I Love to Make Games Maximize their Singleplayer Potential, And Give the Best they Have to Offer, Through Modding Them and Expanding them, All For Total Singleplayer Bliss! For Any of those Who Appreciate my Work and would Like to Contribute to Future AND Current Projects, Please Send me a Small Donation via Paypal : fallout102606 at hotmail.com . Thank You!!!

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sw33tsp0t May 30 2011, 5:47pm replied:

No the feature doesn't work, it was made in the mod and changed to work, but Later on as I found out the feature is incapable of working. its hard coded into diablo II.

+1 vote   mod: Diablo II Enhancement Mod
sw33tsp0t Aug 30 2010, 8:22pm says:

Nice! does this add a new landmass? or is the haunted house in Tamriel? I Want it to be a New Landmass!

+1 vote   mod: Haunted House
sw33tsp0t Jan 14 2010, 12:58pm says:

Part 1 has been reuploaded due to some complaints it wasnt downloading.


+1 vote   mod: BF2 Total War Realism Mod
sw33tsp0t May 26 2011, 12:24pm says:

I might want to also add, if you want a character that can handle the uber quests, since this is singleplayer. I would advise you to get zonfire's hero editor, and make you an insane lvl 99 toon. I have one called hammerdin his hammers hit for 40k. use these toons for farming/downing uber bosses for quests. I dont think a lvl 99 legit character could do it unless he was uber geared. just some advice.

+1 vote   mod: Diablo II Enhancement Mod
sw33tsp0t May 22 2011, 2:11pm says:

Woo, Been Playing this Mod for a Long Time Now, Just wanted to Inform you Guys, Was Playing in My Singleplayer Game in Hell Mode, Uber Diablo Spawned In Act 1 Blood Moore and it Said Evil Walks the Earth, I had my Level 75 Pally try to Take him down, only got him to 75% lol! even with Prevent Monster Heal, He Somehow Regenerated all his health after like 1 hour of nonstop porting and trying to down him, went through 2 pages of rejuvination/healing pots. lol! just wanted to inform you guys the world event quests work.

+1 vote   mod: Diablo II Enhancement Mod
sw33tsp0t May 18 2011, 3:44pm says:

Hi Marek, I see your having problems with My Battlefield 2 Singleplayer Total War Realism Mod. Here is what you must do to get it working,

MAKE SURE you have the very latest Battlefield 2 Patch Installed on your Game. The One that Lets it run without a CD etc, I believe its 1.5 or 1.6.
Install that Then we Must,

Download 8.0 Core Files , 8.0 Levels Installer 1, 8.0 Levels Installer 2, 8.0 Levels Installer 3, and 8.0 Levels installer 4. This is the Full 8.0 Install.

When Installing, Point to your Battlefield 2\Mods Directory. This is Most Likely In C:\Program Files\Battlefield 2\Mods. IT SHOULD THEN MAKE a Folder in your Battlefield 2\Mods Directory Called Total_War_Realism_Mod . this is the mod, install all the levels to Battlefield 2\Mods\Total_War_Realism_Mod\Levels as well. It Must Be in the Install format they are in. (Both Core and Levels 1-4) After This you Will Have Mod Shortcut to Install and Run and Play the Mod. (v8.0)

You Will Also Have a BF2 Bot Changer to Change Settings of Bots, And Game Modes Installers for Different Game Modes.

Now to Update to 8.4, YOU MUST DO THIS INCREMENTALLY. 8.1 Install First, Then 8.2 Patch, THEN DOWNLOAD --- v8.3+v8.4 Patch. Do This Step By Step, Version By Version, When Installing these the Files >>**GO INSIDE OBJECTS_REALISM.ZIP LOCATED IN THE MAIN TOTAL WAR REALISM MOD FOLDER.**<< after Placed Inside, And Doing this Through Versions 8.1-8.4, the Mod will be FULLY UP TO DATE AND 100% Functional! Enjoy! -sw33tsp0t

+2 votes   member: Wht.Rex
sw33tsp0t May 18 2011, 3:36pm replied:

Ill private message you realibelix to see if we cant get this going. -sw33t

+1 vote   mod: BF2 Total War Realism Mod
sw33tsp0t May 17 2011, 11:47am says:

Another Note, When you Go To Install the Mod(s) Leave the Install Path In the Format it is In, For Example, PlugY Goes to C:\Program Files\Diablo II\ModPlugY and D2EnhancementMod goes to C:\Program Files\Diablo II This is the format it must be in, and you must locate the path for the d2 root folder if it is not C:\Program Files.

