Im me. My life is...rawr. Rawr I say! I like old games. The new ones dont have enough style to em; just a lot of bloom. I was lazy while typing this up. I write poetry every six months when I get bored. 80's music makes me happy. "The funny thing about dreams- you have to wake up."

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TakedaKeni Nov 23 2013 says:

This game is fun! At first I thought it was going to be an old school Syndicate clone, but I was pleasantly surprised to see a very strong Shadowrun vibe and more solo-oriented gameplay. Though the game does make me feel like I'm being punished for buying a new pistol, instead of upgrading to a heavier weapon.

Keep up the good work!

+4 votes   game: DataJack
TakedaKeni May 1 2013 says:

Third time trying to download the game; dunno if it's me, the ModDB servers, or the file itself. File partially downloads, quits, and saves as a .PART file.

+1 vote   game: High Albedo: Twisted Skies
TakedaKeni May 26 2011 says:

So, does this mean that a version of Minecraft that -won't- cause my laptop to heat up like a box of flares is coming soon? :D

+1 vote   news: Minecraft – Pocket Edition
TakedaKeni Dec 5 2010 says:

Whoops. Mined through the map. Hopefully the walk around the moon feature will include a 'dig all the way to moon-China' feature :P

+3 votes   download: MoonForge Version 13 Windows
TakedaKeni Oct 10 2010 says:

Ya know, it may sound silly, but I feel it'd be appropriate to have any gunships in the game play 'Ride of the Valkyries', as a nod to Apocalypse Now. :P That is, if you have Huey support as a planned call-in or anything.

+1 vote   mod: Vietnam Mod
TakedaKeni Sep 27 2010 says:

I must insist on some old Blood-style burning deaths. :P Though, I know the ragdoll physics kinda make set death animations a bit pointless, but can you somehow make the whole 'I'm on fire thing' turn into a 'OHGODIMONFIREAHAHAHAHAH.' thing?

+1 vote   media: Weapons - Fire Arms Demonstration
TakedaKeni Sep 20 2010 says:

The tread physics made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Any chance you're going to add impact marks from the tanks and heavy vehicles driving on asphalt and the such?

+1 vote   media: Red Crucible City Arena Beta v001
TakedaKeni Aug 25 2010 says:

That is one ****** off panda bear.

+2 votes   news: Panda Rampage - Game Play Video
TakedaKeni Jul 16 2010 says:

Well, another reason to reinstall MP2 again. Though I'd like it if he had a hip-firing animation for the 1887; it just seems kinda weird for him to stand like that when firing.

+1 vote   feature: Payne Effects 3 - FEATURES LIST
TakedaKeni Aug 2 2009 replied:

Depends on which manufacturer made the rifle.

+1 vote   news: Media Update!
TakedaKeni Jul 15 2009 says:

Now, I dunno what the background of the mod is, but if its say...a post-apocalyptic mod, keep in mind that things like doors and stuff should be rotted away, broken, etc. from the original scavengers that came before this generation. Stuff like that. Check out the original Fallout for a good idea of an immediately-after apocalyptic kind of setting; but I will admit, your outdoor stuff looks pretty amazing.

+1 vote   mod: 99 Bolts
TakedaKeni Jul 5 2009 says:

Haha. You were the first comment in like, 2 years.

+2 votes   member: Toyoka
TakedaKeni Jul 4 2009 replied:

Sounds perfect. Thanks for the reply. Hopefully the unique commando-esque aspect wont just be stomped on by blobs of stormtroopers and such.

+1 vote   media: (Old) Partisans
TakedaKeni Jul 3 2009 says:

But its fun to have my profile bothered! ;_; It never happens.

+2 votes   member: Toyoka
TakedaKeni Jul 3 2009 says:

Haha, yeah. My head started hurting after the first page of posts. I was just like "Screw this. Time to be a jerk."
I wanted to say something about his name so bad, like..."Libertarian Games? Is your target audience the size of a high school?" -zing.-

+2 votes   member: Toyoka
TakedaKeni Jul 2 2009 says:

Ya know, I was going to include a bit about the fact that the guy is obviously a Libertarian with a subversive political agenda, but I thought I'd get nailed with a flamer tag :P

+2 votes   member: Toyoka
TakedaKeni Jul 2 2009 says:

They remind me of soccer hooligans.
Very angry soccer hooligans.

+1 vote   media: CABIN
TakedaKeni Jun 29 2009 says:

Thats a pretty awesome idea. Is there any way to have them camoflauge in a certain level of cover as an innate ability? I think that may suit them well. Or would it be too game-breaking?

+1 vote   media: (Old) Partisans
TakedaKeni Feb 28 2009 replied:

Thats what she said.
Yeah. No. Its not small at all. Its just a CQB shotgun.

+1 vote   media: NT NSF Support01 Preview
TakedaKeni Feb 11 2009 says:

Say, that reminds me of the Civilian version of the G36! I completly forgot the name. EIther way, nifty looking design. Will you be able to add on modifications and such?

+2 votes   media: Modular Assault Rifle by SoundPath
TakedaKeni Feb 6 2009 says:

Just a bit of constructive criticism:
If the last breath of life was 50+ years ago in this area, why does the graffiti use a 'modern' style? Might want to change that, but thats just my opinion. Other than that, it looks good.

+2 votes   media: Screenshots
TakedaKeni Nov 30 2008 says:

No relation to Sanjuro Makabe, obviously. :P
Nice model. Looks future-badguy-killing awesome.

+2 votes   media: NT SRM Weapon Preview
TakedaKeni Nov 18 2008 says:

And yet he didnt survive the Cyberdyne incident.

+1 vote   media: Left 4 Dead concept art
TakedaKeni Oct 28 2008 says:

The SMG looks a lot more powerful compared to the actual Halo 2 one. Good job; looking foward to playing this.

+4 votes   news: Halo Solitude Update 5
TakedaKeni Oct 11 2008 says:

Is this mod a slight low-blow to Bestheda? XD

+1 vote   game: Oblivion
TakedaKeni Oct 8 2008 says:

That'd be creepy and scary in person.
But in the picture, all I think is "OMNOMNOM SOUL"

Good model though. Does the mouth actually give off its own light source?

+1 vote   media: The Haunted Screenshots Set 2
TakedaKeni Sep 30 2008 says:

Top left.
You can see him glare at you as he twists the knife in deeper.

+1 vote   news: Pick Your Warlord!
TakedaKeni Sep 17 2008 says:

Augh HDR and or Bloom rapage! D:

+1 vote   media: September IG: W update
TakedaKeni Sep 17 2008 says:

I'd buy this for 10 or even 20 dollars. Especially since I know its made by a mod team, meaning they wont just get up and run off with all the money instead of supporting the game.

Looking good.

+1 vote   news: An Epic Amount of New Screenshots!
TakedaKeni Sep 6 2008 says:

Im redder than the USSR having its swimming trunks pulled down on a beach.

+2 votes   poll: Which color theme do you use for ModDB?
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