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stenchy Feb 19 2009, 8:41am replied:

What you are experiencing is the phenomenon known as 'internet time'.

+2 votes   article: Editors' Choice Awards
stenchy Jan 18 2009, 6:21pm says:

Frankie, relax!

+1 vote   article: Top 100 of 2008
stenchy Oct 8 2008, 7:37pm replied:

Oh I was aware they used a voice actor (same one as announcer for TF2) but I was just stating that the robotic voices didn't fit right.

0 votes   article: Portal: Prelude Preview
stenchy Sep 2 2008, 4:08am replied:

Just finished a game where I was commanding and had one squad with a Challenger tank stay alive for over an hour - almost the whole duration of the match. They racked up a ton of kills to and saved the day many times. One of the best matches I've played.

+1 vote   article: Project Reality v0.8 Released!
stenchy Sep 1 2008, 7:16pm replied:

Yep, they are pretty powerful. With a competent crew, you can stay alive for a long time.

+1 vote   article: Project Reality v0.8 Released!
stenchy Aug 12 2008, 2:44pm replied:

I personally prefer AoC over PVK II. You also have to remember that it also may depend on the teams and their ability to implement Steamworks. I'm sure all the other mods mentioned in the comments had been taken in to consideration providing this trial goes well.

+3 votes   article: Mods + Steamworks : The story so far...
stenchy Aug 11 2008, 9:48pm replied:

Well fortunately, the chat doesn't get recorded along with the shows, so you don't have to re-live that part of the experience. In the future, we will implement mods to moderate the chat. While I'd like to have a more developer focused chat, half of ModDB's audience are pure gamers and that ratio will likely carry over to the show.

0 votes   article: Modcast Live - Episode 3: Thriller!!!
stenchy Jun 10 2008, 5:42pm says:

Hmm, y'know what's weird? Henley and Scott are ranked 1st and 2nd on the site, yet I am level 30. Aussie favoritism? I THINK SO!!!!

+1 vote   article: HD Video Support & Levelling
stenchy May 23 2008, 7:17pm replied:

Yup, 3D is accepted: "Character art, landscapes, weapons and most other game art will be accepted provided it fits the theme listed above. 3D concept art will be accepted provided all assets, models, landscapes used are original and created for this competition (as emphasized by the rule below)"

+2 votes   article: RAW Power Concept Art Competition
stenchy May 12 2008, 8:56am replied:

haha, correct

+1 vote   download: Portal: The Flash Version Mappack
stenchy Dec 13 2007, 6:18am says:

Thanks for posting this; Mod DB needs more of this kind of content to drill mod developers on what to expect and to avoid.

+2 votes   article: Post Mortem
stenchy Nov 22 2007, 8:17pm replied:

I was referring to exploring gameplay concepts, as in trying new things to produce a different type of gameplay. Not exploring as a gameplay mechanic. Sorry if that part was a little muddled.

+2 votes   article: A different kind of (action) adventure
stenchy Nov 22 2007, 7:45pm replied:

Thanks for the comments Deadly,

I totally agree on the point of games with guns still being fresh and entertaining. I still will play games with guns, it's just there's still a lot of areas for gameplay exploration in terms of both narrative and mechanics. The examples provided were just to showcase that (I'm waiting for more people to jump into Insects so I can play around more). They are all a different direction than what most of the mods for HL2 provide and show some of the possibilities.

I really don't wanna come off as a pacifist ... just want to recognize the mods that do try to be different.

+2 votes   article: A different kind of (action) adventure
stenchy Jun 13 2007, 9:44pm says:

How long does it take you to texture a car? Of course the time is worth it for $1000. What you really meant to say was, "I don't wanna go through all that effort and not win." :P

+1 vote   article: Scion Skin2Win Entries Open!
stenchy Jun 13 2007, 4:17am says:

Canadian entrants welcome? Also it says we have to provide a .max file when submitting. Can we render with something other than 3dsmax (I use XSI)? Shaders allowed?

+1 vote   article: Scion Skin2Win Entries Open!
stenchy Apr 27 2007, 8:08pm says:

The first chapter is just one huge level which takes a while to load. The second chapter will be the same.

