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Edain Mod

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About as close to what Tolkien envisoned as a piece of garbage.The Hobbit movie units that aren't even close to the book descriptons do the rest .Goats...


DarthMod: Shogun II

Mod review

I really don't see what is so great about the mod...


The Elder Scrolls: Total War

Mod review

Rome: Total War

Game review

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Multiplayer

Mod review


Mod review

Europa Barbarorum 2

Mod review

Europa Barbarorum

Mod review

Best mod for Rome that i've played.


De Bello Mundi

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Well I don't like the balancing ...

The romans are too strong.

I mean the roman Legion were good , but they weren't that good.
They were normal trained soldiers with a good equipment and not elite soldiers.

Also Phalanx troops ,they are far too weak from the front:
1.Only two rows of pikes,a real phalanx had AT LEAST 3 usually 5...
2.Polybius about the makedonian phalanx:

"The result of this will be that each Roman soldier will face two of the front rank of a phalanx, so that he has to encounter and fight against ten spears, which one man cannot find time even to cut away, when once the two lines are engaged, nor force his way through easily---seeing that the Roman front ranks are not supported by the rear ranks, either by way of adding weight to their charge, or vigor to the use of their swords. Therefore, it may readily be understood that, as I said before, it is impossible to confront a charge of the phalanx, so long as it retains its proper formation and strength."

An Ingame Roman legionary cohorts can defeat even a elite phalanxefrom the front with minimal losses....

And again Plutarch:
"For these endeavoured to cut the spears asunder with their swords, or to beat them back with their shields, or put them by with their hands; and, on the other side, the Macedonians held their long sarissas in both hands, and pierced those that came in their way quite through their armour, no shield or corslet being able to resist the force of that weapon. The Pelignians and Marrucinians were thrown headlong to the ground, having without consideration, with mere animal fury, rushed upon a certain death. Their first ranks being slain, those that were behind were forced to give back; it cannot be said they fled, but they retreated towards Mount Olocrus."


Total War: Rome II

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The balancing is horrible,the capture point are a disgrace,the performence issues are horrifying and the battle speed is just stupid.

I tought Rome 2 would be a great game ,but it's just dumped down.