Leader of the Save the world by Overloading it with fun Suzumiya Haruhi Brigade. Simply doing whatever possible to escape having a boring normal life. I'm not interested in normal humans but if you're an Alien, Timetraveler, Esper, ghost, or slider please contact me. That's all.

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This group has been formed to gather the people who enjoy Japanese anime and all of its facets, to salute the people from the land of the Rising Sun.



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Mod team working on the BANZAI! Unreal tournament 2004 mod. A fun group with fun people that treat eachother like friends. ALRIGHT YOU DOGS, WHAT ARE...

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Hidamari Feb 27 2008 says:

Suzu-sama *_*... i know your very busy an all, but would you be so kind as to take a look at my profile and follow the steps...so I can get some feed back on what me and Rukifellth have been working on..

I would REAALY appreciate it ^_^

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XenoAisam Feb 28 2008 replied:


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Suzumia_Haruhi Creator
Suzumia_Haruhi Feb 27 2008 says:

Haha There's lots of things I don't know,
A lot of them I may not want to know..

But yes.. one pound is roughly 200 yen.
Having said that 300 yen for a loaf of bread is still a bit steep. :P

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Hidamari Feb 18 2008 says:

hey haruhi... i didnt know what an anime was october last year, or anything about japan, im still not going to say i know anything about japan, as anime is fictional.

however.... when I first saw the Yen currency I was like OMG, because over here in england we count large sums of money by the pound... so i thought it was the same over their me thinking that a Yen was worth 1 pound or close to...

so in Azumanga Daioh (which was the first anime i ever saw november last year) they said it cost like 300 yen or somthing for some bread from the shop at school my eyes nearly rolled out, and later on when Kimura-sensei put a 5000 yen note in that collection box... oh my word...

oh im sorry if you havent seen it... it appears to be the .."standard".. among anime fans.. i didnt know this when i was watched it
^_^ but I realised that a Yen is no where near the worth of a pound, it is actually half of a english Penny

so it would be like me holding up a 10 pound note and saying ive got 1000p ^_^ which is roughly 1900 Yen

why am i saying this ^_^ i have NO idea so i apologise but it just suddenly hit me :)

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Hidamari Feb 11 2008 says:

hahaha...i never heard of that one "got lots of lives" :D, very witty! i like it, i think i'll use that next time ;)

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Suzumia_Haruhi Creator
Suzumia_Haruhi Feb 11 2008 says:

Well I like to go out too..
But you still hear a lot of people saying "Get a life"

But a wise girl once said
"I don't need to "Get a life" I'm a gamer I have Lots of lives!"

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Hidamari Feb 10 2008 says:

its not like ive got no friends...

ive got hundreds of friends...

if they want me to come out, fine..
if they want to come over, fine..

if they dont they know where to find me if they do, theyre not likeley to find me half drunk on some street corner like a fool ^_^

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Hidamari Feb 10 2008 says:

ha! do i hear that alot.. "got no life", "sad"... all i have to say to these people is UP YOURS

the thing is these are the people that like to go out and
A. get ******
B. Get ****** and have a fight
C. Get ****** and look for vulnerable girls to shag (sorry)
D. and just generally be complete dicks..

plus i like my house! its cosy, and i am able to enjoy my own company...
i know the pleasure of how to spend time doing nothing and relax...

is that so wrong? ^_^

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Suzumia_Haruhi Creator
Suzumia_Haruhi Feb 10 2008 says:

Well Hi Daniel ^-^

It's quite hard being into this as a girl as gaming,
especially modding is still considered male territory.

I enjoy it though.
There are enough prejudices going on about me as it is
I think the one of me having no life isn't too much of a burden ;)

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Hidamari Feb 9 2008 says:

ok cool, so you a girl afterall :)

Well if I said I was one of the characters... I would have to be Kyon :) but dont expect a kiss Haruhi :D ;)

since you told me ur name, im Daniel ;) pleasure to meet you

75 is my fav number/percentage and also the way I like to run my life 3/4ths (75%) imagination and fun 1/4 for all the rest :D

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Suzumia_Haruhi Creator
Suzumia_Haruhi Feb 6 2008 says:

I took the character name, because I found my personality to be quite similar. I'm just a fan of her, My real name is Laramee.
Banzai is not related to any existing anime though the gasmask soldier has a yellow ribbon in her brown hair ;).

The character's names and backgrounds have been made up by "Rukifellth" our character designer.
Jaytwitch, the coder is not really all that active. And "Darkclown" is the tester. Though we did not really have much to test as I just finished my first map and the enemies still haven't been made.

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