I have a Very Useful File Here, it Comes from a Website and its for use if you DO NOT Have Diablo II Registry Entries. this Site will Impliment the Registry Values for Diablo II Into your Registry. It is Legit and Virus Safe from what I've Used So Far. So You Shouldn't Worry about it Corrupting your Registry. Its a Top Notch Video Game Registry File Site. Here is the Link: Regfiles.net

Enjoy -sw33t

+1 vote   mod: Diablo II Enhancement Mod
sw33tsp0t May 17 2011, 11:34am replied:

Make sure you two have D2 Patch 1.13c Installed, Install PlugY First, Then D2EnhancementMod Last, Make sure they Install to your C:\Program Files\Diablo II Main Root Folder. Wherever it May be, Desktop Shortcut should run off of PlugY.exe NOT D2.exe, -direct -txt should be at the end of your shortcut after PlugY.exe, in the target parameters. Launch game from this new shortcut and all should be a go.

For the Stand-Alone Version just Install to your Diablo II Main Root Folder, then at the new shortcut add -direct -txt after D2.exe to run it. all should be a go here.

Mod Icon is located in the Diablo II\Data Folder to use with the shortcut. Right click shortcut > Change Icon to do this.

good luck on getting it working

+1 vote   mod: Diablo II Enhancement Mod
sw33tsp0t May 10 2011, 6:15pm replied:

Make sure you Install PLUGY Core Files First, Then Install Diablo II SP Enhancement Mod Files Last, or Second.

If you already Have PlugY Installed, You Shouldn't have to worry about reinstalling it, just Install my Mods Core Files. And they Will Run
In Union With Eachother. PlugY Is Final Version, 10.00. Enjoy.

Make sure your Shortcut Paremeters Point to your PLUGY.EXE Directory which is located in your C:\Program Files\Diablo II\ Directory, Start In Directory should be C:\Program Files\Diablo II . Shortcut to mod should point to this path ending with PlugY.exe >>The following Paremeters Need to be Added to the Shortcut<< " -Direct -Txt " This will now officially run the Unity Version in Sync with Eachother.

If Diablo II Takes a Long time to Load, and you See up in the Top Corner of your Screen a Little Black Box that takes like 10 Minutes to Load,
Go to Diablo to Properties > Right Click.

Go to 'Compatibility' Tab.
Check 'Run this Program in Compatibility For'
Windows NT 4.0 (Service Pack 5)

Then Check,
Disable Desktop Composition .

This will fix the long load time start for Diablo II ! Cool fix I found, Works With Windows Vista, Not sure about the Others.

Im Running it on Windows XP. Im Using Default Settings For Windows XP Run of the Shortcut. YOU PROBABLY SHOULD TRY the abilities tab to see what works. Use this to find a Recipe of Execution for the Game that works, I think this is the problem.

Cool Note: In the DATA Directory of your Diablo II Root Folder, Located As (C:\Program Files\Diablo II\Data\) Folder THERE IS THE MOD ICON YOU CAN USE AS YOUR DESKTOP SHORTCUT ICON. just incase you didnt know! enjoy!

Cheers -sw33tsp0t

+2 votes   mod: Diablo II Enhancement Mod
sw33tsp0t May 1 2011, 8:31pm replied:

Get the new 1.13c patch, it has a feature where if you take all of your games .mpq files, and copy them to your main diablo II root directory from the installer disks, it will launch diablo II there on out with no cd or disk required. its a new feature in 1.13

+1 vote   download: DiabloII SP Enhancement Mod v1.4 + PlugY v10 Unity
sw33tsp0t May 1 2011, 8:16pm says:

I also have no living clue why this may have had a virus. Im not a hacker/malicious software implementer or user. this must have been one of the pre-loaded content that was in the mod, such as the bot changer.exe, or something of the like, believe me after working on a project as much and as long as this, that would be the LAST thing i would want for my users. please run your scanner and delete whatever malicious software or file may be causing this. thanks, -sw33t

+4 votes   mod: BF2 Total War Realism Mod
sw33tsp0t May 1 2011, 8:13pm replied:

hey SGT. R. whatsup been a while, your right but as ive stated before like a half a year ago i think it was, my gaming/modding rig blew up. its no longer possible for me to mod the game and test the modifications via play testing, im dead in the water. gonna be a while before I get a nice new one, im on very low income budget. living single in my own house and mortgage.

