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Blog RSS Feed Report abuse Modeling a Game Ready Katana in Wings3D

0 comments by SupaNinjaMan on Mar 13th, 2013

Modeling a Game Ready Katana in Wings3D, Video Tutorial Series.
The tutorial focuses on my workflow (but not really a workflow) of making a lowish poly 3D weapon model for Mount&Blade: Warband, but can be modified as just a general tutorial on creating a historically-accurate katana in Wings3D.

I make a number of errors when I'm talking about specific parts of the sword, but it's mostly okay since you don't really need to know what a 'seppa' is or which side is called the 'hi' to model a katana. I correct myself in the annotations anyway, though. Hopefully it's informative, or at least entertaining.

Report abuse Half-Life2: On the American West Coast?

6 comments by SupaNinjaMan on Oct 19th, 2008

Half-Life2 not where it's said to be?

(meant to be a joke, it's not important enough to really be complaining.)

As we all fondly remember our hours playing HL2, we see no evidence of it being located in a remotely US city because the architecture, and never contested that it was outside Eastern Europe because VALVe says so, right? I think we all might be wrong, as most (West Coast) US residents know there is a decently dangerous gang known as SUR 13, or to those who are a bit behind, they also go by the Mexican Mafia, La eMe (which means "The M" in Spanish, chosen because "M" is the thirteenth letter of the alphabet) and is considered the oldest and most dangerous prison gang in America. (The 13 comes from it having only thirteen members when it started in the late 50's in Tracy, California by incarcerated Chicano gang members.)

After force feeding you all this information, you must think I've gone completely mad and obsessed with Latin American gangs, right? Not exactly. As seen in my screenshot below, there is a faded SUR 1(too faded to count as a 3, looks similar to a 7 also). Which I find extremely curious, since the SUR 13 is solely in California, New Mexico, Arizona, and finally Texas, not Eastern Europe. This leaves me asking, why.

  • Why is the Mexican Mafia in Eastern Europe?
  • Why, if it's a factual error, did VALVe choose the SUR 13, they live in freakin' Washington state!?!?!
  • And finally, Why am I ranting over a stupid tag?
Disbelieve my findings, refer to the picture below.


Mhm, what now fool! A gang tag from West Coast United States in in Ravenholm!

Please, don't complain about how stupid this finding is, I discovered a way to topple VALVe's tyrannical hold over the gaming community with a factual error! (Just kidding, I love VALVe, they started with a modified Quake engine and turned it into the most influential game basically ever.)

Signed, Your favorite overzealous teenage gamer, SupaNinjaMan.

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