Founder and Creative Director at Infinite Playground, a small independent game development studio based in England. I've come from a background of game modding, helping out several projects on ModDB before deciding to try the Indie Route. I still like to get involved with mods when I have the time!

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stray-shadow Feb 23 2014, 2:25pm says:

Such a fun game, hope you get Greenlit!

+1 vote   news: GhostControl Inc. - Demo and major update 1.1.0 available
stray-shadow Feb 15 2014, 12:44pm says:

This look really amusing! Will happily wait for the patch to play later!

+2 votes   news: Gang Beasts Pre-alpha Build (with Keyboard support) and Steam Greenlight
stray-shadow Oct 19 2013, 5:30pm replied:

This is an old build, they 'appear' at the point they become solid in the world.

In the final version the boxes will drop.

+2 votes   media: Race
stray-shadow Sep 2 2013, 1:04pm says:

If it's fun they are welcome to my cash.

A higher end price for a decent game shouldn't be a turn-off.

+24 votes   poll: What price is the sweet spot for indies?
stray-shadow Aug 12 2013, 7:05am replied:

Probably be going the Dungeon Defenders route and using SDL 2.0

Getting on Linux is a priority of ours are we are also Linux users =)

+3 votes   game: Mech Mania
stray-shadow Aug 7 2013, 11:17am says:

The more people who can help on a project (hopefully) the less time it should take to finish and the better it should look/play as everyone is doing the best in their field(s), larger games would need a bigger team to get it done in a sensible amount of time.

The game has everything defined by the project leader, he or she has the full vision of the game in his or her mind and using documents like the GDD and team meetings/feedback will ensure the game ends up exactly where it's supposed to be.

+1 vote   poll: How big is your dev team?
stray-shadow Aug 4 2013, 1:35pm says:

The game looks really nice, I like the style you've gone for and the game play looks really fun!

+3 votes   game: CATDAMMIT!
stray-shadow May 23 2013, 12:16pm says:

Ah this is an interesting set of numbers. I be making a Competitive game...

+1 vote   poll: I prefer my games to be...
stray-shadow May 21 2013, 4:08pm says:

Thanks for tracking Mech Mania, really appreciated!

+1 vote   member: DoctorWatson
stray-shadow May 21 2013, 3:44pm says:

Thanks for tracking Mech Mania!

+1 vote   member: burningstar80
stray-shadow Apr 22 2013, 6:56pm says:

Hey Sebastian,

Thanks for your interest but we already have a composer and audio engineer contracted for our current project.

I'll keep you in mind for future projects! I hope your search turns up some work for you.

All the best


+1 vote   member: smileyforall
stray-shadow Apr 11 2013, 7:46pm says:

I was just reading your Tigsource post then I saw this. Really nice work!

+2 votes   news: Dev Update - AI Improvements
stray-shadow Apr 11 2013, 6:07pm says:

Engine fees are so variable from true freeware to £500,000 for a UE3 license etc... I'd say the royalty split option could be the best choice for a small Indie. If you don't expect to make enough to see a decent return after the various royalty splits then you'd probably better rethink your game.

+1 vote   poll: Engine licensing fees and royalties are
stray-shadow Apr 11 2013, 6:04pm says:

Hey Steve, welcome to the Indie scene! I can't claim to represent much of it but I have made some mistakes in my short time and will gladly share my experience with you if you need any help!

+2 votes   blog: Hi there!
stray-shadow Dec 8 2012, 6:24pm says:

I really like the idea of this game.

+1 vote   game: ESPIONAG3
stray-shadow Dec 5 2012, 12:03pm says:

Voted for you, your game is like gmod meets minecraft and I love that construction aspect!

+3 votes   game: 3d Engineers
stray-shadow Dec 4 2012, 8:49pm replied:

It should have similar chaotic madness.

+2 votes   game: Mech Mania
stray-shadow Nov 9 2011, 12:07pm says:

There should be weasels.

+3 votes   game: Frozen Synapse
stray-shadow Oct 30 2011, 1:35pm says:

Apart from the great silliness of Sensible Software's classic game, what made it special was how much you cared for your team and desperately tried to keep them alive through as many missions as possible.

I have a horrible feeling I saw a med-pack and even health meters during that video =( fair well fun game mechanic, hello modern game design monotony.

+1 vote   media: Screenshot
stray-shadow Feb 25 2011, 11:22am says:

So many people are saying to pass the files to another group of modders... what modders? If this Mod died from lack of interest then what help will releasing the files be?

Mods are dying left right and centre because of a lazy community who sit back and complain rather than jumping in and helping.

Shane you did an amazing job and I'm looking forward to our future endeavours.

+1 vote   news: The Project is Dead
stray-shadow Jan 9 2011, 1:08pm says:

I think it is quite plain but I think thats the style of architecture in the game. I actually like the colourschemes with basic geometry, coloured stripes and lables all over the place. I don't like this game so far, it doesn't seem like it will come close to Dx1 or even Dx2.

+1 vote   media: In-game screens (from console)
stray-shadow Jan 9 2011, 1:05pm says:

The laws of torrenting software carry a somewhat harsher penalty...

+3 votes   media: In-game screens (from console)
stray-shadow Jan 9 2011, 1:03pm says:

1. Turn barrel fire on its side.
2. Roll until touching citizen.
3. ?????
4. Profit.

I do like the design of the weapon in the foreground.

+1 vote   media: In-game screens (from console)
stray-shadow Jan 9 2011, 12:57pm replied:

The gameplay doesn't look like its amounting to much either.

+2 votes   media: In-game screens (from console)
stray-shadow Jan 9 2011, 12:39pm says:

Really like the asthetic, the area seems functional and believable. It will be interesting to see how its used during the game.

+1 vote   media: Concept art
stray-shadow Jan 9 2011, 12:38pm says:

I think its excellent attention has been paid to a more realistic take on future fashion rather than jumping on the cyber-punk band-wagon adn dressing everyone in PVC. I think the quilted coat on the far right is genious.

+2 votes   media: NPC fashion
stray-shadow Jan 9 2011, 10:29am says:

DX has been spoiled, this game is about personal vendetta, the only thing Square Enix seems capable of using as a story line.

DX1 your a g-man, a normal lacky in a cubical! You uncovered the story as you went. This game is as black and white as a final fantasy title.

Games square enix has ruined
Tomb Raider
Just Cause
Kane and Lynch
Deus Ex

+4 votes   game: Deus Ex: Human Revolution
stray-shadow Jan 9 2011, 9:21am says:

Are you ever going to see the back of this model in-game?

+1 vote   media: Fire alarm final
stray-shadow Jan 5 2011, 10:56pm says:

Hey Twig! Good to see you on here =)

+1 vote   member: Crispin_Twig
stray-shadow Dec 21 2010, 11:07am says:

Time to make a multiplayer mod where u slay an incoming DDOS attack as the proud members of ModDB!!

+1 vote   news: DDOS causing system instability
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