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sweeneypaul @ How can we lower game piracy?

DRM's can be bad such as windows live and indie games may not be expensive but theres a greater chance that they are going to be bad quality. I have bought around 20 indie games in the past year and iv played around 60, some are just not worth the money

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sweeneypaul @ How can we lower game piracy?

Theres a few reasons why I may pirate a game

1) To try it, so for things like minecraft and world of goo for example, and if I like it I will buy it( Those two games I did buy they were great)

2) The point where it is easier to pirate then buy/ the drm can be put into one point as for example red faction: Gurilla was a great game when I pirated it and so I bought it, the drm is so unbearable I re downloaded the pirated version and played that instead.
When was it a good idea to make it harder for the customer to play rather then the pirate

3) I dont usually pirate games because of this but games like COD are released at £40 which in my eyes are not worth that money. I wait for them to be reduced in price then I will buy them if I think it is worth it, unfortunalty for games like COD by the time the price has been reduced it will be to late and 4 more games would have been released

There is one way in my eyes to stop me from pirating the game and buying a pre order, this is if I respect the company and they have a good track record and the biggest example of this is valve.
They create great games that I can play for years aswell as constant support and the ease of everything around the game.

I dont think theres much you can do about stopping it, if people want you game and they dont want to pay they will.
I disagree with stealing quality products but its there choice and its a unfortunate one.

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sweeneypaul @ Naruto Kyuubi Fix

Looks like the characters are cell shaded but the world it a slightly different but similar style, Theres alot around just google cell shading, this is like the first link

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sweeneypaul @ Humble Indie Bundle 2 - IT'S ALIVE!!

I think I love you

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sweeneypaul @ Voice Acting - Loras

This is the type of thing I love to see. It really shows how much effort it put into the game

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sweeneypaul @ Nuclear Dawn - Consortium Assault Soldier

Thats a nice looking photo, good luck for release

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sweeneypaul @ 1187 + Release = Mortewood Is Back!

He is at Uni I think doing a computer science course

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sweeneypaul @ Project Reality: Battlefield 2

I had a problem with the steam version. If you have the steam version turn off in game community

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sweeneypaul @ Forgotten Hope 2.26 Release!

oh hey tom

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sweeneypaul @ Dear sister Gun

Why dont you buy Gmod instead of pirating it. Its only £6

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sweeneypaul @ Stalker Final Version

It is only lua files and some models thats sounds about right

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