I am a gamer. I guess most people say that cues its kind of obvious... My dream is to become a developer but I am being held back by family and school. So untill summer of 2014 i will not be able to make games. I will get my first computer that summer but for now I am just a gamer gal :3
Sorry if my english spelling is not that good sometimes but I am dyslektik and my native language is swedish but I do speak english at home with my family every day xD since my step father is an american. (and he hates games and gamers!) well I have survived so far!
If you look in to my blogs you can see some of my ideas to my game i want to make! I have many but it will slowely build up to something very complicated so i will probebly take alot away later.
If you want to give any advice just give me a message of what you think so I can evolve my ideas from zero to hero!

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No sorry people this wont work... No game will be prodused here... Well im not sure. First i should have tools so i can be a bit more creative than i am now i mean im better at drawing and play music than imagen a hole game. So no i will first find tools and time to even start so all i have written before is scraped. but as soon as i get to start the so called high school or "gymnasiet" as it is called in swedish next autum. There i am going to aply to game development. I will have homework where it will be all about game development and game design! So about then ill probably will be making something! Yay...

Treasure hunt!

Treasure hunt!

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A story...

sweetbeast Blog
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Check my game out if your intrested Digimon world project ark

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I checked
I was suprised
And Im now tracking lol

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Okay I'm going to try twitter one more time. Not that I have anything interesting stuff to say but who cares. Hey everybody! I'm back.

Jul 2 2014

Yay i have cleaned my room its all nice and cosy now :)

Dec 5 2013

Awww game stop was closed :( I wanted to buy a steam card :c

Oct 6 2013

Working hard and doing your best is not the best to do always. Sometimes you need to relax and think what you are actually doing :)

Sep 16 2013

Yay I saw this super cute kitten this weekend :D shes/his name is "trean" :D translated from swedish its number three/the third xD

Sep 15 2013

I must be the laziest, hard working, super tired teenager who cant even live life right...

Sep 12 2013

Some one tried. To hack my account D:

Sep 12 2013

When I was on my way home from my grandmas place and I almost hit a hedgehog D: dun dun duuuun! But it was lucky and didn't get hurt :D yay.

Sep 11 2013

Living in the moment is the gratest thing you can do to celebrate life!

Sep 10 2013

Rage quit all the way.

Sep 8 2013

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