my rig is : 500 mhz celeron / 128mb sdram / 10gb hard drive/ 1mb onboard video / no onboard sound or usb/ usb 2.0 hub 6 slots, sound sys is usb, ethernet card for internet and pretty much everything goes in my usb hub. it is very crappy, i tweaked it out to the max and now it plays medium quality movies/snes-genisis-gameboy adv-nes/ flawlessly so im not too upset. going back to the basics untill I can get some cash flow to complete these projects and have fun 'modern-gaming' again. thanks for all of you guys support. I am very pleased with the mod(s) ive done so far and they are far from finished. Hopefully in time they will be back on track. -sw33t

+2 votes   mod: BF2 Total War Realism Mod
sw33tsp0t Mar 1 2011, 11:36am says:

eww season 1 gladiator warrior gear

+1 vote   media: IceIYIaN t3h ph34r3d
sw33tsp0t Jan 13 2011, 2:07pm replied:

scroll down and read the + info on it sgt.r ;)

+1 vote   download: BF2 Total War Realism Mod v8.3+8.4 Patch
sw33tsp0t Jan 13 2011, 2:07pm says:

yea thats because the coop has a bot ratio slider
you have to even it out to get the proper amount per team.

+1 vote   download: BF2 Total War Realism Mod v8.3+8.4 Patch
sw33tsp0t Jan 9 2011, 5:05pm says:

Hmm Druid, make sure when you install the mod Point it to your Diablo II MAIN Directory. Install the File(s) In the Sequential Number that they Are. Desktop Shortcut Should Read This: (Mine Being E:\My Files\Games , Instead of C:\Program Files)

"E:\My Files\Games\Diablo II\PlugY.exe" -direct -txt

Also Make sure you Have D2LOD Patch v1.13c (Latest One)

This Should Work. Write back if you Still Have Problems, Sorry haven't Checked this Page in a While.

+1 vote   download: DiabloII SP Enhancement Mod v1.4 + PlugY v10 Unity
sw33tsp0t Jan 6 2011, 7:35pm replied:

oh, you put the patches after 8.0 in the zip file. anything inside of objects_realism.zip place in the main mod folder. these files are located in the downloaded patches. when properly placed mod will load and be up to date with v8.4. if it stil crashes try deleting objects_realism.zip and get it from the 8.0 fresh install. this is why it crashes while loading objects (15%).

+2 votes   member: sw33tsp0t
sw33tsp0t Dec 30 2010, 11:13pm says:

Bad news my x4 3.2 ghz black ed. amd, 4 gb ddr3, 2 tb hd, and 1tb hd(s), quad dvd-rws and 1 gb gts 250 with sound blaster xi-fi titanium, 750 watt led psu HAS BIT THE DUST! it blew up when modding it. dead as a hammer. even with full power to components. bad on my part, wont be able to mod or keep em up for a while till i can afford a new rig. the one im on is very shtty. sorry guys!

+2 votes   mod: BF2 Total War Realism Mod
sw33tsp0t Dec 30 2010, 11:11pm replied:

Hmm, yes if the objects_realism.zip is messed with in the wrong way, it WILL crash. my best advice if you cant get it placed right is just to use the base one. :(

+1 vote   mod: BF2 Total War Realism Mod
sw33tsp0t Dec 26 2010, 7:39pm replied:

yes it works on co-op as well :)

+1 vote   mod: OF:Dragon Rising Singleplayer Overhaul Mod
sw33tsp0t Dec 21 2010, 9:50pm replied:

Yes it will, but in that case you'll have to re-rout the install Directory Path to your Steamapps>Games>Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare Main Folder. to Put the Files in That way. and change the shortcut (Actually create a new one) as follows: +set fs_game mods/pezbot +set svr_pezbots 13 +set svr_pezbots_skill 0.5 +set svr_pezbots_team autoassign enjoy! -ss

+1 vote   download: CoD4:MW Singleplayer PeZBOT 009p
sw33tsp0t Dec 21 2010, 9:38pm replied:

Yes, its not realistic to the tee, but My plan was to keep the Original Battlefield 2 Values intact, without under-going a major Full Game Mod Makeover. And Btw, the Sniper and All Bullets are effected by gravity and do have some travel time. Its just not very noticable untill long distances, but the Barret .50 Cal sniper has almost no drop/travel time Because its so powerful.

+2 votes   mod: BF2 Total War Realism Mod
sw33tsp0t Dec 17 2010, 3:32pm replied:

yes sgt. it works, thanks for stating this. Lots of people experiencing this ive reviewed it several times.

