I am a Spanish IT student... always liked drawing, design, programming, 3D modeling, webcrafting and translate. Creative and out-the-box thinker... Currently I'm helping to develop Star Wars Conquest, a total conversion for the indie game WarRider, also known as Mount&Blade; :P And yeah, I did the SWC profile design... [See at News Zone]

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Edain Mod

Mod review

Super Hexagon

Game review

Best thing since sliced bread. And I'm not even being partial here.
This thingie made me like games again. Quote that.

Here's the original free flash game, give it a go:



Game review


Engine review - 1 agree

My 2D engine of choice. Great style, neat framework. OBEY!


The Last Days (of The Third Age of Middle Earth)

Mod review - 1 agree

After years of problems this finally came out.

I've encountered feelings, as this is the mod that brought me to the Mount&Blade modding community.

Some parts are more polished than others, but everything as a whole works, the installation could have been done in a more straightforward manner. And the optimizations a bit more robust.

One of the best, without doubt.



Mod review - 7 agree

Just how Warband should have been. Love the style and the dark essence.
More realism and the name stands out pretty well.

For those who are yet waiting for the the perfected gameplay.



Mount and Musket: Battalion

Mod review - 3 agree - 1 disagree

I haven't played it. But it looks good. Also I know the people working behind this (Specially Vicenzo). They're competent and dedicated. A good combination for a good result.

And that's what this Warband module is. Good, educative and fun.
It only needs an extra polishment to reach the excellence ;P

Best regards from the rival team.


Star Wars Mod: Galactic Warfare

Mod review - 3 agree

It has deserved a great future. Hope you can organize more the multiplayer population with special themed competitions and rankings.

So people will be more inclined to play it later in favor to other professional shooter games.

Remember: They're looking the Battlefront essence with a more realist hardcore experience.

*Bows to the German Monkeys*



Mod review

Not longer being developed. Rest in Peace.


Mount & Blade

Game review - 4 disagree

Mount&Blade it's a Turkish independent game with bad graphics, grown up from a mean M$ Visual Studio test implementation named Dazubo.

If you aren't looking for a medieval sandbox game, move on. This is a love/hate relation. One of the features is uniqueness in its genre. And probably the cheapness it's an important factor.

Also, it works perfectly in almost every hardware from now to ten years ago.
Talking about modules, people says it's really Mod Friendly. That's not true. When you go deeper, you'll discover that you're really limited by a world of hard-coded stuff.

And this wouldn't be a problem if the devs weren't lazy-***** as hell. Basically they eat from the mod community, and don't like to make small&fast changes that gives us, the modders, a great freedom to accomplish the most awesome tasks.

Try the demo. But this doesn't deserve a single Denar from you.
That's only my opinion :)

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