I am a writer trying to get into the gaming business. I would like to write as well as give creative direction for a game or mod. I used to play those old Classics MUDs and even admin for one doing building, making mobs and areas for a while. I have been breaking into 3d modelling and animation working with a couple programs over the past couple of months. I did sculpture for several years in highschool working with shapes and geometry so modelling came very easily using a simple program called Anim8or. After of which I took it a step further and applied myself to learning maya more and that is the stage I am currently at. I have also written and published two titles "where the angels lost their way" and 'the gift of sin." I'm going to practice and post up my models or 3d graphics images from time to time please let me know if you would like to download any models or basis models for images.

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I often think of time in the terms of "There isn't enough of it." I have a lot of hobbies and pet projects that I love to do and enjoy. I like spending time with friends and just talk about everything from the cosmos to why burger king sucks at making french fries. I love to do art in a lot of ways. My main goals are to become a better writer and 3d artist. I want to make great video games and I practice a looooot by both playing them and making them from time to time. I find an odd conflict within myself as I'm very technical and rational person with a career to match however when the collars are off and i'm at home I throw that part of me out the window if i'm making something. 3d art really manifests itself well because it's both logical and technical while creative due to it's geometric nature of polygons and such but I digress......while i'm doing such work or even at my regular job I listen to a lot of different styles of music but mostly dubstep and black metal. Again I find it odd but maybe it comes down to the lack of words? not that black metal doesn't have words, they're just not in english or inaudible in some way shape or form. in anycase there is a lot more where I come from and I will honestly say that I will talk about the most random stuff you will probably ever hear along with a lecture behind the history of cheese.

I've been feeling some really emo crap lately. like really I don't get it and I don't like it. But I like Ill Nino and all that good stuff but the songs I've been listening to have been really emo...well this one song. Damn unhappiness breaking my spirit and bringing me down! bah...prepare to die!! on the good side uhm....I spent a lot of great time working on some model stuff yesterday and went to sleep fat and happy with cheeseburger belly. I love italian food, sushi and all that good stuff from all cultures but I LOVE american food. F$(%()()#*@* cheeseburgers and S(@*( are the best. aww....yea....the good stuff...mwuahahaha well here is the song I've been playing on repeat....I think I am acting like leonard from the Big bang theory that one time he got all emo started listening to that acoustic cry baby music and almost bought a cat....I want a cat but that's because cats are the shit. I need some mother F&*#(!)*#&( METAL!!......if anyone has any good metal suggestions let me know!

Last night I was chillin at the studio workin some magic nah mean like POW! Then my boy calls me up right so I was like woooord what's goodie. So he was like yooo and I was like yooooo wanna come through he was like hell yea. So I stopped and I went and scooped him up like but I saw his cousin, and she had a lil babay nah mean. So I had to go see the babay I was like hey lil baybay! and she was so cute with her little hands and little feet and tongue sticking out all the time. haha I had fun playing with the baby!!
But anyway I did this render I made of this mightymug ranger dude last night and I forgot to upload it anywhere at all so it's sitting on my computer...granted I was kind of really drunk ish...esque so it may not even look good but ima upload it anyway!!!

p.s. Forgot to add the music!!
P.P.S Here is that render...mwuahahaha

I went through and deleted that stupid $(&%&(# video I had posted on my profile. I watched it and was like AAHHH I need to make another one that is actually good. So I had to look at the other bad video I made a couple years ago to practice. There is a lot of stuff I know now that would make the videos better but $*&%( that i'm way to busy to remake them.....either that or i'm lazy...i'll go with busy yea $(&# that i'm way too busy. So here's a peek at a couple....

I made the music for this one too it was fun to make, I might do another one of these.

I was really trying to practice animation and shit...I could do soo much better now. It took me like 2 weeks to animate the whole thing and I'd have to go back and make it all from scratch (minus the characters and shit but screw that environment) because the way I made it was stupid.

This is the very FIRST 3d animation movie anything I made EVER!! it's soo epic and *$&#((&$ Awesome, I might revisit this...I don't have any of the file but who cares!!! I did this in Anim8or because that's what I learned how to use....Please don't visit my youtube channel and watch the rest of my crap because well....I wont waste my time so why should you?

Maybe when I get better it'll be worth it but right now...I will sit back and laugh mwuahahahahaha....wrong laugh....awww....smiley face..

I hate trying to find the lyrics for a goddamn song and you can't figure out which language it's in so you can't get a translation. The damn autotranslate does not help....oh it's Italian and it means the same gibberish it did in english so does that make it not italian? Motha *$&$*& of course it does!

"Do you smell rotten eggs? Nope? must be my tumor, whatcha drinkin?" was a suggested pick up line from a friend of mine after I made the suggestion I have a brain tumor. I keep smelling weird smells. like right now I smell freshly cut carrots and pumpkin but i'm in an office building almost alone. before I smelled like cinnamon buns and shit. I hope I don't have an aneurism or some shit and just keel over. but I am definitely going to use that pickup line, not to mention she's curious to see how someone would respond as well. I may end up with a free drink in my face.....but who would waste the money now a days...damn tumor making me confuse reality with movies.

