Im 19 years old and a hobby programmer and i have a grasp of Lua, HTML and CSS aswell as a basic understanding of C++ i also do all my own sprites and art for most of my projects. feel free to add me on steam my id is "StoneCrowUK", i love having new people to chat and play with.

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StoneCrowUK Aug 24 2009, 12:07pm says:

good looking vid, when i first played this mod i hated it because the map i was playing had no flow indoors and the frigate thing just made me angry, the other thing was the timy siz of the hanger, making what i thought would be an awesome boarding experience into im gonna crash my ship into thin air and fall and then run around a confusing labyrinth of death, but the new vid looks much better almost sexy will probably re-dl

+2 votes   mod: Eternal Silence
StoneCrowUK Aug 23 2009, 12:06pm says:

the community rating has gone up!, and the next version has not even been released yet.

to be frank here you already are equal to the CR of zombie panic Welldone!

+3 votes   mod: Situation Outbreak
StoneCrowUK Aug 23 2009, 11:54am says:

looking guud, cant wait to download and play, :D

+1 vote   media: Developer Preview (August 21, 2009)
StoneCrowUK Aug 17 2009, 2:38pm says:

ops typo

+1 vote   media: learning to do realistic building damadge effects
StoneCrowUK Aug 16 2009, 5:21am replied:

yeah we need more players on this mod

maybee someone should do a youtube vid showing a man geting gored awesomely with mic screams and then a gameplay clip of defending a baricade ~~~~ and then we could all post to our profiles and flood youtube with zombiemod awesomeness

+1 vote   review: Situation Outbreak
StoneCrowUK Aug 14 2009, 9:46am says:

hey i wrote a review, its a little critical, but i dont mean to offend i have stressed that it is still in beta/development

i will post a link if it gets passed the reviewing. oh and i buggered up with the review system ill sort it out once i get the chance ( coz im new to this website )

+1 vote   mod: Situation Outbreak
StoneCrowUK Aug 13 2009, 3:56pm replied:


so far the only other mod ive seen this in is "mortewood plaza" maybe you could try asking him about it.

+1 vote   mod: Situation Outbreak
StoneCrowUK Aug 13 2009, 3:39pm replied:

yeah i they arent great ideas mostly novelty, but the make life harder guns would make great punishments for admins to use instead of kick/ban

anyway looking great. SC

+1 vote   feature: The Mortewood Plaza Weapon Listings - Updated 25/12/08
StoneCrowUK Aug 12 2009, 6:26pm says:

im gonna attempt to mention weapon ideas that come to me,

1 gravestone ( just for the irony )
2 shamwow (for the mess)
3 really sharp whip ( indiana jones style limb ripping? )
4 random hats ( when they get close you put it on their head )
5 electrick shock ( could appear as two jump leads on in each hand )
6 auto hammer ( the simpsons )
6.5 i was thinking particle accelerator, y'know a gun that can make everyday stuff go really fast. it could fire loose change coz thered be shitloads of it in a zom apoc.
finally 7 make life harder guns ,
7.1 special source ( attracts all zoms, put on a friend or on yerself)
7.2 growth serum gun( turns the average zombie into a hulk )
7.3 someone elses glasses ( makes it hard to see )

the make harder guns would ideally just be for lulz, i just thought it would be interesting to have them in there
umm i heard you werent taking any more suggestions but i wrote this before i forgot them. SC--------:D

+1 vote   feature: The Mortewood Plaza Weapon Listings - Updated 25/12/08
StoneCrowUK Aug 12 2009, 3:11pm says:

ok so i dont know sheet about making games but i enjoy playing them. something alot of zombie mods could do with is limb destruction and body ripping fun on npc zoms. agreed?

now does anyone know 2 things.
1 will this mod have it
2 a tutorial on how to program it
( yes i want this feature so bad in ZM and ZM:S i would learn it )

+1 vote   mod: Situation Outbreak
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