I'm DJFingas. My best friends are Miku~Chan and all her aliases, I like to role-play on her images, she's really funny, and extremely nice and cool to talk to. and then her brother Super_Hell_Knight and all his aliases, her and him are not that different, he's funny and cool as well, I chat with him a lot. and then one of my first awesome friends Mister Benjamin Pulido, this guy is really fun, and he doesn't say lol he says hehe, he's a really calm and laid back guy. and he's made some great mods, which this site was made for... I have been wanting to make mods of games for as long as i can remember, and at first it wasn't to make a new story or modification, I would attempt to make level designs similar to those of the original creators. I loved their maps and wanted to follow in their wake at the start, but now I am stunning myself in my talents at developing mods. I hope you enjoy all I have to offer socially and creatively.

Review RSS Feed The Citizen Part II
9 Review

Mod Review on Mar 26th, 2014

This mod is excellent no doubt about it you would think valve themselves developed it, everything from level design to materials, slow motion scenes, outstanding puzzles and exciting missions, this game takes you literally into the shoes of a full resistance citizen. The custom models were well done some skin textures here and there needed work but other than that no reason not to get this mod! it's amazing.

Zombie Mode
9 Review

Mod Review on Apr 8th, 2012 - 1 person doesn't

pros: this is a really great mod its scary, has nice corners to hide in, very fun rounds,

cons: slight pockets and leaks in the walls

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