Now I have shit tons of time on my hand and I have been wasting it doing a lot of dumb shit...today included. but I must get back into modelling. Though my depression is not caused by my 3d art and game work it has taken a toll on my productivity. Maybe this brain tumor will fix it once it gets bigger. I wonder if I'll taste candy all the time that would be cool, or $*&^#*( mangoes!! I love mangoes.

I have found some striking similarities in our Robot overlords. The Phyrexians, the Terminators and even the Decepticons. They're all scary as hell and they have an eerie look. We're going to forget about the matrix as they have died really horribly in that last movie. In any case I found the first one watching Transformers, Dark of the Moon. I noticed Shockwave had a worm robot that looked really familiar. After some more terra munching I realized it looked like a Wurmcoil Engine from Magic the Gathering.

That right there is Shockwave, so on the left you can see the massive ass worm that eats all.

That Right there is Wurmcoil Engine. A massive artificial Wurm that is actually two smaller wurms tangled together, hence the coil part.

Now if that wasn't enough it seems that there is MORE!! well more like Terminators turn. Granted, in this case the chronological entrance of the creatures are a bit off. With transformers coming out this year and the wurmcoil engine coming out last year, Terminator salvation came out almost a year before this phyrexian introduction.

That is a Harvester from Terminator Salvation. The dude looks sick and is scary as hell. The sounds it makes are unbelievable. Well done...now to his phyrexian counterpart

This is the Etched Monstrosity. Granted this card specifically is a play on an older mirrodin card Etched Oracle, not the popular considered Etched Champion. In anycase the similarities are there with the arms and the general make-up and design. The key differences in head and long spikes from the back of the head is derived from the etched oracle the phyrexians are mocking.

But in any case we know how our robot slave overseers are going to look. We've made them time and time again....not counting the matrix. And seriously it's like they gave Michael Bay a trillion dollars and told him to make a movie.

ahh Innistrad dropped friday!! I went and bought a box friday and made a deck for FNM. The deck didn't do too well at first then I made some mana swaps and card changes and yea I started winning. All and all I went 2-2 so that is expected to change now. I also bought half a box on saturday as well not to mention the couple of packs they gave me for losing at one point. but in anycase I now have made my new deck for a while. I call it the Underground railroad. it's type 2 standard legal with a lot of new cards and some m12 and new phyrexia cards. but yea it's black and white with lil white humans and big black uhm wurms? but anyway i'm going to break down the deck list later on. Basically it ideally works like draw you get 2 maybe 3 land. you get champion of the parish and some other humans, your 1 2 and 3 turn drops. champion get's big enough swing 5 or 6 on turn 3 then keep going for turn 4 5 drop angelic overseer. turn 6 I would say do divine reckoning choose your human because the angel is indestructible. now they have like 1 dude you have 2 and one of them is a 5/3 flyer hexproof indestructible. if you choose the champion he's prolly also a 5/5 by then too...then turn 7 wurmcoil or massacre wurm if they get some stuff out. also I spliced there grimoire of the dead if you want to wait a couple turns to do the divine reckoning then pop the grimoire and get everything that dies back at the end of their turn then swing death on yours. anyway here is s the deck list break down. I made this friday so I did a lot of trading and finished it up saturday afternoon.


2x Champion of the Parish--W--1/1
2x Doomed Traveler--W--1/1
2x Grand Abolisher--WW--2/2
2x Unruly Mob--1W--1/1
2x Elder Cathar--2W--2/2
2x Fiend Hunter--1WW--1/3
2x Thraben Sentry--3W--2/2 flips for a 5/4 Trample
2x Angelic Overseer--3WW--5/3, Flying
2x Bloodgift Demon--3BB--5/4, Flying
2x Massacre Wurm--3BBB--6/5
2x Wurmcoil Engine--6--6/6 Death touch, Lifelink

Other Spells

2x Bonds of Faith--1W--Enchant Creature
2x Moment of Heroism--1W--Instant
3x Doom Blade--1B--Instant
2x Go for the throat--1B--Instant
1x Divine Reckoning--2WW--Sorcery--you could play 2 and take out phyrexian rebirth
2x Grimoire of the dead--4--Legendary Artifact
1x Gideon Jura--3WW--Planeswalker
1x Sorin Markov--3BBB--Planeswalker---you could replace with Liliana of the Veil
1x Phyrexian Rebirth--4WW--Sorcery
1x Sorin's Vengeace--4BBB--Sorcery


11 Plains
7 Swamps
4 Isolated Chapels

Possible Sideboard

1x Go for the throat and doom blade each
2x Silverchase Fox
2x urgent exorcism
1x Life's finale
2x cloistered youth
1x Sorin's Vengeance
1x Divine Reckoning
2x Skirsdag High Priest
2x revoke existence

That's basically it, I mean some cards are hot swappable like throw in some sac engines to make unruly mob bigger and get the flyer from doomed traveler or even use elder cather to give champioin o fthe parish +2/+2 and unruly mob +1/+1 or just give unruly mob +3/+3! works well for turn 4 swing.