+1 vote   mod: 7th Serpent: Crossfire
stenchy Feb 9 2007, 1:43am says:

Well the level is 99% complete, Corwin is just working on the gameplay scripting... so it is coming along very nicely. I wouldn't expect any media anytime soon tho - just not the way we do things :P

+1 vote   member: stenchy
stenchy Jan 11 2007, 8:13pm says:

what about the constant crashes?

+1 vote   article: Iron Grip 1.3 RELEASES!
stenchy Jan 9 2007, 5:00am says:

Once i found out all the commands in teh console this mod quickly became my favorite for HL2 so far. The weapons are awesome, they are big and visceral - they move around with your view. I also love the ironsight DOF and scope effects. Great, fun mod - now if we could only bring this into multiplayer.

+1 vote   article: SMOD: Tactical "Difficulty Fix"
stenchy Dec 30 2006, 3:32pm says:

This looks amazing!

+1 vote   article: Knights of the Force Demo Released
stenchy Dec 11 2006, 6:23pm says:

Now I'm gonna have to buy Doom 3. Props to the team and hello to Satan (fellow former MP modder), good work guys!

+1 vote   article: Recall to Hell - Come alive!
stenchy Nov 22 2006, 2:10pm says:

Thanks for the support! ...And stay tuned for updates ;)

+1 vote   mod: 7th Serpent: Crossfire
stenchy Oct 6 2006, 5:29am says:

Wow, keep on keepin' on guys!

+1 vote   article: Addon DB Officially OPEN!
stenchy Oct 4 2006, 4:25am says:

Great job, and i dig the new format.

+2 votes   article: Cinema
stenchy Sep 5 2006, 6:13am says:


+1 vote   member: methy
stenchy Sep 1 2006, 3:05am says:

Mine was more photoshopping than anything else. The image basically used elements that are already on the site to illustrate my idea for a layout. If anything, it was my explanation of why I put everything where it is that got me a bean bag. I really appreciate this site and I'm excited to see how they end up implementing all the best parts of the winner's ideas. Good luck ModDb!!

PS - Mine is the 1st place entry.

+1 vote   article: Sumo Omni Competition
stenchy Sep 3 2006, 1:50am says:

is Ryan, but thanks for the Sumo nontheless!

+1 vote   article: Sumo Contest
stenchy Apr 5 2006, 4:08am says:

There really are supposed to be two choppers, have you tried looking inside the APC's for extra ammo?

+1 vote   mod: 7th Serpent: Crossfire
stenchy Apr 4 2006, 11:25pm says:

leave some feedback as well.. i'd like to know what your final thoughts are about it... AND spread the word!

+1 vote   member: stenchy
stenchy Apr 2 2006, 8:06am says:

I agree with crispy on this one. A summary of the good and bad will satisfy those fast-traking through the article. Good article btw, all the wisecracks made me laugh out loud (maybe just because i worked so long on the damn thing :P). And yes, I've had plenty of feedback for the main character that is along the same lines... The next chapter will feature a new main character though.

+1 vote   article: 7th Serpent
stenchy Mar 24 2006, 2:43pm says:

Not a lie at all, the first episode is more than 90% complete. Expect a trailer very soon.

+2 votes   article: Concept Art/Graphic Novels
stenchy Mar 11 2006, 8:21am says:

An excellent read for anyone that is on a mod team...

+1 vote   article: Becoming a successful Public Relations officer
stenchy Mar 4 2006, 4:16pm says:

Count me in too!!!

+1 vote   article: Red Orchestra Beta Access
stenchy Mar 20 2006, 9:33am says:

Thanks for all the encouragement guys. We've made incredible progress over the last week... stay tuned for more updates...

+1 vote   mod: 7th Serpent: Crossfire
stenchy Sep 13 2007, 8:40am says:

just unzip it into your max payne 2 dir.

+1 vote   download: 7th Serpent: Crossfire
stenchy Mar 16 2006, 11:44am says:

Well we just asked him.... :P

Of course it didn't hurt that we spent 3-4 months scripting a storyline and design document complete with concept art to show any prospects that we approached.

+1 vote   article: The Music of 7th Serpent
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