+1 vote   mod: BF2 Total War Realism Mod
sw33tsp0t Dec 9 2010, 8:19pm replied:

right click > read only check box

+1 vote   mod: BF2 Total War Realism Mod
sw33tsp0t Nov 23 2010, 3:21am says:

Jones gave me permission to use this.

+3 votes   media: 8.2 Features
sw33tsp0t Nov 20 2010, 1:31pm replied:

uncheck the read only property, go back into bf2 co-op mode, and change the bot ratio to whatever you want. All the settings will be restored. This is how I play with custom game settings, install bf2 default user settings and uncheck read-only property.

+1 vote   mod: BF2 Total War Realism Mod
sw33tsp0t Nov 18 2010, 6:41pm replied:

Yes there are Many Armor/Helicopter Missions, More Armor than Heli, But there are Several Attack Helo Missions as Well, and Most All of them Include these things.

+1 vote   mod: OF:Dragon Rising Singleplayer Overhaul Mod
sw33tsp0t Nov 18 2010, 6:38pm replied:

Because I'm Not Sure why Your Experiencing this Problem, Try 1.13c. I Have not Had this Problem or had Reports of it yet. This is not a Problem with your Game's Files, Its Rather a Problem with the D2Game.exe File. Which is Usually Fixed by Patches.

+1 vote   mod: Diablo II Enhancement Mod
sw33tsp0t Nov 16 2010, 9:07pm replied:

this mod requires patch version 1.13c

+1 vote   mod: Diablo II Enhancement Mod
sw33tsp0t Oct 27 2010, 3:04am says:

Unless that mod has its own executable, and doesn't run in -direct -txt mode, you would launch the plugy mod executable (or perhaps since its a total conversion, plugy being a diablo II only mod) not even run plug y, in that case it should work, install the base mod (without plugy) stand-alone. and run the game in -direct -txt, it will install all the necessary files for the mod and run them through that mode, should work not 100% sure because i haven't tried it

+1 vote   mod: Diablo II Enhancement Mod
sw33tsp0t Oct 22 2010, 9:24pm says:

Indeed! Believe me or Not, I Modded a Body Stay Mod, where the Bodies would stay on the ground, but it ended up LAGGGGing the Sh** out of the PC. 255 bots with 100% body stay would convert to like a x6 3.2ghz / 2gb Video Overclocked machine. Or Even Better. I Want to keep it within Common PC Performance Range. xD

+1 vote   media: BF2 Total War Realism Mod Screenshots
sw33tsp0t Aug 2 2012, 11:22am says:

Awesome Tvig!, me and My Buddy TW Crash are Lanning this Mission, This is the Best of:dr Mission ive ever seen!

+2 votes   download: Squad Level Tactics Endgame revision 5
sw33tsp0t Oct 28 2011, 5:49pm says:

I got this game, It IS Awesome!

+1 vote   media: star wars battlefront 2
sw33tsp0t Oct 25 2011, 5:30am says:

when i get a new comp I'll make a red lens remover patch for you and others.

+1 vote   media: v7.0 Preview Screenies
sw33tsp0t Oct 6 2011, 11:19pm says:

sw33tsp0t 3secs ago replied: New Comment

try taking Plugy.exe , plugy.ini and all the other plugy files, and placing in your diablo II root folder, then run

c:\program files(x86)\Diablo II\PlugY.exe -Direct -Txt
c:\program files(x86)\Diablo II\

the way to know spe mod is in play is by seeing the huge inventory space in the personal inventory and npc inventory, having 10 stats per level etc.

hope this helps and ive seen other people have issues on 64 bit machines. not sure whats causing it.

+1 vote   download: Diablo II SP Enhancement Mod v1.6 Full
sw33tsp0t Sep 8 2011, 1:18am replied:

SF Hind I believe, haven't been able to play test the mod in over a year. Waiting to get new rig. Did original bf2 even have hinds?

+1 vote   media: BF2SP Total War Realism Mod v8.1 Patch Screenies
sw33tsp0t Oct 12 2010, 2:17pm says:

Thanx lol, this ak skin was old school, back in version like 5.0 of the mod :p, was a temp texture, never applied it to the final version, see the picture of the Iraqi with the RPK shooting, that was my final ak skin, because I seen that they should have it to match thier army's color :p, thanks for your awesome comments Sgt.R

+1 vote   media: sw33tsp0t - BF2SPTWRM Latest Screens
sw33tsp0t Oct 12 2010, 2:16pm says:

The metallic skin is a Simple explict alpha bit .dds channel, shouldnt mess with the video settings too much, mainly is a weapon skin in a different format, I think your video settings will be fine :).

