Where should I start? I always felt drawn into different worlds, so dwelling in mapping editors was a way for me to live creativity. My first editor was actually the sandbox editor for Red Alert, but I evolved into more complex 3D editors of the UT Engine, which I got into in the year 2000 / 01. Actually, my first release is not available anymore, which is both good and a shame. Interestingly, I have only minimal knowledge about creating textures and making meshes, but I excel at imagining a vivid scene and its gameplay components. So while many of my maps often look like seen before from one point of view, they breath fresh air and play smooth or challenging, are hardcore and balanced.
Mapping editor experience includes U-Editor (Engine 1 + 2.5), Dawn Of Warhammer ModTools and few more.
I am using Photoshop for editing textures, making screenshots / previews and the like.
And while I have never learnt any script language, I understand basic terms of code and interprete them.

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Okay okay, it took me about 7 years to finally reupload my Soulstorm maps, but seeing that Soulstorm is anything but dead, here they are. :)

There's quite a list of maps to come in the following hours / days:

- Belltower (2)

- Close Quarters (2)

- Sad Spires (2)

- The Wall (2)

- Light Brigade (2)

- Mariza (4)

- Faded Dreams (6)

- Tavesta Wastelads (6)

- Green Valley (8)

- Dantoon Vale (8)

- Ascension Drifts (8)

- Lights Out (8)

and, if I am able to find some old files for it, Forest of Hate (8) as well.

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Swanky starts business

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