I am a writer trying to get into the gaming business. I would like to write as well as give creative direction for a game or mod. I used to play those old Classics MUDs and even admin for one doing building, making mobs and areas for a while. I have been breaking into 3d modelling and animation working with a couple programs over the past couple of months. I did sculpture for several years in highschool working with shapes and geometry so modelling came very easily using a simple program called Anim8or. After of which I took it a step further and applied myself to learning maya more and that is the stage I am currently at. I have also written and published two titles "where the angels lost their way" and 'the gift of sin." I'm going to practice and post up my models or 3d graphics images from time to time please let me know if you would like to download any models or basis models for images.

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I haven't seen Ghost in the Shell in YEARS!! I got the movie and i'm anxious to watch it again. It all started from me not being able to sleep ever for the last two weeks and the tv being on. So ghost in the shell SAC was on and I heard the intro. At this point I was like...i'm awake so I went and I grabbed some vodka and juice and started to chill with my buddy who also could not sleep. I downloaded the song and I could not stop listening to it.....it was fascinating. I looked for remixes and everything and I found one that I thought was amazing. In any case I beat the crap outta him in MVC3 while drinking from like 4-7 or 8 in the morning. he couldn't handle Ryu! I'd use my first two guys as fodder and try and whittle his dudes down but as soon as ryu got out it was over. at one point he has 2 guys at almost full health I had ryu at a little above half and I beat him without taking a hit at all. and I SUCK..I just play a lot of street fighter 4 on super hard expert difficulty so I guess it's almost the same? Also, I tried my hand at making an XG bike like I mentioned previously. The modelling came out very well with basic shiny mats on them. I may try and do some better texturing but I really suck at it...well not really...I don't like doing it. but yea my buddy says he wants to draw up a rider for me to make so it may turn into something else we shall see.

Angels and demons were circling above me
Swishing through the thorns and galaxies
Only the one doesn't know happiness,
Who couldn't understand its call…

Watch in awe, watch in awe
Heavenly glory, heavenly glory
Watch in awe, watch in awe
Heavenly glory, heavenly glory

I am calling, calling now, spirits rise and falling
To stay myself longer…
Calling, calling, in the depth of longing
To stay myself longer…

Watch in awe, watch in awe
Heavenly glory, heavenly glory

Stand alone… Where was life when it had a meaning…
Stand alone… Nothing's real anymore and…

Endless run…
While I'm alive, I can try not to fall while flying
To learn how to dream… to love…
…Endless run…

Calling, calling now, for the place of knowing
There's more than what can be linked
Calling, calling now, never will I look away
For what life has left for me

Yearning, yearning, for what's left of loving
To stay myself longer…
Calling, calling now, spirits rise and falling…
To stay myself longer…
Calling, calling, in the depth of longing…
To stay myself longer…

Watch in awe, Watch in awe
Heavenly glory, Heavenly glory
Watch in awe, watch in awe
Heavenly glory, Heavenly glory

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