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Really enjoying Henry Hatsworth on my DS lately. It's the first DS game to capture my attention for hours on end in a while. Adventure platformer on top, puzzle game on the bottom - check it out:

Even more impressive is that Kyle Gray - the director behind Hatsworth - was at a GDC 2007 panel for the Independent Game Summit called "A Tale of Two Kyles". Kyle came up with the idea for Hatsworth while working at EA, but instead of quitting and pursuing his idea independently he pitched it to EA execs, numerous times if I recall correctly. It was due to his perseverance and enthusiasm that his project got greenlight and now its on store shelves today. So even though it's made by "big bad EA", the spirit behind the project is more indie than you think.

Oh yeah, the other Kyle in the GDC panel was Kyle Gabler of 2D Boy - the developer behind World of Goo. I think you know the rest of the story there...

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