Oh I've been like listening to this song non-stop iunno i'm bugging out a lot. I haven't been sleeping so when I do I get a lot of lucid dreams. It got to the point where I was so lucid that I was able to go to sleep and immediately start lucid dreaming while I was already in a dream. the second lucid dream felt so wierd then an action in my first lucid dream woke me up and then I woke myself up from my normal sleep. like crazy inception shit went down 2 layers and shit. gahhh!!


I haven't seen Ghost in the Shell in YEARS!! I got the movie and i'm anxious to watch it again. It all started from me not being able to sleep ever for the last two weeks and the tv being on. So ghost in the shell SAC was on and I heard the intro. At this point I was like...i'm awake so I went and I grabbed some vodka and juice and started to chill with my buddy who also could not sleep. I downloaded the song and I could not stop listening to it.....it was fascinating. I looked for remixes and everything and I found one that I thought was amazing. In any case I beat the crap outta him in MVC3 while drinking from like 4-7 or 8 in the morning. he couldn't handle Ryu! I'd use my first two guys as fodder and try and whittle his dudes down but as soon as ryu got out it was over. at one point he has 2 guys at almost full health I had ryu at a little above half and I beat him without taking a hit at all. and I SUCK..I just play a lot of street fighter 4 on super hard expert difficulty so I guess it's almost the same? Also, I tried my hand at making an XG bike like I mentioned previously. The modelling came out very well with basic shiny mats on them. I may try and do some better texturing but I really suck at it...well not really...I don't like doing it. but yea my buddy says he wants to draw up a rider for me to make so it may turn into something else we shall see.

Angels and demons were circling above me
Swishing through the thorns and galaxies
Only the one doesn't know happiness,
Who couldn't understand its call…

Watch in awe, watch in awe
Heavenly glory, heavenly glory
Watch in awe, watch in awe
Heavenly glory, heavenly glory

I am calling, calling now, spirits rise and falling
To stay myself longer…
Calling, calling, in the depth of longing
To stay myself longer…

Watch in awe, watch in awe
Heavenly glory, heavenly glory

Stand alone… Where was life when it had a meaning…
Stand alone… Nothing's real anymore and…

Endless run…
While I'm alive, I can try not to fall while flying
To learn how to dream… to love…
…Endless run…

Calling, calling now, for the place of knowing
There's more than what can be linked
Calling, calling now, never will I look away
For what life has left for me

Yearning, yearning, for what's left of loving
To stay myself longer…
Calling, calling now, spirits rise and falling…
To stay myself longer…
Calling, calling, in the depth of longing…
To stay myself longer…

Watch in awe, Watch in awe
Heavenly glory, Heavenly glory
Watch in awe, watch in awe
Heavenly glory, Heavenly glory

I would love to see a reboot of the Extreme G series. I mean C'mon those games were the SHIT! I remember back with XG1 for N64 I played the shit outta that game with my friends. XG2, 3 and XGRA for the PS2 Were also equally fun. I think it did take a slope downhill with XGRA though I didn't seem to enjoy it as much as XG3. The racing and levels were intense. At first you're like this shit is slow and easy then once you start flying by shit and not being able to stop or turn properly it goes nuts. I remember hitting the poor penguins....Oh not to mention the freaking music was great too. it's one of the few games I turned the SFX off and the music all the way up. Hoorah XG...I might make an XG model soon, I've got some time I may as well practice YA HEARD!

Who is not proud of something they did? I mean we based basically our entire civilization on two things, sex and being better than that guy. I mean really everything in our media well...the popular shitty media...not us...well some of us....anyways I digress....the point is everything is blown out of proportion like a mother fizzle. Even food...now don't take me wrong, our desire to be better than that guy made great food so I'm not complaining but it's in everything so simple. damn commercials make us goo oooh hey I want that cause it's better than this which is what I have....oh man something else is better let me get rid of this one and get that one. I have fallen into this and so has everyone else. I really can't say I don't know anyone who hasn't done that period. we even do it in our mods, which engine is better? what game is better to mod or some random blip. but wow I went way off....SOOO everyone is proud of something right?! I'm proud to say I uhm...did a lot of shit and i'm not done yet! I mean I haven't finished a mod or game but whatevs i'll get it done damn you! Secondly my modelling and UDK learning has improved significantly! Concept art is going good i'm happy...I write a lot as well. Grand grand.....I love to look through the pimpage and posing forum to look at what people have done and just sit in awe....great stuff guys.

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