Sideshow
TALON_UK Feb 13 2011, 12:11pm replied:

If you're not interested in co-op don't worry, the co-op server also has conquest maps, basically there is a mix on this server so when people are waiting for reasonable numbers to join they have something to keep them occupied, then switch to the conquest maps.

Around 8pm GMT is a good time to check the servers for high populations on Saturday and Sunday nights, though you'll find people on occasionally on week nights at this time too.

+1 vote   mod: First Strike
TALON_UK Feb 11 2011, 11:46am says:

Hi Admiral_Skeybar, this is not my work, but that of a fan of the Freerunner design variant used in the mod who asked me to send my files over to him (as mentioned in the above blog) so he could get the design Rapid Prototyped which is basically 3D printing.

He is now going through the process of sanding down the model and applying a primer to make it ready for painting.

+1 vote   article: New First Strike Model (not available in the shops)
TALON_UK Feb 9 2011, 11:40am says:

Nice new Star Wars header.

+3 votes   group: Star Wars Fan Group
TALON_UK Feb 7 2011, 10:58am says:

Hmmm, not sure what your problem is there then, best bet is to head over to our forums and check out the client support forums: see if anything sounds like your problem over there, if not, post up a new thread with what your issues are, details of your PC spec etc, and someone can try and help you out.

Thanks for your kind words regarding the mod, we'll have more space maps in development soon, but are currently focusing on the Battle of Hoth.

+1 vote   mod: First Strike
TALON_UK Feb 7 2011, 9:30am replied:

If you have already updated to the 1.51 version of BF2142 First Strike will not work with that until we release an update for it later in the week.

You need to currently have BF2142 1.5 to work with First Strike.

+1 vote   mod: First Strike
TALON_UK Feb 6 2011, 3:27pm replied:

That will be done at the end of the week once the server side version has been fully integrated and we release a new build which has been fully tested and is compatible with BF2142 1.51. Then all the benefits of the new version of BF2142, including the lack of need for the cd check will carry over to our mod too.

+1 vote   mod: First Strike
TALON_UK Feb 5 2011, 1:34pm says:

Bobbing on for a bit to get the server warmed up, will be on myself only for a short while for tonight, but will be about longer tomorrow. See you out there.

+1 vote   mod: First Strike
TALON_UK Feb 4 2011, 6:06pm replied:

Cool, will hunt it down when it gets released on dvd.

+1 vote   group: Star Wars Fan Group
TALON_UK Feb 4 2011, 5:34pm says:

Basically it'll replace the standard Imperial Officer mesh on Hoth.

+1 vote   article: The AT-AT Commander
TALON_UK Feb 4 2011, 1:02pm says:

Very sweet looking game you've got there, very impressive. Nice job, you've certainly got a potential customer here.

+1 vote   article: Interstellar Marines Log Entry 016
TALON_UK Feb 4 2011, 12:50pm says:

Yeah, that is something we should definitely look at fixing, had my eyebrows singed in there a few times myself.

+1 vote   media: Lars Homestead
TALON_UK Feb 4 2011, 12:34pm replied:

Nope, just BF2142, look through our old news to find the installation instruction article which deals with most issues people may run into when installing, and lets you know which version of BF2142 you need etc.

+1 vote   mod: First Strike
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