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8 years ago by stenchy 6 comments

Hot on the heels of my last post comes news of Wiisis, a Crysis mod that utilizes the wiimote. The good news is this puppy is ready to be released. The bad news? Release won't happen until the Crysis SDK is finalized and released due to NDA restrictions.


Want to know more? Check out the preview announcement and higher resolution video.

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So some people thought the Wii would be a fad, some think it still is. Whatever it is, it's selling like hotcakes and grabbing market share faster than Nintendo could have hoped. The Wii's innovative control options allow for versatility in gameplay that hasn't even come close to reaching its potential. Since the "wiimote" uses bluetooth functionality to communicate wirelessly, some of these innovations are transposing onto the PC platform.

Tutorial panel

It wasn't too long before the beloved Half-Life 2 got the wiimote treatment. Fans could experience the FPS in a whole new way for just the price of a few new accesories (a wiimote with nunchuk, sensor bar and bluetooth dongle). Although this new control option may not coerce the most hardcore players away from their mice and keyboards, it offers a genuinely unique experience that can contribute to gameplay immersion. However, the wiimote isn't just all about the waggle...

Interesting developments have been posted by Johnny Chung Lee that offer plenty of new ways use your wiimote. Examples include finger tracking, multi-point virtual whiteboards and head tracking for VR displays. The most interesting of these with regards to gaming is the last video. Sure it may make you look like even more of a geek strapping on more headgear (in addition to a headset microphone) to play your favorite games, but at least you would be able to physically peek around those corners! What do you guys think... is it the future?


Check out Johnny Lee's Wii projects page for the other videos and his project blog for even more details.