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sUiCiDaLn00b @ Brochure Side A

YAY! Pet a REAL zombie!

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sUiCiDaLn00b @ Dear Esther

I stumbled across this marvelous piece of work yesterday. Bored to my wits end with repetitive shooters, this seemed a nice change. It was.

The mapping was pretty incredible, barring the occasional few glitches, floating static objects, and the strange texture choices. I say strange because, for one, why was there a part with man-made concrete texture for a natural, displaced ground? It seemed a mite odd to me, but nevertheless worked fairly well. Also, the cliffs seemed abnormal, as some textures were extremely large and grainy compared to when your walking on the grass looking down and its much less grainy. No matter, its probably 50 times better then anything I would ever be able to accomplish.

The music was of perfect ambiance to the narration, although the music got occasionally loud at some points and I strained to hear the narrator. Just as well, there were times when "Come back..." was overlapping the narrations, which didn't seem to fit.

And to add to the mapping part, there were parts where I had a slightly difficult time finding my way around, and to add to that I was wandering around, exploring the island when I suddenly died. A trigger_hurt, I assume in mapping terms. My only question to that is why not make it a playerclip brush instead of trigger_hurt? Would make boundaries much easier to notice.

I understand this mod is supposed to be at a slow pace, but often times I found myself jumping, or bunny hopping, to get around quicker, which completely ruined the ambiance of a quiet walk, but it just seemed to slow for my standards.

To conclude, it was an excellent mod. Well told story, and I feel you picked the perfect narrator voice. I loved it. A well done change to standard shoot-'em-up games. But, another, final question: what were the glowing patches of blue inside the cave? Some sort of...fungi?

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sUiCiDaLn00b @ Welcome To The Wasteland

I honestly find this mod to make Fallout 3 easier. Because you've made food weigh only 0.5 instead of 1 or more, I can actually carry more. Also, since medicine was pretty scarce, I never had to worry about that weighing much, either. Plus, the fact that each food gives you 20-50 health, it makes Stimpacks obsolete.
And if the Rads I get from food is supposed to counteract the health food gives, that doesn't work out either. I just take some RadX and I'm good to gorge myself. Plus, its only a few caps to go from 999 Rads to 0 at a doctors. And even then, if I don't want to risk the Rads, I just need to go to sleep for an hour. While Stimpacks are so few and far between, I still manage to get about 10 or 15 of them for limb-damage when in combat, plus RadX is so plentiful.
You say its supposed to make ammo more scarce? Well it didn't do much to me. If I ever ran out of ammo (those being very, VERY rare occasions) I just melee any enemies in my way. Sure the combat-earned XP is reduced, but if I do 1 or 2 quests, look at that! I just leveled up!
It was a nice mod, nice idea, but it just made the game easier. And I don't exactly think thats what you set out to accomplish.

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