+1 vote   media: sw33tsp0t - BF2SPTWRM Latest Screens
sw33tsp0t Oct 11 2010, 8:56pm says:

Ive Tested it on v1.2 Works Fine, Shouldn't Be a Problem, if it is Let me Know and Ill Revise the Mod/Readme's.

+1 vote   article: How to Install OF:DR Singleplayer Overhaul Mod
sw33tsp0t Oct 9 2010, 12:10am says:

Hmm, Good Question, This Is Most Likely Due to Missing Registry Entries for Blizzard/Diablo II. Reinstall Diablo II From CD So It can Re-write The Registry Entries, then PlugY Installer Should Detect your Diablo II Install. if I had the Registry Codes with me Id Tell you What to Do From Regedit, but Just Try this First.

Also, The Install Directory for PlugY Should Be:
Diablo II/PlugY Mod

Find your Main Diablo II Game Folder, tell it to go from there, it must create the PlugY Sub-folder to Install Properly, If this doesn't Work or you Dont Have the Diablo II CD's Or a Valid Working Install of the Game, Ill Give you the Registry Entry Codes here. I Believe that is Whats causing the Problem, no Other reason it Cant Find a Diablo II Directory, Its Run off of Registry Entries OR a .ini File to Detect Diablo II Install Path.

Also, try re-directing the Install to your Manual Place of Choice, That Being your Diablo II Folder / Mod PlugY

+2 votes   download: DiabloII SP Enhancement Mod v1.4 + PlugY v10 Unity
sw33tsp0t Aug 31 2010, 9:06pm says:

Great Idea, Sgt.R That will probably be considered in later releases, as for now it sticks to the vanilla Battlefield 2 standards.

+2 votes   media: BF2SP Total War Realism Mod v8.1 Patch Screenies
sw33tsp0t Aug 31 2010, 9:05pm says:

None of this work is taken from PR. Credits are to The Utmost talented JONES.

+8 votes   media: 8.2 Features
sw33tsp0t Feb 3 2010, 8:45am says:

Install path should point to your "C:\Program Files\Diablo II\Data" Folder.

OR wherever your Diablo II\Data Folder is Installed.

Make sure to add -direct -txt to the end of the target path line in shortcut properties. It should look like for an example,

Target Path: "C:\Program Files\Diablo II\Diablo II.exe" -direct -txt .

Thanks and enjoy.


+1 vote   download: Diablo II Singleplayer Enhancement Mod v1.3(Fixed)
sw33tsp0t Dec 29 2009, 10:34am says:

The Battlefield 2 Single Player Total War Realism Mod intends to bring a
"Total War" aspect to single player battlefield 2, Enhanced AI, Maximized Map Sizes, Custom Maps, Bot changer with Skill and Number of Bots Slider, All weapons and class kits have been changed to be realistically Accurate. Damage and Explosion radius on projectiles,missles and Bombs and other Explosions has been changed to be more realistic. There are custom real weapon sounds included in the mod. Ammo numbers, recoil, Bullet Accuracy and Velocity has been changed to be more realistic. So far this is pretty much all thats been changed, Im looking for a mod staff to help me with custom models and weapon additions, as well as better skins for vehicles, soldiers, guns etc. and some more changes, I need more ideas as well.

+1 vote   article: Battlfield 2 Total War Realism Mod v6.0 Patch AND .Torrent Full Install Is Out!
sw33tsp0t Oct 14 2009, 7:48pm says:

Hey guys, this is about my Diablo II Single Player Enhancement Mod. I am looking for some Mod Team Members, to help me progress with this mod. I want to Enhance the Special effects of Diablo II : Lord of Destruction game, I also want some more Basic .txt Features, and I want new items/drops and Item Graphics (which I have). Im not very skilled in these other categories, could Someone join my mod team and help me progress this mod further along? contact me,

Aim: FALLout102
MSN: fallout102606@hotmail.com
Yahoo: fallout102606
Xfire: sw33tsp0t

Thanks and good day.

+1 vote   mod: Diablo II Enhancement Mod
sw33tsp0t Oct 6 2009, 11:35pm says:

Just a note, in 5.0.5 all helos have 2 sets of 24 hydra missles. In the demo movie it only had 8. Get 5.0.5 after 5.0.4 and itll be up to the latest.

+1 vote   mod: BF2 Total War Realism Mod
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