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10 Review

Mod Review on Jun 9th, 2013

The design of the the game is great, in exception to the crouch jumping but other than that, FLAWLESS! I had CHILLS when playing through the intense and epic battles with tanks and manta ray ships, its a high dose of awesomeness that is of much delight. This is a new reinvention of the classic game perfects the elements that were not achieved by the original due to technological and design limitations. If it were complete, I think that it would make a wonderful replacement or be interchangeable game for the original Half-Life to make a seamless experience for the Half-Life series.

Carnivores Triassic
10 Review

Mod Review on Feb 3rd, 2013

Fun to play, maps are great as well as the new weapons. This is a must for any Carnivores fan.

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