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:SVB: Apr 19 2011 replied:

That was my first thought :D
I built a huge Neumon ship that had 4 giant lasers in the front that recharged very quickly... and with several hundreds of them.... Blow up stars using the DSM :)
Sounds like a Sathanas, alright...

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:SVB: Nov 23 2010 says:

That would be SWEET. Too bad, I don't think it could happen, however it would be amazing. Maybe that will be the "Freespace 3 Mod for Diplomacy" eh? :) Because then they also need to include the UEF and diplomacy would kind of be important

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:SVB: Nov 17 2010 says:

My game keeps crashing after about 10 minutes of playing on this mod... Can you guys please fix it please :'(
I really love this mod, but I believe that bombers are WAY too powerful, nerf them just a little, as a single bomber can severely damage my capital ship like it is no problem....
In a minute of fighting, the Orion lost 25% of its health from 1 Vasudan Bomber, and only THEN the bomber died...

+1 vote   mod: Freespace 2 Mod Project
:SVB: Mar 12 2010 replied:

Oh yeah:
The NTF Boardecia is something that should replace the original Pirate Bases since it is that one "Asteroid Base" Used as a coverup of the Iceni...
The Terrans should get this shipyard instead of the SoaSE one for Frigate/Capital shipyard

For defences it's easy: Terrans, Vasudans, AND Shivans have Sentry Guns... they can replace the normal Gauss/Beam/Missle defences in SoaSE

Will all these be true? Please :)

+1 vote   mod: Freespace 2 Mod Project
:SVB: Mar 11 2010 says:

Are Trade and Refinery Ships going to be freighters from FS2? Whatabout the station, will it be the Arcadia? Is the shipyard going to be that Ganymede one from FS2?
Is the Knossos going to replace the Vasari's Phase portal and fit into the Shivan technology? Are the defences going to be like in FS2 - the turrets, the Mjornir beam turret as the most powerful taking up the most slots? Are the science vessels going to become scouts again like in the first mod?
What about the AWACS vessel, will it be a support ship (increase weapons range and accuracy and lower the enemy's)? What about the NTF Iceni, will it be stationed on the "Pirate Base" since Pirates will be NTF in this mod?
Make sure everything is included as much as possible and have all the SoaSE stuff excluded and replaced instead

+1 vote   mod: Freespace 2 Mod Project
:SVB: Mar 11 2010 says:

Quit posting negative comments, go to the Infinity website and read the FAQ to see what the game is about.
This will be the best game that was ever made!

+2 votes   game: Infinity: The Quest for Earth
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